BOYS vs GIRLS Basketball Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. Battle!

I’m ready let’s see it what is up everybody
welcome back to the channel today we’re at the Mamba Sports Academy why do you
do this every time because I know where she goes Caleb’s here we’re gonna be
doing a horse game 2v2 vs. my wife I mean my friend team cash and today’s
games gonna be boys versus girls our competitors are Jenna and Mia! how’s it going?
we’re the goats. oh really both serious hoopers. they can shoot out
the gym so I’m a little nervous Caleb’s never nervous
Mia played at Moorpark Jenna where’d you play oh you’re getting proposed to you
right now which means University’s job no it’s not
okay move it but here we go ladies you can start off okay let’s see it first
try though gets her way oh my gosh you got us an early H and
those are you her new for trickshot horse you get three attempts unless you
get it on your first check a second try and then the other team has to get it
first a second try unless they get a letter so it’s back to the ladies also
guys today is my birthday we’re filming it’s my birthday soon
birthday I never asked for likes early in a video but thumbs up for my birthday I’m sorry to disappoint you on your
birthday yeah I did that one time here like ah we’re
gonna get on our first try remember that Wow wow that was a decibel
that has not been reached on our channel before turn now one free throw free okay what do you want okay oh man oh man no way – you work I know
about it we got it you need it so much okay okay you’re good Wow whoa can I get
a practice throw do you want to do it huh you wanna do it you seem excited to
try I’m not excited to try okay all right Josh we got to do it on the
first timer man Jenna come here let me talk to you real quick
what’s she doing for dinner later wrong way Josh we’re not gonna count that as
an attempt no huh it’s gotta have forward so you got to
like pass it that way oh that’s a deep three don’t worry about
it okay so it’s HO to nothing you guys are taking the lead right now oh okay Oh a little left third try Oh little left
back to us Caleb you wanna even though we don’t
have to do that shot you wanna show them how it’s done boom you got it standard Wow
standard she says okay for their first letter… H for the
lady it’s all my height finished all about – it all I bounced out the back to
do something dope this hand oh great I got that are you all paying attention No first attempt who’s it gonna be whoo she
steps up bounce it off the backboard between the legs
what do you are you confident in her stead in didn’t look too confident back
to ice once we do do we do it dude oh yeah yeah yeah that’s cool though Oh that’s a lot of moving parts
good luck Jenna bandy and Mia me and more me amore that’s amore one thing you
guys one rule we haven’t told you about you are allows you to take the letter if
you don’t embarrass yourself that look like a shot attempt to me
tutors gonna shoot well if you’re good bastards not that difficult there you go
o h o r so it is h o 2h bo are you guys
nervous no you’re not Amy no there should be no no it’s coming next one I
think y’all know what’s coming next you’re gonna do it I think so Caleb
trying first try don’t hurt yourself womp-womp okay that’s uh that’s an S put each other Oh ah Caleb he’s always gonna be down I’m
just kidding so we missed that’s back to you guys what do you guys got going now
it’s a combination of two sports right now
okay okay okay Wow good catch Oh ball spin one-handed catch what just take a letter you know if you
don’t embarrass yourself because we got that on our first rides
back to us are you watching Oh my bladder
I don’t know if Jenna can juggle I believe she bet she can can you juggle
all right let’s see it Dan first right here see ready you ready
Caleb leave her alone free-throw is good off the bounce all allow it oh she can
Oh second free-throw is good
oh the juggle is happening can’t you shoot you’re acting like I did that
thing that’s a Josh there was an F there was an extra bounce into the jungle and
there was extra balance before the shot I’m gonna allow it that was right I was
really good thank you hey guys I don’t know if I told you this
but I love her we tried it once didn’t work out she broke my heart
but I think we have another shot at it going out to dinner later this week
we’re gonna have five kids name the Teamster five so when they get called
for the starting lineup isn’t that right Jenna man oh wow oh you don’t know that’s okay hey
you didn’t call down alright y’all is going to call that team sir I can’t be
mad settle down okay they’re going corner three Oh No – let’s go in but you you shot too early
how’s it feeling take that art ah there it is no hor
you guys have s we have R so it’s closed back to you don’t call it a comeback
guys don’t come back I’m not supportive No
are you joking me when I said I wanted Italian the other night and you want to
Mexican what did we get Mexican I want to talk about I’m not supportive? but you had me pay do
you think you’re hitting this how do we show how far away you are from the hoop
the hoop is way over there there’s no way okay let’s see it oh look
kind of nice let’s go you look nervous okay all tied up huh no we got on there
you’d wink it into his ball it’s just story ahead and that was a dress it’s
all tied up yeah s2s and if their ball Teamster Oh all right Caleb finish the game yes sir
finish it that means that he would have to make I was much nicer come on guys ready
ready I’m ready I think I know what you’re doing and get really far back I’m
ready are you guys ready – oh they missed and they are not happy
about these girls are competitive I like her she’s just a we’re just gonna steal
her idea okay actually I’ve got a spin on yeah yeah
but something similar okay okay these guys are literally gonna steal our
idea they think they can do it better than us they can’t do it at all watch
these joints they’re gonna do the pass perfectly well when they shoot it going
guaranteed just like I said yeah going one going number two I’m just saying I know Hooper’s Oh I don’t remember Jenna Jenna Jenna I
don’t remember a dribble what are you doing okay thank you Oh oh that look nice all right here yeah caleb is for the game we are about to
lose these girls I missed you on purpose again I was I
was I was just like there’s gonna be a good title thumbnail but we’re gonna
smoke them I miss and now we’re about to lose our you listening to me I missed a
give most false sense of oh you’re gonna make this yeah might as well for the record I’m gonna miss on purpose
so my wife will be happy never doubt in my mind thank you so much
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