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Boyfriend Roasts My Fashion Nova Outfits! (He TRIED It!) | Jackie Aina

Boyfriend Roasts My Fashion Nova Outfits! (He TRIED It!) | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl Jackie, wow! First of all it feels so weird filming and doing my intros standing up. Like, I just feel like this is a war. Welcome to my humble abode setting. Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie! Alright alright I’m at a ten I need to bring it down to a three. Calm down Jackie. So does anyone, I don’t
know, fancy a boyfriend rates my Fashion Nova outfits video? Bae doesn’t know but my man, AKA Dennis, AKA Chocolate Daddy, you guys all know and love, is going to be sitting in on this video, and he’s going to be giving me either a thumbs up or a thumbs down on my outfits as I wear them, as I debut them for him. Not that any of that matters anyway, cause guess what, I’m still gonna wear whatever the hell I want. I’m gonna call Dennis in here, he doesn’t know what we’re
filming, yes, come here babe! He doesn’t know what we’re filming yet, but he’s about to find out. Come on have a seat, step
… watch those cords sir! You are very clumsy. – So what we doing today? – Alright babes, so, wait first of all, Wizard Kelly, let me, I
gotta put the camera up. So, we have a fun video. As you know I work with
Fashion Nova a lot, they send me outfits,
I do videos for them. So on this video in
particular I thought it would be fun to get you involved and do the boyfriend rates my Fashion
Nova outfits tag video. – Okay, nice. – You know what that means? – So what do I, give it out of ten? – You tell me your unfiltered,
unbiased, unwavering opinion on my outfit as I bring them out, as you always do anyway,
even when it’s not asked for, but today I’m actually asking for it. Can you do that for me babes? – Yeah, for you. – Cool, okay! So why don’t you just
sit down right there. – Cool, cool. – Welcome to the gentleman’s lair. – It’s good, can you make
sure my feet cut out of this? – Oh honey, oh that’s automatic sweets. Don’t you worry. Okay babes, so this is the first outfit, and I’m just going to give you the vibe. We’re giving you Miami Vice vibes, you know the white, the yellow. Black girls always kill yellow. You know she loves matching two piece coordinates, matching sets. The booty pops, so what do you think? – I actually like the
combination of the colors, it’s very elegant. – Mask of Zorro. – I’m not willing to go that far. – Do you know who Zorro is? – Yeah, I wouldn’t say
… okay, your feet. If I was to go shopping I also,
I would do window shopping. Okay, you’re giving
them a lot to see, okay. – So we like? – We like. – We approve. – I’ll put that in a suitcase. ♪ Let me cater to you, ’cause
baby this is your day. ♪ ♪ Fashion Nova’s the plug
and Dennis loves me anyway. ♪ ♪ I got your coupon code. ♪ ♪ Your wig caps are so much more. ♪ – Next! – Out of a ten, what would you rate this? – I’d give that a strong
eight, a strong eight – An eight my guy? – I’m a very simple… – I’m sorry, I feel like this is tacky – I’m, I’m excited… – Just because my booty’s
poppin’ though babe – I always say your booty’s poppin’ – Sir, you need to keep your hands off me – Sorry PG, that’s my fault – I know, it’s just the booty – Eh, what was I saying? What I was saying is this is
an eight plus, definitely, definitely this is an eight
plus. I wouldn’t go so far as ten because I haven’t
seen everything else yet. I’d like to see everything else before… – But even on it’s own… – It’s on it’s own, it’s
strong, it’s strong, that’s why it’s an eight plus. Eight plus is strong. – Sometimes when life hands you lemons… – Okay you’re talking too
much. Next one please. – You use it on Fashion Nova coupons – Okay next one please. – Okay. – Thank you. Yo Fashion Nova, aye. I’ve
heard the good news, you know? The good news, the good news. I heard you’re creating a
line for guys. Finally, it’s taken you a long time, but
I’m happy that you’ve made it happen. I can finally do
matching stuff with my girl. If you need some fashion
advice you can always reach out to me. So yeah, hit me up
Fashion Nova, hit me up. – So this next outfit is
very, like, Harlem, New York inspired. I got the capri
pants, but look at this, look at this, look at this. So I
put them on and I was like “Agh, they’re a little big
in the waist, how annoying.” But check this out, check this
out. Look how Fashion Nova comes through, trying to snatch.
