Bradley vs. Rios 2015 (HBO Boxing)

[dramatic music]♪ ♪male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.♪ ♪– Hello, I’m Jim Lampley. Coming up April 9,
Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao will get into the ring
for a third time live on HBO Pay-Per-View
from Las Vegas. To help get you ready for that,
we’re gonna take a look back now at Tim Bradley’s last
appearance in the ring last November against
veteran Brandon Rios. The buildup to the fight was
dominated by a single story: after having spent his entire
boxing career– amateur and professional–
with trainer Joel Diaz, Bradley abruptly
sidetracked Diaz in favor of ESPN expert commentator
Teddy Atlas, one of the most recognizable
figures in the sport, so fans and ringsiders
wanted to see what Atlas could bring
to Bradley’s game. That was the big story
as he got ready to fight Rios. Let’s go back to last November
to see how I called itwith Max Kellerman
and Roy Jones.
– All right.
Okay. Okay, gentlemen, you both
received your instructions in your dressing room. Okay. Right here is good. Anything below that’s low. Right here is good. Anything below that’s low. I want a good, clean fight. Obey my commands at all times. Above all, protect yourselves
at all times. Let’s go.Kellerman: You’re looking
at two fighters
who have essentially willed
themselves to this position
in the sport.Robert Garcia wants
Bam Bam Rios
to do what he’s always done.Teddy Atlas wants Tim Bradley
now to skill himself
past Rios.Lampley: Roy,
does Tim Bradley have a mouse
under his left eye?Jones: It looks like it, Jim.Lampley: Could that
be meaningful
as the fight progresses?Jones: If Brandon can connect
with it to make it swell up,
yes, it can.Lampley: You mean
if Rios can connect?
Jones: I mean Rios, yes.Lampley: Round 1 begins.Bradley focusing on his jab
as he lands the first few shots
in the fight.We asked Teddy Atlas what would
be the signs he would look for
in the first
two or three rounds to see
whether Bradley
was doing the things
that he wanted him to do,and he focused on footwork.He said,
“Is he getting to the spots
“that he wants to get to
before Rios can get there?
“Is he anticipating
where Rios will go
“and beating him to that place?“Is he fighting him where
he wants to fight him?
“Those are the questions
that I will have in my mind
as I watch him for the first
two or three rounds.”
Kellerman: And is seven weeks
enough in terms
of Bradley’s muscle memory
to do new things
under the crucible
of the action in the ring?
Jones: Well, he’s doing a good
thing with his jab already.
That seems good.Lampley: I think I already see
more foot movement.
Much less standing in front
of Rios and more
moving around him, stepping in,
stepping out,
creating angles
for his punches.
Jones: Yes, I see
the same thing, Jim,
but this is what you have
to wonder about that:
would the foot movement take
too much energy away from him
to have stuff to war with
in the end if it becomes a war?
Lampley: As Rios will want it
to be.
Kellerman: So far, what’s got
to be encouraging for Bradley
is that he’s doing
what he wants to do.
He’s dictating at–on what
terms the fight is being fought
when the action takes place,and he’s not sticking around
too long to get countered
after he gets his shots off.Lampley:
And by doing so,
he’s limiting
Rios’ punch-out hits
to flurries instead
of the steady stream
that Brandon Rios much prefers.Jones: But right now, you see
him sitting there fighting,
Jim, ’cause you knew it was
gonna come to this.
As soon as he’s tasted
enough leather,
he was gonna start fighting
so I think shortly here,we’re gonna have us
a phone booth battle.
Lampley: We already do.Kellerman:
Well, I think Bradley
feels comfortable in there
right now
and doesn’t feel
that he’s in danger.
We’ll see if he’s right.Lampley: Bradley landed several
body shots in there.
Rios got in a couple shots
and now they go back to work
in the center of the ring.
Here’s the footwork again.Jones: Oh, good body shot
by Bradley.
Really good body shot.
Jones: That hurt Rios.Kellerman: I agree.Jones: That hurt Rios,
and Bradley knows it.
Lampley: Momentarily,
Rios stood still
after the hard body shot
by Tim Bradley.
Kellerman: One of the things
that Teddy talked to Bradley
about is the fact that Rios
has a way of taking punches
that encourages you to enter
his style of fight…
And that’s one of the things
that makes Rios successful.
Lampley: Seconds to go
in round 1.
Hard right hand by Bradley.Big left hook upstairs.Round 1 dominated
by Tim Bradley,
who set the pace and fought
the way he wanted to fight.
Kellerman: Beautiful boxing.Jones: Very beautiful.– [speaking Spanish] – Good first round. Good, now listen to me,
everything we expected, but I don’t want you
to get greedy. Sometimes you–I don’t need
four punches inside. I need two or three
and then off to the side. If you’re gonna throw more
than two or three, I want it thrown on the side,
not in front of him! – Okay. – Now, when you’re
in front of him, get your head on good position, good defensive position. Where’s the water? I want good defensive position,
and when you’re on the side, you can clip him inside
and then go around him, travel around him. – [speaking Spanish] – Right-hand shot.
Throw the right-hand shot. Just drop it in there,
all right? Okay? Okay.
All right, breathe. How do you feel? Good?
