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Boxing Virtual Sparring For Beginners! (Part 1)

Boxing Virtual Sparring For Beginners! (Part 1)

alright so you want to start sparring but
you don’t have access to a gym you clicked on the right video. today we’re
going to do something different you might have seen this on like one or two
other channels not a lot of people are doing this we’re going to be doing
virtual sparring but a lot of other channels do it a little bit more
advanced right so they’re just doing on stop combos that you we’re gonna be
going a little bit easier I’m gonna start off just by throwing
simple punches right so I’m gonna be my regular since I’m a southpaw so I’m
gonna be throwing a jab right and all you have to do is just slip to the
outside right so all a slip is is you’re basically taking your shoulder and
you’re doing like a little crunch right like this crunch like you’d be doing on
the ground except you’re doing it with your hands up your going to your right
knee so it’s basically just like that like you’re super subtle movement and
just barely sliding by a punch right obviously sparring in person is way
better than virtual sparring but if you don’t have the ability to spar like an
actual person then go ahead virtual sparring will definitely improve that
but basically all you’re doing is just standing in front of the computer phone
or whatever it is and you’re pretending it’s somebody else so you’re actually
reacting and doing like a full-on sparring match except you’re not
actually getting hit or hitting somebody so it’s really good in that aspect but
it will help you guys out so like I said we’re gonna start simple
first round is just gonna be jab cross you guys are doing slips right so slip
to the outside so slip this way slip this way try to slip to the outside
right so we’re gonna do one minute round just straight punches you guys are
slipping only no counters just stay slippin no counters okay so we just did the jab cross he has
worked on you’re slipping now I’m gonna start adding hooks right so we be doing
the same thing but instead of slipping you guys an additional thing that’s
called a roll right so you’re basically squatting under the punch that’s like
that so you’re squatting and you’re pivoting your feet right so you’re going
like this so whenever I throw a straight punch I want you guys to slip and
whenever I’m throwing like a hook you guys roll under it right and try to roll
to the outside of wherever I’m throwing it okay so one minute of that ready set
go just work on those rules we’re gonna go
easy at first just roll so now we’re gonna be doing full-on
combination sparring okay so I’m gonna throw in combinations I want you guys to
slip those punches that I’m throwing get away from those punches if you can
counter them and then I’m gonna step back and as soon as I step back I want
that to be when you guys doing punches at me oh okay so ready we’re gonna do
that right now one last minute right now go oh yeah now I’m gonna throw what I’m
throwing hey you guys are slipping right and as soon as I step back you guys are
throwing at me great alright so that was our virtual sparring
session I hope you guys enjoyed it you guys worked on your head movement we
started off easy this time we’re gonna have a couple more sessions later on now
if you guys did like the virtual sparring me she has liked this video and
leave a comment on what you guys want to see next if you guys like the boxing if
you guys want to try like MMA Muay Thai or whatever you guys want to do we can
do that subscribe if you have not already peace out

7 thoughts on “Boxing Virtual Sparring For Beginners! (Part 1)”

  1. Hey man, can you do a shorter video that is less talking and more boxing, or with some voice over during the sparring. I'd love that!

  2. Coooooool video! My only "sparring" partner is my wife, but she just jabs me at any opportune moment when I'm not paying attention, lol. I think we'd really enjoy actual sparring, though – if we can find the time – and I think she'd be really good at it too. I like how you showed us some different avoidance moves and then showed us how you slip. That was pretty cool!

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