Look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this
babe. Tighten it, boom! – I like the fact that they
got side pockets, that’s very very valuable. – You love pockets! – Yeah, I love pockets.
Especially when you have a lot of items, your items are secure. – Like a lot of Amex cards? Guap. Shmoney. – But you might want to do your zip. – Oh! Wait, it’s already… (Smack) (Dennis laughing) – Casual, chill. I’m not
trying to turn up too much, but I really could. – Just chill like, a cool,
chill day to go out for brunch, you go shopping. I don’t like
the sunglasses by the way. I don’t think it goes with
the look. I think you look better off wearing
something a bit more, hip? – You’re being kind of nice. – No, I’m not being nice. – What do you want? – I don’t want anything,
I’m just being honest. I’m just telling you as is, honey. (both laughing) – You thought that one was the one, huh? You really thought you did something? – No, but this is a nice top. – The shirt is cute huh? – I’ve seen a lot of people wear it, that’s the only problem. – Yeah, the only other problem
is I’m a little big, wait a minute. Did you just diss me? I just now picked up what you threw out. Sir are you a stylist? I
didn’t book you for this gig. You were supposed to just
give me your opinion. Yeah, but those are for like
loose shirts, this shirt is on Sir, you gonna get wrinkles in my shirt! – It would add a bit more flavor but… – Dang! It’s got enough flavor, that’s why it’s called honey. Tell her you’re sorry for defacing her. Thank you. – Honey, honey, honey, honey… – I’m a little bloated. – Honey, honey. That’s DJ Khaled. Honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey. – The only problem is I
would never wear this. It’s a lot of… – When you go to the gym
are you doing gymnastics? – Motorsport. Put that thing in sport. – Okay, jeez. Despite looking weird
on you, it actually… – I think it looks cute. (clearing throat) I think it’s a great use of colors. – Is something in your throat? – No, I need water. Will you do a little twirl
please, can I see you? It shows your shape, it’s
nice. Yeah, it’s actually cute. You know? Looks like you do
gymnastics, you’re doing um… – I look a bit like a marshmallow. – I think maybe not. – Babe don’t I look like one
of them girls on the wrestling thing? – Oh, shit I know what you look like. You know them basketball
cheerleaders. You’re a cheerleader. That’s what she is. She’s a cheerleader. Boxing ring everything,
you guys should hire. She’s amazing, look at her! The smile, what else? Go back, go back. – Don’t forget about the cakes! – Yep, the cakes. Hey listen,
you guys need to hire. Listen babe, you’ve got it all. – Thank you. – You’ve got the job babe. – Thank you, I’ve been
doing this for five years. – She will be the greatest cheerleader. – Round three! – Okay, now she can go. (hits chandelier) (Jackie laughing) – That’s the end of… – I hit my chandelier. – She nearly tried to kill someone. – I wouldn’t wear this though,
it’s a little too much. – You wouldn’t even know where to wear it. – It’s just a lot. – Where would you wear
it? That’s that problem. – Motorsport. – You have to go to like a
themed event or as a cheerleader. – True. Ooh, babe this is only $30! – I guess the price is low. – Would you pay $30 for
this, for your girl? – 100% I would definitely buy it. – You would? – I’ll buy you two. – Even if you didn’t have a coupon code? – 100%, I’ll buy it. – You’ll buy me two? – I’ll buy you two. – Awe babe. God bless ya. – That’s a good value for money. – Okay, so here’s real Motorsport. – Okay. – Fit right, babe. This is a look. – That’s a look. – Thank you. Give me my
props where it’s due. – That’s a good look, I’ll give it to you. – You didn’t have to say that
at my boob though, she was… – Oh yeah, sorry. – Varsity back to school
look. You feel me babes? He even stood up…oh! Okay, okay I’m a little dizzy now. – You should definitely go
somewhere, I don’t know where, but maybe a sports event. Okay, chill. – So how do we rate this
outfit? One to a ten. – I would give it a high vote.
