Bunkai Gankaku / Chinto – KARATE | Lionel Froidure

Hello karateka, I hope you’re great Today, let’s train on the bunkai of the karate kata Gankaku or Chinto. This part of the kata. I absorb his attack. As soon as I have absorb, my other arm goes there. Try to not stay in front, don’t stay on his line of attack. Rather, change the angle like that. While he’s attacking, You see ? He’s going now inside. Et non in here where he is really powerfull and can counter easily. You can block the attack. From here, I go under and put pressure on the elbow, then turn around and apply an arm lock or throwing technique. Shio Nage. I hope you appreciated and you found a idea for your bunkai. It’s just an idea, found yours and get inspire. Now let’s train. And if you liked it, I am super glad. See you soon for another video. Take care. Ciao.

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