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Camila Cabello – My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby | REACTION

Camila Cabello – My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby | REACTION

Hey guys! Welcome back, we’re checking out some Camila Cabello! Hey guys! Welcome back, it’s Groovy Tony! Make sure you like, subscribe and share as I’m here for your entertainment! Guys! We’re here with
Camila Cabello today! I’m gonna check this out, the song is called My Oh My.
Camila Cabello featuring DaBaby. And I enjoy DaBaby so I’m pumped to see
what he’s got cooking up. I’m not a super Camila Cabello fan, but hey I’m a
critic not a cheerleader! I don’t have to like everyone! But I’m still excited cause a lot
of her songs tend to be super catchy. So guys we’re gonna jump in this is Camila
Cabello featuring DaBaby and the song is called My Oh My. Okay, just tea. Or coffee, whatever, but
honey. The lip-synching on the video is off and this is the music video.
Error number one, okay. Two, her overacting! Sis, I can’t!
She is pretty though! Oh, I just feel like this is really cringe… Alright the babies part was- The beat’s good. Hmm. It was okay. I mean, the song was
catchy. That- she always- that’s the one thing she gets. If she writes them herself
or whoever writes them… The songs are catchy, the beats are good… But honestly, DaBaby’s part was the best part in the whole music video. I was not here for it!
I think that shit- It was just over done! Personally, for me, she was
overacting. Because of that, it came through in the lip-sync. When you
lip-sync for your music video you want it to look like you’re singing in the video!
I feel like I could tell she wasn’t! I don’t know. Camilla’s voice, for me, doesn’t always hit but it fit well with this song. So I feel like it’s gonna do great
cause, like, it can be a bop! I just- I can’t watch the video! The video is too cringe!
But, yeah! If you guys want to check it out, I’ll have it linked in the
description, give it a chance. Put on some headphones! Get really, you know, in the
zone so you feel about it! Some people love Camila Cabello, I just think it’s a
little too- No, no. The answer is no. Guys, thank you so much for checking that out with me! As always, it’s Groovy Tony! Make sure you like, subscribe, ring the bell and

4 thoughts on “Camila Cabello – My Oh My (Official Music Video) ft. DaBaby | REACTION”

  1. I love you but… this reaction seems full of personal favoritism for some artist, and that makes you look with a bad look to the whole video, I’m sad.

  2. I like her video she did to her dad and 2 others. other then that it’s all bad. Don’t feel bad for not loving something bad as long as you don’t kill it for the viewers. Smile and on to the next lol

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