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Bullied Teen Doesn’t Dare Go To School Prom – Then 120 Bikers Knock On Her Door

Bullied Teen Doesn’t Dare Go To School Prom – Then 120 Bikers Knock On Her Door

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– Then 120 Bikers Knock On Her Door For high school students, prom is one of the
highlights of high school. It marks the end of school and also acts as
a send off into adulthood and a whole new life. It’s an exciting time that requires a lot
of preparation. You have to find a date, choose your outfit,
buy flowers, and more. One student who especially looked forward
to going to her prom was Shannon Purcifer. Unfortunately, though, the 16-year-old from
Hampshire, England didn’t get to go after some bullies tried to crush her dream. But with a little help from some kindhearted
friends and strangers, she got the last laugh… For 16-year-old Shannon, prom was going to
be a nice end to high school. Shannon’s teen years had been tough. She suffers from several diseases, including
rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis (rectal intestinal inflammation) and coeliac disease. Shannon had chosen her white prom dress with
great care. But when the big day came, Shannon chose to
stay home. Shannon’s classmates teased her about her
illnesses so much that she felt like she couldn’t go. Her mother, Claire Carstens, wrote about the
incident on Facebook: “If Shannon had gone to prom tonight she
would of worn this beautiful dress. Thanks to nasty vile bullies shannon decided
she didn’t want to go and mix with scum that made her so miserable. For a girl that has had so much to deal with
in life… coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis, she is one strong
young lady with an even stronger mind!! Love you girl” Shannon’s mom’s post went viral and soon
friends, acquaintances and strangers started a fund for Shannon. The idea was about to create a special prom
for Shannon — where her friends and acquaintances could celebrate with her. “This isn’t all about bad mouthing the
school but the school certainly needs to sort out bullying as soon as they are aware of
it. This is about showing all those nasty bullies
that they won’t win and also showing anyone that is being bullied, there is a light at
the end of the tunnel,” Shannon’s mom explained. Shannon’s private prom was held at St. Vincent
College and was a super success! It started with 120 bikers from a local motorcycle
club called Gosport Scooter Club showing up at Shannon’s house. They wanted to show her support and escort
her to the party. Around 100 people gathered at the prom, both
friends and strangers. Together, they put together an elegant party
with a buffet and a disco ball on the ceiling. It was an unforgettable evening! Bullying can affect everyone, and unfortunately,
Shannon is far from the only one to experience it. But this story shows that good always prevails
and the bullies can never win. If you like our video then do subscribe to
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100 thoughts on “Bullied Teen Doesn’t Dare Go To School Prom – Then 120 Bikers Knock On Her Door”

  1. I drooped out in my junior year, was tired of the public useless brainwashing school system I saw high school as a total waste of time for me, having to put every day with all that school spirit BS, popularity contest, sport jocks and all that garbage … you all know what I mean, it was all immature stupidity and mediocre behavior that was useless to me. Took my GED and went to college afterwards I started my own business and my life went really well afterwards, I was only bullied once and fought my bully at the same moment he did it, I lost the fight because he was too big for me, but I gave him one hell of a fight ending exhausted both of us, he never did it again, it doesn't matter weather you win or lose it all about standing up for yourself and showing you don't take shit from no one. Later on I understud that I was way mature for the school system that's why I didn't fit in.

  2. School's don't care about bullying, (there are precious few that do,) all they do is talk. Well, talk is cheap. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  3. Why do we only care about girls being bullied? Guys get bullied too. That said, this is a beautiful story and I'm happy she had such a wonderful night.

  4. Would of preferred the 120 bikers knocking on the bullies door and making their nightmares come true. The special prom was also great.