Good, good. Already felt power or no?
Good. That’s it. Good on the inside. – He wants to move you. – Okay.
– Go, go, go.Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in round 1 quite one-sided:
Bradley 34 out of 71.Rios only 7 landed punches
out of 40 thrown.
Isn’t it interesting
that Brandon Rios,
who was born
in Lubbock, Texas,
lived much of his life
in Garden City, Kansas,
has lived for the last
several years in California,
Robert Garcia
speaks Spanish to him
when he wants to get
a point across?
Jones: And you don’t expect–
from the counterpunch,
you don’t expect Rios
to do a lot of connecting
and winning early in the fight.He’s a late-fight fighter.He’s a guy
who wants to come on.
He’s a slow starter somewhat,
but, like–
that’s a good hook by him
right there,
but the later the fight goes,
the better he usually gets.
Lampley: Bradley jab, jab, jab.Rios misses with a left hook.Good hook to the body by Rios.– Don’t hold him. Hands free.
Hands free. Don’t hold him. Hands free.
Stop, stop, stop. Let him up.
Let him up. Watch your head.Lampley: Referee Tony Weeks,extremely prominent here
in Las Vegas in recent years.
Right hand over the top
by Bradley
draws oohs and aahs
from the crowd.
Another right hand by Bradley.Jones: Bradley’s trying
to box smartly.
Lampley: Well,
one of the reasons I asked
whether Brandon Rios has
the punching power to thrive
in the welterweight division,
is that he has
no head movement,
and Bradley is able to hit him
pretty easily with head shots.
Kellerman: Yeah,
but he’s not a–
he’s a light heavyweight
tonight, Brandon Rios,
so he does not have power in
the light heavyweight division,
but fortunately for him,
he’s fighting at welterweight.
Jones: Good uppercut
by Bradley inside.
Oh, good shot to the head.Lampley:
Hard right hand by Rios
as Bradley stepped away
with his hands down.
Kellerman: And–and looked like
he felt that shot,
felt the effects
of those shot,
got wobbled a little.Jones: Of course.
He’s 15 pounds lighter.
– Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Let him up.Kellerman: There was a subtle
shift in this round
even before Bradley got caught
with that shot.
Rios was able
to start pressuring him
and start dictating
the terms of the fight
even as Bradley
was outboxing him.
That did not happen
in the first round.
Lampley: 100%.Rios made clear in the first
20 seconds of this round
that it wasn’t gonna be
like round 1.
He was gonna throw
regardless of the consequence.
Jones: And now Bradley’s right
where he doesn’t want to be,
which is right in there
with Rios
because this is Rios’ fight.Kellerman: Yep, Teddy said
he doesn’t mind him in there
for two or three shots…Lampley: Low blow by Rios.It was on the opposite side
from Weeks.
He didn’t see it.Kellerman: But doesn’t want
Tim getting greedy
staying in there too long so he
can be countered or caught.
Jones: This is the fight
that Brandon definitely wants.
Lampley: Another hard body shot
by Rios right on the beltline.
– Stop, stop.
Let him up. Let him up.Lampley: So he’s landed
a left hook low
and a left hook
at the beltline.
Two solid body shots
in the last 30 seconds
by Brandon Rios.[bell dinging]
– Time!Lampley: Round 2 is different
from round 1.
[hip-hop music]man: ♪ Here we go now ♪♪ Everybody jump, jump ♪♪ Jump, jump, jump,
jump, jump ♪
♪ Everybody jump, jump ♪♪ Jump, jump, jump,
jump, jump ♪
♪ ♪– Okay? [speaking Spanish] – Remember that punch
that I asked you for. Remember that.
Don’t forget that. Don’t forget it. – Okay?Jones: Here you see Tim Bradley
on the inside
land a good little chopping
overhand right,
probably the best right hand
he’s landed so far,
landed high on the head
of Brandon Rios, though.
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in round 2:
CompuBox found Bradley landing
28 out of 48
and Rios 12 out of 61,but throwing 61 to Bradley’s 48
changed the momentum
of the fight for Brandon Rios.Sometimes it’s what you land.
Sometimes it’s what you throw.
Kellerman: He–Bradley came out
in the first round
and then again in this round
looking like he was the boss,
like he was dictating,and in the second round, it–
he did not have that same
kind of intensity
to start the round.
The question is, coming out
with that intensity,
can Bradley sustain that
and control Rios?
– Hands free, hands free. Don’t hold him, Bradley.
Don’t hold him, Bradley. Hands free. Hey.
Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop.Lampley: Tony Weeks
telling Bradley not to hold.
He’s not gonna discourage
the situation here, Jim.You want to box, box, box,but the more you try to box,
this guy’s close
to walking you down,
so you feel like you giving him
somewhat of an advantage,
and that’s what’s gonna cause
Tim Bradley to have
to stay down and fight
a little bit more, because
he feels like he’s gonna use
all of his gas just trying
to box,
and it’s gonna be to no avail,because Brandon
doesn’t care that you box.
He’s just gonna keep coming.Kellerman:
And–and that’s what–
when Teddy describes what he
wants Tim Bradley to do,
the style of boxing, it reminds
me of some middleweights
in the ’60s,
Georgie Benton and others,
who–they weren’t all
big knockout punchers,
but–and they were
responsible defensively,
but they put on good fights,
professional fighting.