I actually really like it. And the value I’d give it an
eight and a half, I’d say. – Noted. Ooh, this is cute! I was trying to channel Fran Drescher. Do you know who that is? – No I don’t. – Do you remember the
show called The Nanny? – No. – Okay. – I don’t even watch t.v. – Anyway, just think
like bougie on a budget. Like the stylish auntie that
everybody loves to have at parties. Also, a little bit of Parisian influence. – I like it, see give me a twirl please. – Do we like leopard print? – I actually really like the leopard, and leopard print with the… – With the red? – It really goes well. – It pops. – It pops and the hat, you know what, surprisingly works well. (high five) – Thanks! Did I tell you what I was
inspired by? Fran Drescher, not quite, the sixties and French dress. French culture and French outfits. With the beret, oui oui, and
the sleeves, the bell sleeves, very sixties. The only thing that’s Fashion
Nova though, is the top. – Oh, so wait. This ain’t Fashion Nova? – Does that change things for you? – Yeah, because I feel, is
that Fashion Nova as well? – These are just the, babe,
these are just the background dancers to the main event. The main event is leopard print. – The main event is nice and
it compliments everything else – Thank you. Thank you sweets. – No worries. I don’t mind when you
stand there, I don’t mind. – You are a naughty man. – Babes, I’m feeling very Spice Girls. I’m gonna take over your country. Jackie takes London. – Are they going to let you in? After your performance,
after what you caused a havoc in the streets of London. – It’s cute huh? – Awe babes you’re being so sweet. – No, I’m not going to lie. I
can’t like, normally listen. Funny enough, I’d say once every
week I would find something to say like, “Babe what are you doing?” 80% of the time you’re pretty
good in terms of fashion, and what you’re wearing. – Awe, you’re so sweet. – There’s times I’m like,
“Where are you going?” Like yesterday night, when
we went to the movies, I don’t know what you were
wearing but, it’s okay. – You really do hate…Do
you hate full-time, part-time or is it like a summer job? Are you on a salary? Or
independent contractor? – I wish I was on a salary. – Some sauce on it’s way
back, crack onto that. – My guy, you took one
lesson and you really think you are everything. – Should we give them a little… Let’s see, let’s, let’s… – We’re gonna knock the mirror down. – Let’s see, let’s see… – No, you’re too clumsy. – Come on, let’s do this. Let’s see if you remember okay? – One, two, three, one, two, three One, two, three, one two three – Aye! Babe’s you remembered! – My dancing salsa partner, okay! Trust me, go on, drop. – Hell nah, I don’t trust you. Babe, somebody told me your
favorite color is yellow. – No, no. – This actually is very Miami. – I wouldn’t even call that yellow. – It’s like a neon. – Yeah, neon I was gonna say. – It’s very comfortable. – Yeah, it’s not that bad.
