Bunkai Kanku Dai – KARATE

Hello karate’s, I hope you’re great. Today, we will work on a sweeping technique found in Kanku Dai kata. Yes there is sweeping techniques and throws in kata, and in this part of Kanku Dai. In chinese martial arts, it is said that it’s change the earth and the sky. Yes, inverting the sky and the earth like this. Son if if sh’s doing a Mae Geri, I go in and I turn. We can see that’s this part of the kata. I go in, 1 2 3, don’t move please, and here I am inverting her head with her feet.. Then I can strike like in the kata. That’s really the kata. 1 2 3. Why the knee ? Let’s change the the point of view. Slowly. To make her raise in the air. Yes she’s light. I am stronger and taller than her. Once I am in this position, I let her fall on the head. That’s why I choose Florence to demonstrate, because it’s a dangerous move for her. Because she is falling on her head. So if I have a stronger and taller guy, I won’t be able to control his fall or I will loose my balance and fall with him. So be careful. Go around and rotate. And if there is a big difference of size and weight, and you cannot lift, just make a notation with a lateral footwork. I hope you appreciated it. If it’s the case, click the LIKE button and leave me a comment. See you. And don’t forget to go to train. Ciao.

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