Lampley: Rubin Carter.
Joey Giardello.
Kellerman: He was aggressive.
Giardello was more of a boxer.
Yeah.Jones: Good right hand
by Bradley.
Lampley: Oh, hard body shot
by Bradley
and Rios momentarily bent over.Jones: No, that was a low blow,
Lampley: Low blow.Jones: Yeah, that was
a low blow.
– Good?
Okay.Lampley: And Rios managed
to get Tony Weeks’ attention
on the low blow,ironic because Rios got away
with a couple of good ones
in the second round.Jones: Yep, but Weeks
saw that one.
That one was right in front
of him.
Lampley: Yep.Jones: See, Brandon’s smart;
he’s making Tim work
very hard
to get him out of what the–
what the coach wants him to do.The coach wants him to throw
one or two and leave,
but Brandon knows,
“If I keep the pressure on him,
“he can’t throw one or two
and leave.
He got to stay here
and fight me back.”
Lampley: Well,
when Brandon Rios is on,
you are going to be
in a high-intensity fight.
There’s no way you’re gonna
be able to ward it off.
Jones: And that’s what
he’s doing right now,
and that’s what’s gonna make it
very difficult
and make it hard for Tim
to do exactly what Teddy wants
all night long.Kellerman: Especially because
he has to think
before he does it, because
he’s not used to doing it.
That’s exactly right, Max.
Lampley: Both of them
are digging hard,
venomous body shots
into each other’s bellies.
[loud tapping]Good right hand across the top
by Bradley
and he steps away.[bell dinging]
– Time! – All right, every round,
Three minutes. Three minutes at a time. All right?
– Yep. – I want that concentration
high every round. Every round! – That’s what I’m doing. – You dropped your right hand
a little bit. I do not want you throwing
left hooks in front of him. On the side,
not in front of him. – Okay. – I don’t want to give him
space for shots. – Okay. – Do not be leading
with left hooks in front. Now, listen. – You’re throwing it
very slow. You got to be fast.
Big, fast, hard. – Fast.
Time his jab. So he’s got to be inside, okay? – The jab and uppercut.
Okay, son? You good? Okay. Let’s go. You can do it, Brandon.
You can do it. – He’s playing the part
we want, anyways. So let’s go, Brandon. [whistles trills]
Okay? [speaking Spanish] All right?Lampley: Round 4
of a scheduled 12
between Timothy Bradley–
Desert Storm right there
listening to Teddy Atlas’
final instruction–
and Brandon Rios.Harold, how do you have it
through three?
Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I got it two rounds to one,
29-28, Timothy Bradley.You know, Jim, in round 1,
I thought he clearly
outworked him, he outboxed him,
landed nice left jabs
and he landed
some good roundhouse shots.
I’m talking about Tim Bradley.In round 2, I thought
Brandon Rios came back
and did really well.He landed
some really hard shots
and started to fight his fight,but in round 3, Bradley seemed
to take it away from him again.
He outworked him
just like he’s doing now.
Threw more punches,
outworked him,
good defense, you know,
he kept moving.
2-1, Tim Bradley.Kellerman: Bradley may be well
served to go back to the body
with that right hand,
Roy, because that has been
the most damaging punch
in the fight so far.
Jones: Yes, it has,
and he missed–
he missed Brandon
with an overhand right
just a little while ago
that would’ve been really,
really bad
if he’d have caught it,
’cause Brandon wasn’t ready
for it.
– Don’t hold him, man.
Don’t hold him.Lampley: Max Kellerman,
you made the point
before the fightthat Timothy Bradley
might be vulnerable tonight
in his first appearance
with Teddy Atlas,
and as this transition
takes hold but has not had time
to really settle in
in his career,
is part of the problem
that Bradley will fight
to please the trainer
and forget about
beating Brandon Rios?Kellerman: Well, I think
that’s one of the reasons
this pairing with Teddy could
be great for Tim Bradley,
great for both of them,because Tim will actually
employ what he trains to do.
But has there been enough times
for it to, as you said,
sink in for it
to become muscle memory?
He will try to do
the right thing,
but that requires
extra thinking,
and that can also wear
a fighter out physically,
the mental energy
that that takes.
– Hands free.
Hands free.Jones: Not only that,
the pressure of Brandon Rios
constantly bearing down
on you for 12 rounds.
Good body shot by Bradley.Kellerman: Right,
Rios is an especially dangerous
fighter considering
those circumstances.
Lampley: Bradley has
the quicker hands, though.
He’s throwing more punches
than Rios
and he’s landing
at an exceptionally high rate.
Jones: But this is what
Brandon wants, Jim.
He wants him to wear himself
down as much as he can
so that in the later rounds,
he can be more equipped
to get him out of there.He wants to wear Bradley down
as much as he can
in these early rounds.Lampley: And he doesn’t care
how many times
Bradley hits him.He’d be insulted if he didn’t,
Jones: As long as it
doesn’t knock him out,
he’s fine with it.But Bradley’s doing
some smart things
and going to the body hard.Kellerman:
Bradley should stay with
that right hand to the body.That’s been his best punch
in terms of inflicting damage.