  5. Although she has some illnesses the girl looks amazing. She is beautiful and I would ignore her illnesses and ask her out to prom.💙🌹

  6. oh my god the bullies ?????? IM SO GLAD THE BIKERS WERE BY HER SIDE<>I HATE BULLIES<>I was picked on in school so very bad when i was a kid<>and i was bullied on woodward ave in newhaven for no reason<>I moved in and an hour later my clothes were stollen from my dryer<>I had just got out of the hosp before i moved in there the last thing i needed was to be bullied<>Alot of those who did that to me are gone<>seven days a week<>they cut my break lines on my car two times<>they were mad cause i had meds and they wanted them<>they broke in our home twice while my husband and i were gone<>police did nothing they said move you are in a bad area<>But i believe jesus saw everything they did to us and he will take care of them<>I wait everyday for it <>amen<>i did not know these people i had never met them <>it was very bad<>i was warned not to move there but i had no where to go at that time<.they found out i had meds cause they stolled my mail<>they read my doctor appts<>thats why i say there is a god<>if you pray every single day to him and beg him for his help and stay to yourself and go to church he sees that you are a good one<>He will be by your side<>please trust in him <>you can never go wrong<>

  7. Bullies are just TARGETS WAITING TO BE TAKEN DOWN. IF YOU ARE BULLIED speak out to the authorities near you with names of them.

  8. Bullies never win good on you girl you showed them very brave all the best for future have a great life and do well

  9. the school is part of the problem but it is the parents of these kids to be blamed the most.. these people are the perfect example for mandatory sterilization


  11. That was a great thing they all did for her but it is a shame it didn't happen at the original prom. Nonetheless what a wonderful thing they did for her. I would have asked most of her classmates that understood to attend as well.

    AND for those of you who do not know this particular illness, Ulcerative Colitis, it has a very nasty major symptom which for anyone is terrible especially for young girls and more so for teenage girls. It's major symptom is constant and nonstop diarrhea. I know because I suffered with it for over 25 years before it turned into colon cancer. So if you are a young teenaged girl and it hits you at the wrong time it can be moritifyingly horrible. Even if you wear special clothing underneath you still will have to be careful. No eating or any kind of drinking for hours and hours before the prom in a white dress.

    The bullies should be expelled and run over by a tractor…well maybe not a tractor but you get the idea. Scum.

  12. I didn't go to prom either. I was not bullied just not a pretty girl. Very low social status for that. I was glad that my kids all went and this girl went too.

  13. she is not only beautiful but she is amazing person but it's always will be bullies one day will receive the same treatment they are ugly people where is you are darling you are very beautiful brother to the bikers (the wife)

  14. This should show the World how to put bully's in they place. She looked beautiful on that night and HAPPY too. This shows us that we can all be heroes for someone.

  15. I waited 39 years to wreak revenge on the twat that made my life at school a misery for five years.
    It gave me the greatest of pleasure to blow him in to the taxman for years of unpaid tax.
    After supplying HMRC with eleven years of his business dealings his business is now no more.
    Do I feel bad about this, hell no, I am ecstatic about it.
    When I move out of the area soon I am going to phone him and tell him why I did it.
    Revenge complete, balance restored and I feel good.

  16. I keep having dreams about going back to elementary school, shaving my bully’s head and writing “I am a bully” in permanent marker before duct taping her to the flagpole.

  17. The bullies should have been made to stay  home on that day, or suffer an arse kicking after the Prom

  18. Shannon is misdiagnosed! It's LYME DISEASE!! Multiple "autoimmune "issues is ALWAYS a Borrelia infection!

  19. Again this is why social networks Works. Bullying is just wrong
    It's easy to say but don't let them get to you. Bully's are probably the ones that actually need help

  20. Schools deal with real bullying of regular kids by ignoring it. If you are LGBT, however, then they've got all the resources in the world to force others to treat you like gold or penalize them when they refuse to bow down.

  21. To Shannon & her mum, I too suffered from serious UC. One doctor, Dr. Cletus Baier (now retired) from Concord, NH, USA, prescribed me Prednisone (to heal rapidly) and then a regiment of Asacol (mesalamine) & over-the-counter fish oil with Omega 3. In less than a year all symptoms, bleeding, mucus, etc vanished. That was 25 years ago, and I'm still symptom free, though, as you know, the disease is not fully curable.
    PLEASE, ask your GI doctor about this. It was a miracle "cure" for me.
    Best of luck!

