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Cam Newton’s Wardrobe Designer | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Cam Newton’s Wardrobe Designer | Hardest Jobs in Sports

(ambient ringing) – The Cam Newton press conference is known for outlandish clothing, costumes that have made waves all across news and social media. And I am the wardrobe department. (light piano music) I have done custom design
for The Nutcracker, La Boheme, Rigoletto,
so when the directors of Cam Newton Press
Conference approached me, I said no, but then they
explained their grand vision. The Cam Newton press conference is all about glitz and weirdness. It is very important to the
production that the scenes feel different but also
part of the same world. It is my greatest challenge. The Cam Newton character is free-spirited and incredibly zany, so the
wardrobe has to match that. It’s very challenging,
the costumes are even crazy to me, and I dress like this. Given that it’s football,
I wanted headgear to be a theme in all the costumes, which is why the Cam Newton character is always wearing a different hat. This one I stole from a drunk
guy on Saint Patrick’s Day, refurbished, then added feathers from a sparrow I found,
painted, and killed. This is my workshop, this
is where the magic happens. Oh, this is from last season. I’m so proud of this. The director make huge demands. One time they say,
let’s try vintage modern mixed with big fat man, and I say, I don’t know what that means, and they say, just do
it, and they were right. I really love what I came up with. I shouldn’t show you
this, but spoiler alert, this is for week 16, okay,
that is all I’ll say. It’s not a hat, it’s for his groin. This job is very difficult,
but I hope Cam Newton Press Conference continues for
another four or five seasons, maybe longer if they get
a decent offensive line. (upbeat music)

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  1. "I got the feather from a sparrow I found, painted, and killed"

    The implication of the order of those words…

  2. In the year I’m in, the Browns have a super bowl winning team and FINALLY have a really good quarterback!

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