Jones: Oh, good shot
by Bradley.
Kellerman: And stepped around
to throw it.
Jones: Perfect,
just like Teddy told him.
[loud tapping]
– I got you. I got you.
Let him up. I got you.
Let him go.Kellerman: That was
judicious use of a clench.
Hadn’t been too many of them,
but that was a smart time
to do it.[bell dinging]
– Time!Lampley: And here’s a look at
Teddy Atlas’ daughter, Nicole.
She’s an attorney.He’s obviously extremely proud
of her,
and he also trusts her advice
and her counsel
and her awareness of him
and his life,
and when he was considering
the possibility
of coming to work
for Timothy Bradley
and he had said
to his family members,
“I’m not gonna train anymore;
I’m finished with it,”
Nicole was the one
who said to him,
“Dad, you’re a teacher.“Teaching is what you do.“This is an opportunity for you
to teach somebody
“who will be a great
and willing student.
You should do it.”Teddy said that was
the turning point
in causing him
to take this chance.
Kellerman: And what Teddy Jr.–
the fella sitting next to her
just there you saw on
the screen, that’s Teddy son–
gave him very similar advice.– All right?
Around him. Okay? Deep breath.
Deep breath.Lampley: CompuBox numbers
in the fourth round:
Bradley with
a tremendous round:
33 out of 87,Rios 14 out of 62.Bradley with a 27-to-13
advantage in power punches.
The numbers
are going to weigh
in Bradley’s favor
for the first several rounds.
That’s just the way it is,
but Rios,
as Roy Jones told you
in the last round,
doesn’t care how much
he’s gonna get hit.
His job is to stay
in the fight,
try to wear Bradley down,
and come on to overtake him
in the late rounds.Kellerman: The odds for
this fight were pretty wide
for Tim Bradleyconsidering–
I understand them–
considering both of their
careers to date
but especially considering
how badly Bradley looked hurt
by that Jessie Vargas
Jessie Vargas
not a big puncher–
at the end of his last fight.Rios a better puncher
than Vargas
and a much more relentless
Jones: But he doesn’t stay set
as often as Vargas does.
Lampley: If Brandon Rios
could’ve stayed at lightweight
for his entire career,
I think he might have become
the best lightweight fighter
in the world.
At welterweight, it’s a much
more difficult proposition.
Kellerman: Big right hand,
and Rios winks at Bradley
after taking it.Jones: I think that’s saying
a lot, Jim,
saying the best lightweight
in the world.
He might’ve been the toughest
lightweight in the world,
but I don’t know if he’d have
been the best one
because he’s not really a guy
who depends on skills.
He’s a guy who just
depends on heart.
Kellerman: But I know
what Jim means, Roy,
in the sense that Rios
had that thing about him
that made you think he might
be able to outkick
his coverage, you know?He might be able to get more
than he de–
than anyone should get
out of his ability.
Lampley: Well, about
six years ago, that discussion
was about Juan Manuel Marquez,
who was at that moment
the best lightweight
in the world,
and the question was,
could Marquez,
with his finesse,
with his boxing style,
stand up to the hard guy, Rios,
who would’ve gone right at him?
Kellerman: Would’ve been
a great fight,
but I’ll tell you what, this is
a pretty good one right now.
Lampley: This is excellent.And Bradley’s landing
some very hard, clean shots,
as Rios makes clear
with his mugging.
Kellerman: And though his hands
were down on the inside,
he did slide off to the angle
as Teddy asked.
– Stop, stop.Kellerman: He landed
several punches,
but Teddy said,
“If you’re gonna do that,
do it on the side,”
which is what Bradley did.
Jones: He didn’t stay
right in front of him.
He’s a willing pupil.
Old habits die hard, though.
Kellerman: Yeah, there he is.Lampley: He likes to lead
with the left hook
standing in front
of Brandon Rios.
No matter many times
that Teddy Atlas tells him
not to do it, it may not
go away all at once.
Kellerman: Well, and he’s had
tremendous success
with Joel Diaz for many years
with doing it a certain way.
When the going gets rough,
the fighters resort to doing
what they’ve always done.Takes time
to unlearn things.
Lampley: When they fight
at a distance,
when Tim Bradley can
stand back, look at Rios,
and extend his arms,
he is totally dominant.
[hip-hop music]♪ ♪– Come on.
You’re not supposed to. ‘Cause you could take a punch
doesn’t mean fucking they could hit you as many
times as they want. Let’s go, bend your knees
and fucking work on the inside. – Okay.Jones: Here you see Bradley
throw a jab
and go–get low and come over
the top of Brandon’s jab
with the overhand right,
landed right on the button.
That was a good punch
by Tim Bradley,
and he slipped Brandon’s right.Once again,
he comes over the top,
this time with a more
straight right hand.
Brandon tried to roll
the shoulder
but was a little slow.Lampley: CompuBox numbers
on punches
to this point in the fight:Bradley 155 out of 333.That’s 47%.And Rios 48 out of 264,so to this moment in the fight,
by CompuBox count,
Bradley has more than tripled
Brandon Rios’ number
of landed punches,
landing 107 more of them.
Kellerman: I like what
Bradley’s doing, Jim.