  22. What a beautiful kid it a shame she is ridiculed for things beyond her control. Be assured those bullies will get there rightful due as the navigate through life. Who they are now will be the beginning there downfall. 90% of the bullies I knew in school are now a whole lot of nothing and nobody's!! Stay focused and allow success to be the ultimate revenge.

  23. It's been 42 years since I graduated from high school. During that time, I've seen a curious thing. Almost without exception, the people who were the big stars of my high school, the ones who never missed an opportunity to show their contempt for the rest of us, have turned out to be losers in life. It's like high school was the peak of their dismal and meaningless lives. At the same time, many of the "wallflowers" in high school, the people [such as myself] who sat quietly in the background of high school life, have gone on to lead happy lives, with good marriages, wonderful children and successful careers. Don't be discouraged, Shannon. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the best revenge is living well!

  24. Bullies should be ashamed for their actions. There is no place in society for that type of behavior. I am happy for her with all the people that supported her should show her she is loved by so many,and that a bully is just a scared little mind afraid to show something wrong in their life. one more thing this story should have been told by a real person not a computer generated voice

  25. Bullied is why kids today cannot take someone telling them about their asses for being idiots in public places.

  26. I messed up my foot ankle leg when I had just turned Seven on a three wheeler. Growing up  I went through most of school with that bad right leg. I started praying at about thirteen as I was picked on to the point it almost ended my life. Yeah I was taken out of school on a stretcher I got tired of the harassment of the super star sports guy's as I was A strapping big farm kid that had a physical disability. I always made the team but was constantly ridiculed and that just shot my confidence as everyone knew I couldn't catch them, and I was nice anyway and my anger didn't last long. I still hate the sight of that school building as my stomach still turns seeing the crappy little town etc. At sixteen I started working in a larger town after school and my leg well it healed. I got fast and could catch the people who tried to treat me bad like when I was a little kid who barely could walk.  The old coach from New York a real peace of work took notice and had my old teammates put the heat on me because I could at that time outrun or run as fast as all of them and had good coordination and had finally regained my confidence and self respect. I finished high school over at the larger town and never looked back. But the post office that serves my farm is still over in that place. It's hard to even breath the air when I see that school. But that's where God allowed me to be humbled and I'm thankful I'm not A lost child of this world. I smile when I think through those long horrible school years because I made it I survived!

  27. I can't fathom how someone could bully another person for having a chronic illness! I means seriously, imagine how those bullies would "roll with laughter" if they were in her shoes.

  28. she banged 120 bikers… or was it her mother that banged the bikers… i'm confused. on a serious note… as if they teased her about serious illnesses… i think we're not being told the hole story. maybe she was a bitch? also how did they even know… those illnesses don't usually show on the surface… so she must have been searching for the sympathy vote… is she catholic? either way… this story just doesn't milk the heard… also… no school would allow 120 bikers to sit around their under aged school prom. guaranteed the police would have been called. will the SJW's stop at nothing to get publicity. use your brains people.

  29. Would it honestly be too much for you to find someone to narrate the video, instead of having a computer read it?! Seriously…

  30. The big thing about video is that the pictures should moving, and the commentary should exciting and draw into the event, not a dry monosyllabic computer voice. Otherwise forget…..go back to TV school. Good Story though, just baby presented.

  31. Those are hard years to go through with health issues like she has I know I was diagnosed with crohns disease when I was 9 yes old kids are brutal sometimes the bullies do win I never went to prom myself either and your right it is more important than I thought it was I didn't realize the lasting effect it would have the rest of my life by not going!! It is sad that so much bullying takes place in our schools communities and homes it is definitely as issue that should never be tolerated or even worse condoned by any adults starting with the parents!!