It’s a nice going for a walk in the park. – Oh and it’s not even
a dress. They’re shorts, it’s a romper! – I like the color, I’m not gonna lie. – I like this too. – Actually, I think you
would get some dope pictures. I’m impressed baby. – Is you single son? – I am. – Where are you from? – You from London? – Yeah. – You cute. – Oh, thank you. – Where your girl at? – She’s not around. – She ain’t cute as me though, is she? – Oh no, of course not. – I’m just gonna sit right
here, in my Fashion Nova outfit. – You can stay here all day. – This is how you charmed me in real life. – Oh did I? – Yes, with your sleepy eyes. – What I like about Fashion Nova is like, you can get cute, cheap
summer outfits just like this. For any trip. Going to
the Bahamas? Fashion Nova. Going to Cuba? Fashion Nova. You going to Miami for the weekend? – Fashion Nova goes great for
everything, for all types of seasons. – So, what do we give this outfit babe? – I’ll give it a seven out of ten. – What the heck? Babe can I get a ten? Can I ever get a ten? You’re afraid to let me be great. I really feel like you’re
just trying to stop my shine, I really feel like you’re
trying to sabotage me. You know I’m out here
slamming for the gram, but the ego inside of a man has to just knock the woman down one
notch, just to humble her. And Dennis this could all just be so easy. You really could just
tell me that I look like a freaking ten. But you refuse to acknowledge it. You refuse! ’cause your pride won’t let you. Now let’s just try this
again. What’s the real rating of the dress that I will be in, go. – So are you kidding? – What’s the real rating? Go ahead, go. – Okay, the real rating
is seven out of ten. – You know what? – I don’t like… – You don’t like my opinion. – Now I need to know what made
me lose those three points? I will wear fuchsia lips
because this is neon green, and I’ll just be like… Walking to the party looking
like the fourth missing Destiny’s Child member,
the one that’s on witness protection. You can do one, because
you’re doing my head in. – Do you remember the time, when we fell in love… – So babe, I’m giving you Free
People vibes, a little bit of Coachella influence, a
little bit of Palm Springs, Indio-Coachella valley. Wide leg bell bottom, exposed
sleeve, a little cleave, midriff; what are your thoughts? – I like the style. I think it’s elegant. I think it’s stylish, I think
this is definitely a winner. I love it, I love it. It really
compliments your shape of your body. – Awe, thank you. – I think this is the
biggest, my favorite one. – Would you come holler at
me if I wore this outfit? – Yeah, I’d be like, “Hey there.” – Windsor Kelly, sit
down we can’t see you. – Hey there, oh shit… I like it, I like it. Shake it. Aye. – Cookies?! – I’m all right. – You don’t want cookies? – No. Take that back. – Babe, I think this is
actually my favorite outfit. – I think so, yeah. – I low key, I’m bloated
today, and don’t I look a little snatched? – I’m impressed. She’s got an amazing body – Do I get a ten? – You get a nine and a half. That is a close ten. It’s a nine and a half! What is wrong with a nine and a half? – What’s wrong with a ten? – Damn. – Okay. Can you not show the world? – I’m sorry but like… – That’s what people need. – Cause you know why he
don’t want to give me a ten, because the Whatsapp group is
gonna clown him, that’s why. “Oh, Dennis you gassing
your lady up too much. You’re gassing, you’re gassing Dennis.” Dennis is going to send this
video to his Whatsapp group, and he’s going to be like,
“Oh lads, lads, look, look at Jackie in this video. I didn’t
want to gas her too much.” Just give me a ten and we can end this. I don’t even remember ordering
this one, but you know it’s actually not bad. A cute job interview dress. – Yeah, it’s not bad. Go to work, office job not,
I think very professionally you can get away with wearing
this in the office space, corporate environment.