You mentioned at the end
of the last round,
at arm’s length, there’s not
a lot Rios can do,
but as Roy mentioned earlier,
if Bradley simply moves,
Rios gets a head of steam.Think Margarito-Cotto.Bradley’s breaking
that momentum at times
and breaking Rios’ rhythm
by fighting on the inside
and pushing him back,
but Bradley’s doing it
when he wants.He’s dictating when he does it,and when that’s the case,
he’s in very good shape.
Jones: Exactly,
and he’s throwing some
really good shots too tonight.You see him throwing some hookswith really bad intention
on them,
something that I’ve never seen
from him before.
– Here we go.Lampley: Rios seems to be
bothered around his right eye.
And Bradley hits that right eye
with a left hook
and now sticks the jab in it.Rios hasn’t thrown anything
of consequence since he began
rubbing his right eye
with his glove.
Kellerman: There’s
Bradley’s head on the side
as Teddy wants,
and then he gets out.
Good, quick, left hook
and he moves away.
Jones: And he’s throwing
much smoother,
much quicker punches
on the inside.
Lampley: Four-punch combination
all with the left hand.
Keller: Now, the danger here
for Bradley is,
he needs to keep doing
the right thing all night.
Rios can do the wrong thing
all night.
He only needs to do
the right thing one time
if he can hurt Bradley
with one of his power shots.
Jones: Bradley’s making it
very difficult for him, though,
by pushing him back on
the inside, like you said, Max.
Kellerman: Yep.And Garcia knows what he has
in his charge,
’cause they’ve been together
for so long.
They speak shorthand
in the corner and…
have–they’re very much
on the same wavelength,
Robert Garcia and Rios
in the corner.
Lampley: I don’t think
I’ve ever seen Tim Bradley
this effective
as a combination puncher.
Jones: Me either.Kellerman:
Now, whether it’s because
the target is easy
or whether it’s because
he has stepped up
the level of his game
is unclear at this moment,
but he is looking terrific
to this point in the fight.Jones: I think it’s
a little bit of both.
Kellerman: This is a much
better boxing Tim Bradley
than we’ve seen recently.You can see the change,
and you can also see
that it’s not the whole fighter
he might become,
but it’s the first step
in that direction.
And the pattern continues
of Bradley landing three times
as many clean punches
as is the case
for Brandon Rios.
Jones: And Brandon just
slipped some punches.
[bell dinging]
– Time!Lampley:
Imagine that.
Jones: [laughs]– [speaking Spanish] – He gave you
a headbutt, yeah? – Take a deep breath,
Brandon. Brandon…
[speaking Spanish] – Brandon, it’s two rounds;
we haven’t done anything. – Giving the rounds away. You’re not even dropping
correctly, man. You got to stay low,
stay–hands up high. Block, block, but you got
to be more aggressive. You got to throw more punches,
Brandon. We’re halfway through
already, Brandon. Like that, you know,
every round’s going to him. Can’t–can’t do that, Brandon. [speaking Spanish] – Come on, son, you got
to put more guts into it. You could do it.
– Come on, Brandon, show me. Six rounds, what we got? Come on, this is not what
we fucking trained for. Come on, then, let’s go. This is not what fucking
we have in our mind. Those better fucking plans. Let’s go!
[whistle blowing] This is not gonna work like
that; let’s go, Brandon. – His second move.
– You got to go! Let’s go, let’s go.
– And I do not want you–Lampley: Robert Garcia…
– Let’s go, Teddy!Lampley:
Robert Garcia tries a pep talk
with Brandon Rios,see if he can get
a higher energy level,
a little bit more commitment
in the ring.
Doesn’t like what he’s seen
so far.
And Bradley begins the round
with a clean combination.
Harold, how do you have it
through six?
Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I’ve got it five to one,
59-55, Timothy Bradley.I don’t know what’s wrong
with Brandon Rios, Jim.
It’s not his night.I mean, the guy’s really
not getting off.
You know, he’s not throwing
all those good, hard shots,
the kind of shots
that knock you out.
Look at this: he’s standing
in the middle of the ring.
You know, he slaps him
a couple times
and then he covers up.I mean, it’s not Brandon Rios.On the other hand,
Timothy Bradley moving,
piling up points,
combinations inside,
wonderful left jabs when
he moves, good left hooks.
He’s doing it all.Five to one, Tim Bradley.Lampley: Max Kellerman
has gone to Bradley’s corner
to talk to Teddy Atlas,
Teddy, what do you see so far?
Atlas: I see, uh, you know–
I see our game plan.
I mean, a guy that’s gonna
come forward all night long
and gives us opportunities
to take things
before he gets to where
he wants to get to.
You know, the whole idea is,control the geography
of the ring.
Don’t let him get to where
he wants–him being Rios.
Don’t let him get to where
he wants to get to.
Catch him–we got two things.Catch him as he comes in
or counter him
as he comes in,
then move around him.
When you are inside,be in good, strong,
defensive position
but don’t stay there too long.Kellerman:
We’re very impressed with
how much Tim has seemed
to absorb in seven weeks.
Is he doing a good jobof implementing
what he’s learned?
Atlas: Yeah, very good,
I mean, very good.