  33. You people that play these videos in that damn robot voice really suck man.. a nice heartwarming video ruined with an audio like this.

  34. Can anyone explain why it was necessaru to have two lines of narration, in addition to the machine that was mimicing a human voice (And failing badly). Nice to know how much people took this Girl's most important event to heart. What a wonderful gesture that was.

  35. I wish I could have had some thing like she did. I was bullied from the 5th grade on and abused by everyone at school clear up through graduation. I was beat up and my homework stolen so I just stopped doing it. I barely graduated and had several suicide attempts. Nobody cared weather I lived or died and all I wanted to do was die, but my attempts failed due to my parents catching me. They did not believe the bullying was as bad as I said and called me a liar. Because of all of it I have no friends today and I have a PTSD over people close to my age. I spend my time with kids because they will not hurt me and I do not even know how to have an adult conversation. I was born August of 1975 so you see it's a problem for me to try to have kids for friends since I am an adult man. I am a silly, goofy guy with a good imagination as if I never stopped using mine as I grew up. I do not use drugs or alcohol and I am not into violence except in movies or video games. I spend my life alone thanks to the hell I went through in school.

  36. Being a biker myself, I would have been proud to ride with that group, Bullies ain't tough, just loud mouth a holes

  37. As I remember from high school , most of the bullies went on to no careers , jail , drug abuse and death ……….. my dad used to say to my brother and me , not to worry , you won't see them in the work force and more then likely they would end up in jail ………Karma is a bitch …….

  38. glad she was helped by friends and strangers! now for the bullies….Karma. you get what you give. change while you still can.

  39. bless your little heart ,,, bullies only run with the wolves ,,, they are not strong enough on their own ,,, they are cowardly packs ,, i wish you all the best,,,

  40. no school has bullies ,,, apparently ,,, and no police have corrupt officers either ,, and garry glitter is not a paedo,, what more can i say !!ohh nether are judges or meps they are all saints,
    no one is accountable these days,,

  41. good for Shannon, I am happy for her that she got her 'Prom', a big thank you to the bikers and others who helped make her Prom. Was a perfect dress for her to go to her Prom.

  42. I've never understood the bullying thing, especially at someone with medical challenges like this girl. Bullies tend to be cowards, they grind down someone else who appears to be easy prey so they can make themselves look big, at the center of attention. Maybe in this case they're jealous, because this girl really is beautiful, inside and out.
    Big kudos to the bikers and everyone else who made this girl's special dream become possible.

  43. Shannon, you are a beautiful person. Everyone has their issues but that doesn't make you anything less. Those assholes who were bullying you only do so to make themselves feel better about things that are wrong in their lives. I was always taught to feel bad for them no matter what they do or say because they are the ones with the broken home and/or shitty life. You have a wonderful mother who did an amazing thing. They may not. Not that they deserve you feeling bad for then but you seem like a smart girl and a bigger person. Stay awesome!

  44. First, something about this seems off, not sure I buy it.
    Second, if these photos are of this young lady, she's gorgeous, don't pay dickheads any attention whatsoever, you just encourage their stupidity. I think she just needs a cup of "wake up darling" and a nice long sit with a mirror for reflection for her to see she's gorgeous and shouldn't be affected by morons, hurtful though they may be.
    Third, where the literal F*** was her so called friends on the actual prom date

  45. I was bullied at school but thankfulley my school had a great antey bullieing programe that stoped it befor it got has far has sanons

  46. unfortunatly bully's almost everytime win because they are protected by the school itself : (
    mostly because the have rich parrents or populair ones .
    it is a sure fact that bully's are made because the school let them do so , otherwise the bullying kids would stop bullying when told at first sight they can not get away with it.

    it even is the case when some other kid wants to go and kick some bully ass because of another sick doing of the bully the other get expelled or worse and he /she is the evil one all the sudden . its like real life and politics when rich populair or in power you can do all you like and others have to suffer for it . nothing can change that .

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