It’s cool but still, it’s professional, but it’s
still sexy at the same time. If you’re going for office
babe, this is something you’d wear. – Office babe? – Yeah, anyone could
be called office babe. – What exactly is an office babe? – Office babe is someone that
goes to work trying to get attention or walk around so
everyone can stare at them, instead of working, right? – Is this what you gentlemen
in your Whatsapp talk about? – No. – I actually really like it. – I actually like it too! – I don’t remember ordering
it, but they sent it to me so I figured I’d try it on. – I guess, you know my favorite color. – I like legs, I would give
it an eight out of ten. Don’t, how can I give you a
ten for something that is, I said it was a surprisingly nice outfit. I didn’t get the wow
factor when I first saw it. – There’s another one, you
come to my office and you come over to come pick up your
stencils and pencils and paper and supplies, I ain’t giving
you nothing but grief, and a HR complaint. – See that’s the type of
people you want to stay away from in the corporate. – Am I even an eight point five? – It’s cute babe, it’s cute. – Not even an eight and a half? Eight point seven five? – We look cute together. – I don’t know what to say. I thought you were leaving
the best to last, but it looks like you… – It’s cool, I got more outfits. – I feel I keep going the wrong way. Oh you got more? – But the idea, this was
a cute look though right? – No. The top part is. – Damn my butt looks good. Thick thighs, thin patience. – Yeah, I think that’s probably… – I think these pants have run out of, these pants have run
out of patience with me. – Yeah, they’re definitely disappointing. – Yeah, I think so, I think so too. I said last time, I tried
these pants on last time, and they kind of fit funky so. This one fits even smaller,
but then again it is that time of the month so you
know, I am a little bloated. – Hey. – This is the last look. – Okay, interesting. Okay, but the top I really like. – You like the top? I’m surprised. It’s very
angelic. Right babes? – It reminds me of Titanic. (sings My Heart Will Go On) It reminds me of that. – It’s more like near,
far, wherever you are… I am here that my heart will, go on. – I was just about to give you
a ten, but off of that voice that moment, you just lost it. Honestly, I was just
about to give you a ten. – Not on my bad knee for less than a ten. – You opened your mouth,
that was the moment. – This is like a white beach party outfit. This is where you get like a matching… – Can I speak? – Go ahead, sorry. – Thank you. You could
do so much with it and… – This is like a white
beach party outfit babes. I would just like to know, is
it a ten or a ten and a half? – Because I want to end this
video, and because I want to… – You’re so mean. Come on Pablo. Rate my fit! Rate my fit! – She gets a ten, she gets
a ten people. It’s amazing! – This is the outfit you give me a ten? – She gets a ten! – Out of all… – She’ gets a ten! Ten! She gets a ten! All right come on man,
this is a fantastic. You have to get a ten
for this, absolutely. How dare anyone not
give you a ten for that! Absolutely unbelievable. – So you mean to tell me
out of all the outfits I purchased to slam for the
gram, this basic one is the one you rate out of ten? – Wow, how dare you talk to
that t-shirt, top…in disgust – You almost… – Honestly, I… – It’s not a t-shirt
Migos. It’s a Grecian… – You talk about your top like that… (both laughing) – Outro…I’ve done the
outro already, I don’t even know why we’re repeating ourselves. I think you did very well
babe, I’m very impressed. As I said you left the best for
last, I’m very proud of you. Fashion Nova you’ve done very well. The value that you’re paying
for it, I think they’re getting great value for money. So overall, I was really
impressed with the items that you chose today. Not only was
it sexy, but it was still elegant, it was still classy,
like you know sometimes people overdo it and it can
be a bit trash, but this wasn’t trash. I’m gonna start shopping
on Fashion Nova for you. – Babes you can’t beat
that with a baseball bat, you feel me? So when homeboy Nova comes
out, are we gonna wild out or nah? – For the guys? – Yeah, we’re going to do a video. – Listen, Fashion Nova I’m
going to definitely check out the guys stuff. Let us
know when it’s coming, ’cause we would actually do a video on it. I thought you killed it. – Awe, thank you babe. – So, tell Jackie what your
favorite style was so we can do a vote, so yeah leave a
comment below on what your favorite style is. Subscribe to her. – You know the drill, but I
don’t think you know the drill. – What’s the drill? – But basically babe, we’re
gonna show them where the next video is. – Oh. – We’re gonna put it right here. So we’re going to click… – Where my hands are? – Yeah, yeah big guy. – Right there? Up there or? – It’s gonna be more like this
around there, that section. – Jackie Jacks, Jackie
Jacks hey, Jackie Jacks, Jackie Jacks remix, Jackie
Jacks, Jackie Jacks hey… – I’m Jackie Aina, all these
other heffer can’t compete. We on YouTube, we got the
beats and by beats I mean them cheeks. Aye, cheeks is in blush, Mac
from Patrick, okay Nuca Labs everything static. On sale,
coupon code 50% off Dennis, whatchu gonna do with those? Dennis throw it back to
where you came from bruh, and when you come back
bring me some Yeezy’s. Dennis, ah, I’m running
out of rhymes, all right.

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