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Braided Half Up | Hairstyles for Prom

Braided Half Up | Hairstyles for Prom

-Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles, and today Brooklyn’s
here with me. -Hi, guys. -And she’s going to help
me show you guys how to do a hairstyle we’re
calling the braided half up. Now, this hairstyle is great
for prom for all of you lovely ladies going. Brooklyn is not until
next year, yes, but she’s going to show us how the style
looks on her amazing hair anyway, so let’s get going. Now, you guys can
see that I’ve started with some curls in her hair. I did put a little bit
of hairspray in her hair before I did the
wand on her curls just to make sure it holds
the curls a little better. I’m going to tease
the top of her hair because I want a lot
of fullness in here. And I have added a little bit
of volumizing dry shampoo just to give me a little more grit
and help texturize a little bit better. I want to leave this first
part down a couple inches above her ear because
we’re going to add that as a braid later,
the fishtail, so I’m kind of focusing on the
center part of her hair. So I’m going to take
my teasing comb, just go to the
front of her hair, and we’re going to back
comb in little sections. Now, when you’re
back combing, just make sure you’re
only going down. Don’t go up and down
and up and down. This will help the hair
from getting too knotted and make it easier to
undo later, and also save any damage from your hair. So pick up another
section, repeat. OK. When you’ve got the
tease where you want it, I’m going to flip her hair
back, right side over, and you can see that there’s a
lot of volume now underneath. So what we want
to do is make sure that we have our section
where we want it. I’m going to figure out and
put a little part line right where I really want
that fishtail to go. And I’m going to try to make
sure that this is hidden, so it doesn’t matter to me
if it’s exactly straight. Do another one on this side. Try to keep it even. Make sure we’re getting
about equal amounts of hair on either side. OK. And once you get your
sections squared away, this is what you want
really puffed and pouffed. So we’re going to
just really softly set it kind of where we
want it like this, and then I use– instead of
going like this and digging with your comb, use the
flat side of your comb to just barely comb the
top layer of those hairs. You just don’t want to see
the teasing underneath but you don’t want to pull any of the
teasing out in the process. You can also use
a teasing brush– they have little brushes
they make for this– if you don’t want to use a comb. Now, when you get it
about where you want it, I’m going to hold
it with one hand while I bobby pin
with the other. So I’m just going to
take my bobby pins. Brooklyn has really
thick hair, so I might have to use
several bobbies, and I’m definitely
going to be crossing them to help anchor this in. Now at this point, I’m
going to go back up and pick up the hair
right by her ear. I’m going to leave some little
wispies down by her ears. And you can decide whether
you want a braid right here or a fishtail. I’m going to do a
braid, and I’m going to do a Dutch braid because
I want it to pop out. So I’m going to start a
Dutch braid right here, and I’m just going to
add in a little hair just at the beginning
pieces as I go along so that this Dutch braid
is just a little more full, so I’ll add in hair on maybe
three or four sections, and then I won’t
add hair anymore. And I don’t want to do this
braid too tight because we’re going to be pancaking
it in just a minute, so I’m trying to lay it a
little bit looser in my hands. So I’m just braiding,
not adding in pieces now. And I just want to
braid it far enough that it crosses
over the bobby pins, and then I’m going
to stop and I’m going to go back and pancake. So I’m just going to
pull those outside edges and just really
stretch the braid. I’ll do the bottom
to begin with. Now I’ll go back and do the top. Now, when I can see that
I’ve got enough hair to just barely cross over
those bobby pins, then I want to use an
elastic and secure it. I’ve already done this
on the other side. You can see the
braid right here. So then you just need to
tweak them a little bit and see which one looks
better laying underneath and which looks better
laying over the top. I think that looks really
pretty right there, so I probably will
just leave that. And then you just want to
pin those pieces in place. Now, this is why I don’t
like it too long because I don’t like this end to hang
clear over here by her ear. I like to just blend
into the middle, so I want to make sure
I don’t leave too much out of the braid, and then
just pin them in place. Here we go, and there you go. The last thing I do is use
a really super heavy duty hairspray. The one I’m using is
a Kenra Volume Spray and it’s number 25, so
it’s a finishing spray. You do not use
this until you are done because once you put
this on, the hair won’t move. So I’m just going to take it
and spritz it where I want it, and this is just going to
keep that hair looking good all night while you’re dancing
and having a good time. So let’s do the final spin. Here we go. I just need some little
sparkles to add in like Cinderella had in her
hair and it would be perfect. -Ta da. -If you guys would love to
see a video where I actually teach you how to prep your hair
for updos like this or prom styles, be sure to leave a
comment below and let me know. Be sure to give the
video a thumbs up. And also, guess what? On Wednesday, we
have a bonus video. Yay. -It’ll be so exciting. -Yes. So it’s actually a
room tour from Daxton and Paisley’s new room that
we put together for them. -And Paisley’s super excited. -It turned out so cute. It was one of the
hardest rooms I’ve ever done but it turned out adorable,
and Paisley is so excited to show you guys. So make sure you come back on
Wednesday and check that out, and we’ll see you guys later. Bye, guys. -Bye. -Take a little
section off each side, and that’s going to
become our third strand. So now we have three
strands for our braid. You see that? [GIGGLING]

100 thoughts on “Braided Half Up | Hairstyles for Prom”

  1. Kenra 25 is for when you don't want your hair to move for a week lol I love that stuff. gorgeous style!

  2. Did this for my daughter's prom this weekend.  It didn't turn out 100% but it was still gorgeous – thanks for your videos – they come in handy when you need then.

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  5. I love this hairstyle! I used it for my 8th Grade promotion and got tons of compliments! It works on short hair like mine too!

  6. Thank you for the helpful tutorial! However, I am curious if I can do this hairstyle without using the products such as hairspray and hair wax since they damage the hair. Thank you!.

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  9. Ugh these videos are useless!!! I'm looking for something that's cute, but you can see in the front like if you were taking a picture but without putting half your hair in the front

  10. Wow! 😱 You are such a great hair stylist! 👌🏻 If you want you can come to my aunts salon, she does celebrity hair styles she’s amazing! 💖✨ (we should collaborate some day 🙃)

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