Listen, you’re not–you’re kind
of easy to impress anyway, Max.
I mean…
But no, I mean, listen,
but it’s not over.
We got to do it all night long.Everyone has different
skill sets.
You see our skill sets at use.Hey, the other guy’s skill set
is to come forward
and come forward
and come forward
and try to get you to relent.Whether it’s the fifth round,
sixth round, or tenth round,
we can’t let that happen.We got to keep our
concentration all night long.
Thanks, Ted.
Lampley: Less than
a minute to go in round 7.
No change in the basic
dynamics of the fight.
Robert Garcia asked Rios
for more energy,
asked Rios basically to be
more like Brandon Rios,
and, Roy Jones,
hasn’t happened in this round.
Jones: No, Jim,
and I think a lot of this is–
a lot of this
is that year layoff.
You know, when you lay off
and you gain so much weight,
your body gets used to moving
around at that heavier weight,
and it’s harder
to get yourself back
to being quick and sharp
as you used to be.
So most of his camp
probably was spent
trying to make the weight.That’s why he ballooned
back up to 170 tonight.
With that being said,
he doesn’t have a lot of days
in the gym of being sharp.Most of his days
have been slow, heavy,
and this is how
he’s looking tonight.
So he has more days
of training like this
than he does
of training sharply
because of that weight gain,which is a result
of the year layoff.
[bell dinging]
– Time! – All right, I got
a secret to tell you. Didn’t I tell you
the rounds would fly if you concentrate? Did I tell you? I told you the rounds
would fly by if you concentrate, right? All right, all you got
is 15 minutes. Can you be strong
for 15 minutes? Can you?
– Yeah. – Listen, your concentration
is weaving a little bit. Pick it up.
– Okay. – Pick it up!
– Okay. – Don’t pull
straight out. Bend your knees
and be strong on the inside
and go around him. Let’s control the outside. Look, the fire’s coming. Are you ready for the fire? We’re firemen.
– Okay. – We are firemen!
– You got it, Coach. – The heat doesn’t bother us. We live in the heat. We train in the heat!
– Yeah, let’s go. – It tells us that we’re ready. We’re at home. We’re where we’re
supposed to be. Flames don’t intimidate us. What do we do? We control the flames.
– That’s right. – We control them!
– Let’s go. – We move the flames
where we want to. – Let’s go, let’s go! – And then we extinguish them. – Let’s go.Lampley: With that kind
of urgency in a fight
in which he’s winning
every round,
what’s it gonna be like
if he’s ever in trouble?
Well, Tim’s father
gave him a kind of
football-style upbringing,
and Teddy just gave him a
football speech in the corner,
and Tim responded to it.You could see
he was digging it.
Lampley: Oh, look at this.Look at this.It’s like flipping a switch.I think
this could turn out to be
a perfect trainer-fighter
I think it can too, Jim.
Lampley: I mean,
they’re made for each other
to a certain degree.Kellerman: Now, let’s see
if Bradley can not get caught
with something
that hurts him
in these next several rounds.Rios continues to come forwardwith a 15-pound
weight advantage tonight.
170 to 155 tonight
on our unofficial scale.
Kellerman: Bradley’s
had a way of making
easy fights tough
in the last couple years.
Jones: That was a good one-two
by Bradley right there.
– You got to throw punches
like that; keep throwing. Come on. – Don’t hold him, man.
Don’t hold him.Kellerman:
What do you suppose Rios did
last night
to put on 23 pounds?
Now, I know–I know the bulk
of it is rehydration…
Jones: Yup.Kellerman:
And the consumption of
a glycogen-type fluid,
like Pedialyte,
and that’s the basic MO,
Jones: Yes, it is,
that’s the basic MO,
but your body has to know
that weight already
in order for you to be able
go back there that quick.
If it’s not
where you came from,
then your body won’t
go there so quick,
but when that’s
where you came from
and depleted it down to 147,you neatly go right back
to that spot.
Kellerman: I suspect
salty food too,
you know, and things
Lampley: Tacos.
Kellerman: Retain water.
He loves tacos.
Kellerman: Yeah, no, he’s–
he’s quite open about it…
and his camp is open
about the fact that
he doesn’t always
stick to the diet.
– Come on, let’s go!Kellerman: And Robert Garcia
is bemused about it.
He smiles when talking aboutthe difficulty of dealing
with Brandon Rios.
Well, he knows what he has,
and he loves the guy.Jones: You got to, Jim.With a heart like Brandon Rios,
you got to love him
because although he’s not gonna
do everything the right way
or the way you ask him,
when that bell rings,
he’s gonna give you
everything that he has,
so you got to love him.– Let him go,
let him go.Jones: Not his fault that
he didn’t fight in a year,
I don’t think.Just wish he would’ve
been–been active
coming to a fight like this.But Tim is looking very good,the best I’ve ever seen him
throw combinations,
the best I’ve ever seen him
pick his punches,
his choice of punches
at the right time.
– Let him go.
Let him go.Jones: I mean, he looks like
a rejuvenated fighter here.
And what he hasn’t done…
[bell dinging]
– Time!Lampley: Is to stand directly
in front of Rios
and offer Rios an opportunity
to change the fight.
Never once has he done that.Jones:
Not at all.
