Can Anyone Do Karate? | Karate Lessons

Can anyone do karate? Well, absolutely, and I think this is what
distinguishes karate from so many other sports and martial arts because as a small child
you can practice for balance and coordination and these things. As a teenager or in your twenties, you can
practice in a very dynamic way of giving full expression to speed and power. And, as you get older, you can simply refine
your technique. Unlike some other arts, there’s no necessity
to be thrown or throw other people or any kind of contact. There’s no necessity for a partner and so
you can practice if you are young or old. I have six year olds. I have someone who trains regularly with me
who is 75. You don’t need to apply karate in the same
way at any age. You can apply according to your ability, according
to your age, according to your desires, and even according to the day. Some days when you’re feeling very aggressive
it’s nice to release that. Sometimes when you’re feeling templative,
it’s nice to have a gentle session. So, karate covers all these aspects.

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