Brooke Richardson: Ex-Cheerleader, Skylar Richardson, Sentenced For Baby Burial

Okay guys. So did you hear this one? The
one that sounds like an urban legend, like a myth, but it’s actually real. It’s the one about the skinny blonde
cheerleader from Ohio who secretly got pregnant, then secretly had the baby in
her bathroom while her parents slept, then secretly buried it in the back
yard while her parents kept sleeping and then only got caught because she told
her doctor that she’d buried her baby in the backyard. That one.
Have you heard that one? Oh well we’re going to
talk about it today. Okay. So here’s a great summary about Brooke Skylere Richardson from
Steve Heller and I’m going to read it straight off my notes. So we
do Steve proud.Here we go. The 18 year old was a cheerleader who
worked during the summer at a camp for kids with disabilities.
Um, I don’t know why, but this makes me think that she would
have been a little smarter. No. Okay. All right. Back to Steve’s quote. All
right. After graduating with honors, the Carlisle Ohio native planned to attend
the University of Cincinnati to study nursing. Um, please God, don’t let me ever be in the
care of a nurse like this, please. Alright. Um, okay.
So back to the article. Other students notice that Richardson, part of the High School class
of 20 seventeens popular
crowd was always well put together. Her makeup had to be so,
so, uh, classmate tells people, uh, yeah. Can we all agree that what that check
probably meant to say was her makeup always had to be just so,
because if your makeup is so, so that leads one to
believe that it’s just okay. And that would more describe my makeup
then a secret pregnancy having Ohio teen skinny cheerleader or blonde
girls makeup, which is probably, definitely just so just
clarify. All right. Back to the quote real fast. Okay. So anyway, her clothes had to be so, so just so, and her hair had to be perfect. Yeah.
Finally, the vocab word, I mean, yeah, definitely having a baby was obviously
not part of this girl’s picture perfect plan. I mean, that really is
not super Instagram worthy. It’s not a cute look to
wake up at 18 and have this, you know, random child that no one knew you were
having and that you gave birth to in your bathroom. It’s not something
you’re going to be like, hashtag no filter woke
up like this. Right. Anyway, oh, I guess that’s the end
of Steve’s quote. Thanks Steve. Is anyone else kind of comforted to know
that at least that MTVs Teen Mom isn’t quite the pop culture influence that we
all figured it would be like having tons of teen moms out there pregnant and
giving birth because it’s just so cool now and it’s on MTV. I mean, I have to tell you that when I first
saw that show the trailer for it, I thought, oh my God, what
is this world coming to? But at least some girls still care to
have their babies enough to have their babies in secret. So good on you Skylar. Oh, but then the people article goes on
to point out that Brooke and her mom, or I’m sorry, Skylar and her mom were
totally obsessed with appearances, which seems to be exactly factual because
the very first thing that they show on a Brook’s Skyler’s whatever. Can we
just agree to call her Brooke please? Brooke’s police interrogation video was
the mom and dad rushing in and the mom being a very first thing
being like, oh my God, Brooke, how could you all the
neighbors know about this? People are already calling me about this. It’s going to be an off the
newspapers. Yeah. Gee Mom, I wonder why I didn’t tell you I was
pregnant in the first place. Okay. Not that is her mother’s fault that she
had this secret birth slash secret baby burial, right? I mean, yes, of course.
Not The parent’s fault necessarily, but I have to say, did
anybody teach little Brooke? And I say little because
the girl is skinny as hell. Apparently she has some
sort of eating disorder. So did anybody ever teach this little
girl about the birds and the bees? Anyone? Especially because Brooke kept saying
in this super creepy little girl voice that I swear is like some kind of creepy
sign that she probably gets whatever she wants for men if she does. Some
uses this little girl voice just sane. But did anybody ever teach her about this? Because she kept saying that she had no
idea she was pregnant until she went to the doctor and they informed her that
she was basically eight and a half months pregnant or like eight and three quarters
pregnant because she gave birth like two weeks later. Less than, I mean is this what happens when
we don’t have sex ed in schools? Huh. Oh, and let’s not forget that after, or maybe she was at the doctor to
ask for a birth control prescription, which the doctor gave her after telling
her that she was basically about to give birth with a child. So I guess he was assuming that she
would be smart enough to wait until after she gave birth to start taking the pills. But nobody ever told her that and she, she definitely, she did not
wait until afterwards. No. Brooke picked up that prescription like
the day after and started taking birth control when she was eight and a three
quarter month pregnant cause that seems normal. Oh and then she allegedly
gave birth to this baby. I don’t know why I just said allegedly
because she totally did give birth to this baby two days after
she went to her senior prom. What? All right that does it. Can some unwed mother please
write a book about losing weight. Okay. Cause you know that these teen moms who
secretly have these pregnancies go on to like eight or nine months and then they
give birth in bathrooms or bathroom stalls or what have you, two
days after fricking prom. You know they have some good diet
tips and I for one want to hear them. I’m not pregnant. You don’t even have