– What’s going on,mi’jo?The fuck is going on, Brandon? Let’s go, come on! – You got four fucking
rounds left. – Four fucking rounds
to go,mi’jo.Come on, Brandon.Mi’jo,you’re
disappointing everybody. You’re just fucking waiting
and not doing nothing. Slow, just picking your body up. If he hits you, you smile? That’s just not winning rounds. ‘Cause you could take a punch
doesn’t win rounds. – And I want you
to use that jab and step over the way
you are to your left. Use that jab,
step to your left, and then what that’s gonna do
is, that’s gonna create him– that motion’s gonna
create a motion for you where you can then move
to the right and put something else up. Give me some water. You understand? I don’t want you
laying in front. He needs your help
to win this fight, to make a mistake,
to lay in front too long. Control the outside. Keep your concentration. Don’t drop those hands. [bell dinging]Lampley:
Power punches through eight:
Timothy Bradley
153 out of 290.
53%–that’s pretty good,
although on the undercard,
we saw Vasyl Lomachenko
land 2/3 of his power punches.
Brandon Rios 65 out of 342.That’s 19% once again.Bradley is basically
tripling Rios
in all the statistical
landing three times
as many punches,
throwing more,
landing twice as many,
maybe three times
as many power shots.
It’s just a–an easy, easy win
so far for Timothy Bradley.
– Stop, stop. I got you.
Let him up.Kellerman:
And you heard Robert Garcia
in the corner give Rios
the straight dope.
He’s like, “You know,
you take a punch and smile
“or shake your head,
that doesn’t win rounds.
You got to go get him.”– Don’t hold him.
Don’t hold him. Don’t hold him.Lampley:
Well, I think at round 9…
– Don’t hold him.
Don’t hold him.Lampley:
We’re probably beyond
the winning rounds issue now.This is either
you’re gonna reel him in
with an amazing knockout or
it’s gonna be more of the same
down to the finish
of the fight.
Kellerman: For those
listening to us focus on Teddy
and the training
he does with Bradley,
you might think, well,
look, Bradley and Rios,
given what they’ve both
done in their careers,
Bradley’s supposed
to beat Rios,
but it’s the way in which
he’s beating Rios.
It’s the pitfalls
that he’s avoiding
that he’s made
in recent fights,
and it’s the application
of what he’s learned
in an advanced way
in a very short amount of time.
– Don’t hold him.
Don’t hold him. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Let him go.Lampley: Does it put him
on the same level
with his buddy
Terence Crawford?
As–as what?
Lampley: As a potential
opponent for Pacquiao
at 140 or 147.Kellerman: As a potential
Pacquiao opponent, yes,
but Crawford
is in his physical prime
and fighting at a–
in rarified air right now.
You know, with the likes
of Chocolatito and Lomachenko.
Lampley: Well, for instance,
we asked Lomachenko yesterday,
“Who do you look at as somebody
else who’s on your level?”
And the first name he produced
was Terence Crawford.
– All right, guys,
stop, stop. Let him up.
Let him up.Jones:
Good shot by Tim Bradley.
Ooh, what a body shot.
Jones: Yup.Kellerman: As we saw
in the first fight
with Lomachenko,
sometimes a guy
with a really good beard
never stopped, but look–
Down goes Rios on an uppercut
following three straightsuper solid body shots
by Tim Bradley.
– Seven…Kellerman: And Rios
doesn’t look like he’s eager,
but he does get up.– You good, Brandon? I’ma give you a chance,
all right? Here we go.Lampley: Brandon’s
got a lot of heart,
but he’s taking
a lot of punishment
from a really good fighter
who is fighting his best,
and Brandon can’t even throw,
down again.
That’s gonna be the end
of the fight.
Jones: Yup.Lampley: Tony Weeks
is gonna wave it off.
A knockout victory
for Tim Bradley
with 11 seconds left
in round 9.
You can’t do better than that
first time out
with a new coach,
and as a trainer,
you can’t do better than that
first time out
with a new fighter.
– Whoo!Lampley: Monica Bradley,
manager of and wife of
and pretty happy right
now–biggest fan of,
by the way–and Teddy Atlas
maybe the second biggest fan.
– Got one thing to say to you. My man. – My man! My man, we did it, baby! – Hey, champ…
[unintelligible] – Let me get some water. – Right here, Coach. – Thank you. – You can to go say hi to Rios. – I’m gonna go over to Rios.Lampley:
A marriage made in the ring.
Timothy Bradley and Teddy Atlas
produce a masterpiece
in their first outing together.Jones: Yeah, it was
a beautiful masterpiece.
You saw him going to the body,
going to the head.
You know that Rios
just was not prepared tonight
with the big weight gain
you saw.
That year off really hurt him,and with that being said,
Tim took advantage of it.
Lampley: Here’s the first
knockdown, Roy.
Jones: Yeah, here
you see Bradley going
from left to right.Beautiful body shots
right there.
Those are the ones that
really caused the knockdown,
that body shot,
then another uppercut,
and that body shot
is really what that–
the uppercut didn’t even
really land.
It’s the body shot
that caused him to go down.
Lampley: And now here’s
the end of the fight as Rios–
Jones: And he’s on the attack,
another body shot,
right body, left body,
hook to the head.
Another right body shot,
another body shot,
another body shot,
and down Rios goes again.woman: ♪ All we need
is someone to lean on ♪
Bradley probably fortunate
that he didn’t catch
the back of Rios’ head
with that last shot
as Brandon was bending forward
to go down in front of him.woman:
♪ Blow a kiss, fire a gun ♪
Kellerman: Timothy Bradley
shrugging his shoulders
as if to say, “Good enough?”– Good-ass body shot, baby.
– Thank you so much, a’ight? – Good fucking body shot, baby.
– Hey, I appreciate you. [indistinct chatter] Thank you so much, man.
– Much respect for you. – Thank you for the body shots. – Thank you. Thanks, man.
– [unintelligible] – Thank you, sir.
– Appreciate it. – No, thank you for the
opportunity; I appreciate it. – Oh, thank you
for the opportunity. Unfortunately knocked down,
but thanks for the opportunity. – Don’t worry about it, man. You’ll be back and strong. Thanks, man. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much respect to your team.
Hey, guys. Hey, much respect to your team,
much respect, okay?♪ ♪Lampley:
Let’s go to Michael Buffer
for the official
particulars on the KO.
[bell dinging]Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen,courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas,the official time:2:49 of round number 9,
the fight comes to an end.
The winner by knockout victory
and still…
– And still, baby!Buffer: The two-time WBOwelterweight champion
of the world,
Timothy “Desert Storm”…Bradley!– Young master’s back, baby. Young master’s back. Yeah, baby! Thank you. Hey, thank you.
Thank you.♪ ♪Lampley: And let’s go to
Max Kellerman with the winner.
– Tim, Tim… we’re not used to seeing
you score knockouts. Where did that come from? – You know what? First I want to give
all the praise and honor to God for this victory tonight and allowing me to be here
today on this stage again. I also want
to give a shout-out to all the veterans
out there, baby, all the military veterans. I want to give a shout-out
to all the veterans. Thank you so much, and
Team Bradley all the way, man, and all the fans that came
out to support tonight. Thank you very much
for coming out. – Okay, you got
the shout-outs. You earned them. Where did–where did
the knockout come from, Tim? – You know what? I seen how I hurt him
early to the body. I kind of wanted to get him not thinking about it
for a while, and then I went back downstairs. We’ve been working
in the gym on the side step kind of like this
side step hook to the body, and I caught him
when I sidestepped him. I caught him right
in the solar plexus. I heard him grunt, and then
I just went down to the body, and he went–and he–
and he went down. – You’ve had a long
and really good career, but it seems to me
and others ringside that that’s the best
we’ve seen you look. How would you assess
your performance? – You know what?
That’s great. I got a lot to learn. This is seven weeks into
training camp with Mr. Atlas. You see
I looked great tonight. Got–I still got a lot
to learn, but you know what? It did work tonight. A lot of things that he
showed me did work tonight. – Now, this is your first
fight with a new trainer, and you’ve had spectacular
results tonight, much like Freddie Roach
and Miguel Cotto seemed to click and get
spectacular results. How close are you now,
do you feel, to challenging
the very top of boxing, as you have throughout
your career, especially in recent years, even though you’ve only had
seven weeks together so far? – We had seven weeks. I wonder what
a year would do. I wonder what
two years would bring. Like I said,
I still got a lot to learn, but, you know,
we put it together tonight. I got a knockout win
against a great champion and a great opponent
in Brandon Rios, who’s tough and gritty,
and can take shots. I don’t know. The sky’s the limit
from here, I believe, and Teddy said already
he’s coming back to camp. He’s coming back to train me
for my next training camp, so I’m excited about that. – I mean, if he
wouldn’t after that, what would bring him back? Thank you, Tim. – Thank you.
Thank you very much. – Brandon, shocking to see you
stopped in a fight, especially against a guy
who’s not known as a puncher. What happened? – My body is not the same
no more. I been in a lot of wars,
and you know what? I think it’s time
to hang it up, you know? I had a great performance with Timothy Bradley
in my career. I’m done. I think–I think that’s it. You know, it was a great run. It is what it is. I’d like to thank the fans for
coming out and supporting this even though I didn’t
give a great show, but fuck,
it is what it is. I don’t want to hurt my body.
I don’t want to hurt my family. And I don’t want to hurt
my close friends around me. So, you know, I think it’s time
for me to hang up the gloves. After an eight-month layoff,
it’s fucking bullshit, you know? I was eight months
without training, and come back in the gym,
it’s fucked. So yeah, at the end of the day,
you know, when I tried to get back in, my body wasn’t reacting
the same. So it is what it is. I think it’s done for me. I’ll hang up the gloves
and say–call it a night. – Obviously a very emotional
moment for you. Thanks for talking. – No problem, man. – So what was it? Did Tim Bradley and Teddy Atlas really have something special
that night, or did Brandon Rios’
failure to prepare hand them a gimme in effect?We’ll all find out
for sure April 9,
when Bradley goes back
into the ring
for his third meeting
with Manny Pacquiao
live on HBO Pay-Per-Viewin Las Vegas
the evening of April 9.
Don’t miss it.[dramatic music]♪ ♪

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