to be pregnant to want these dietitians. Am I right? I mean my God, I have a Chipotle Burrito for lunch
and people are like feeling my stomach wanting to like feel the baby kick. This girl was pregnant at prom, like basically ready to get birth
pregnant and no one knew. Oh, except for after the fact one classmate
came forward and told people got to love God to love these classmates that come
out after something horrible has happened to you and they cannot
wait to share the dirt. So this chick said that she
was definitely showing at Prom. They didn’t notice it at first, but then she went back and looked at the
photos and you can tell you think the girl was nine months
pregnant. I think God, there is so much to say
about the story. Okay. How about the fact that the only reason
she got caught was because she went back to the doctor after having and burying
the baby and told the doctor that she buried the baby. Is this girl mental? Does she not understand that
she did something wrong? I mean, should she have been sentenced to
a hundred hours of remedial sex ed? What’s happening here? So she says she woke up in the middle
of the night, get this, mind you, this happened when she was 17/18 still
living with her parents and she gave birth in the bathroom. She
wasn’t feeling well. Okay. She gave birth in the bathroom the
entire time. Her parents are sleeping. Then she goes out into
the backyard, gets shovel, digs a hole, buries, her baby in the backyard. Parents
are sleeping through all of this. I mean I kind of feel for them because
imagine you’re working your ass off trying to keep a roof over your head and
your child’s head and provide for them and give them everything
that you never have. And then in the meantime you’re sleeping
one night and they’re out in your backyard burying the grandchild.
You never knew you had. Wow. But very possibly. The craziest thing about this case is
that the prosecution kept saying that they, I don’t know why this mattered
because I mean the child was dead, but they kept saying that they, that she tried to cremate
the baby with a lighter. That is some powerful, lighter. Of course, there’s a ton of denial
about that cremation thing. I mean her defense attorneys were saying
that the police only came up with that after like trying to force this
confession out of her like 17 times. She denied it. And then finally
she said something about it, but the prosecution is all about,
yes, this definitely happened. I mean, I got to go with the, the prosecution’s expert witness on
this one where she said basically to paraphrase, look, what does
it matter the child is dead. Does it matter if she was
almost cremated or not cremated? The child was dead and she
was buried in the backyard. It’s pretty much as bad
as it can get. Officially, Brooke was on trial for, and
let me read from my notes here, aggravated murder,
involuntary manslaughter, gross abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence
and child endangerment, and she pled not guilty saying of course that the baby was
stillborn, so she didn’t kill it. She just buried it because she didn’t
know how to tell people who didn’t know before that she just had a baby in the
bathroom and judging from the way that her mom was reacting, I would say
that’s probably a good call. Oh, and here’s a fact that her defense
attorney was pushing the entire time about the stillborn that she told police in
the interrogation when they asked about the umbilical cord, that the
umbilical gorgeous came out of her, then she didn’t have to
cut it with anything. And I
guess that’s a key fact in, um, proving that the baby was
probably definitely stillborn
and was not alive if the umbilical cord wasn’t
still attached. I mean, it’s definitely a disgusting
piece of evidence, but it’s a very big clue that the jury
must have definitely included in on, I mean, I’m not saying it’s not
a disgusting piece of evidence, but it’s a huge clue that instead
of being guilty for murder, all she’s guilty of is being really
stupid and kind of an awful human and just burying her baby without telling anybody. And the jury agreed last week, they came back with a verdict
of not guilty to all charges, with the exception of abuse of a corpse, which has got to be the most disgusting
charge that a person can be found guilty of. Granted, it’s not as bad as murder, but it’s sounds grocer seems somehow worse
staff to talk about as you get older. I mean, I don’t know how little Brooke is going
to go to a cocktail party say and three years after she gets off the probation
she was sentenced to and tell them that she just did time for abuse of a corpse. It’s pretty bad. All I got to say is I hope to God
someone has told this girl how to avoid unplanned pregnancies in the future. It’s called the condom Brooke or birth
control, but hey, here’s a thought. Start taking that before
you get pregnant next time. That’s some, that’s some
free sex advice for ya. And also, I don’t, I don’t
know who needs to hear this, but there’s this thing called a safe
haven law and it’s basically this thing that saves unwed mothers from murder
trials like this one in that you can take your baby up to 30 days I guess.
Or maybe that’s the car lemon law. But anyway, you can take your child
to an emergency services center, like the hospital or a fire station or
a police station and drop it off with them, sort of no questions
asked, and let them find it. A better home than you, kind of a lot. And that’s in all 50 states. So some thing to remember leaving
the link backing away slowly. And that’s all I got on this
crazy real life secret baby birth, burial story. Sheesh.
Until next time, hey, stay safe and have safe sex. And also Mazel Tov on all the
sex hou seem to be having. MWAH.

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