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Can Gov. Rick Perry Tell Libya and Lebanon Apart?

Can Gov. Rick Perry Tell Libya and Lebanon Apart?

rick perry is given a speech this faith
and freedom coalition and he’s decided that that is good hidalgo on monday guys in our own a
speech he talked about hey listen you know god didn’t make any
was perfect in nineteen oh i will have some humility uh… in the national campaign trail
when he was running for president obviously uh… in twenty twelve hit of
those great moments where he forgot the faces of the say during the debate new
loops uh… among many different flops that he
had uh… but this time he’s got a stop in
afghanistan speech about how long and i were from that here’s how he is a wal-mart on bank i
wasn’t as of course n linea right well not if you believe repair before we come to america where barry ministration won’t make one phone
call to say harsh men and women the embassy in london in
conspiracy partitioning it gives me great concern lebanon lebanon you moron him what that speech at all is the governor of texas billion any
advisors is every single human being around you the dumbest people in the country like lol i found a
way ahead of im bank does a level of your arm ripped will get a bill maher laa this guy was running for president you don’t well for a while we’ll bring it up he said whatever president he thinks paint on since the moma just when you think the republicans of
dumb terms that you have no india the deaths
of their stupidity relative alliance for indian i’d guess that we shouldn’t be
surprising brag about us you know stupid they are in there you know they were able and their
interim survive has said as or possible across apart that didn’t get back to the reson
for classes drought up gerrard back you know the facts they says right here in genesis then god c lebanon

100 thoughts on “Can Gov. Rick Perry Tell Libya and Lebanon Apart?”

  1. Canada, America and Britain all speak the same language and have been the same country within the last five hundred years. Do we get confused?

  2. Why do we expect beauty queens like Miss Utah to have snap answers to complicated questions when our governors who run for president are sitting there stumbling over words and getting countries wrong?

  3. It's a slip come on… he was probably drunk like last time.

    I don't think he was looking at his notes he was just checking if his fly was undone.

  4. Not your best video, Cenk. Everybody goofs up, even liberals. We know Perry is a dope when it comes to his YEC views and how he tries to pack the Texas BOE with creationist nut jobs. Am I the only one who thinks this slip up isn't really newsworthy?

  5. Well, almost nothing has happened in Lebanon for more than 20yrs, today it's almost the most liberal and westrern oriented country in The Middle it is a pretty lame mistake he made there

  6. You are one of many who can vote idiots like him off the stage. I hate to say this, but no one representing your state appears to have a shred of intelligence.

  7. I'm not sure you should mention that you are from Texas. The stupidity coming from Texas is well known for most people outside the US

  8. 😀 Probably lol. I remember a story saying 15% of america couldn't find america on a map. I'm surprised American governors aren't worse.

  9. I am not from the US, but lived there and loved it. I also happen to have travelled and LOVED Texas, despite what people say. Unfortunately, too many idiots as Gov Rick Perry live it.

  10. omg you are going to hold up the pompous ted cruz as an example of a texan-intellectual giant? well, now we see the problem, lol. he may have a harvard diploma but is clueless about the real world, and is seriously lacking in common sense. don,t believe i would brag about that particular choice

  11. You've got to be joking. TYT isn't full of political propaganda? Obama isn't a "retarded" leader? Yeah, only Republicans can fall into those categories, right dipshit?

  12. Sorry.. I live in austin. Everyone here thinks "we is a sofysticated people" austin is more liberal than anywhere else in tx.. but not by much. And everyday seems like I just woke up from "cryosleep" and everybody is fucking dumb as fuck. Damn near everyday I see at least 2 stupid car accidents and 1 major one. And they blame it on "traffic". I'm from CA.. and there isn't any traffic out here.. not even at rush hour. There are just too many colossally stupid asses on the road.

  13. Ps. That big ass explosion that happened a little while back is a perfect example. "We don't need no stoopid fire safety regulations"….. BOOOOOOOOM!!! "Who could've seen this coming?"… a safety inspector could have I'm sure.

  14. I love how people try to "slam" Obama all the time, but say SOOO many moronic things. I rarely come across someone who doesn't like Obama, that isn't an idiot. He definitely does some things terribly wrong, but the vast majority of Obama bashers are idiots.

  15. In non-reviewed, time-limited, one time only debate, Cruz is fairly devastating. This is the environment of a court and law school. Throw a bunch of crap and anything that sticks, you get credit for it. BS'ing. But real life is recorded. It is reviewed. It is disected. It is analyzed. Ted Cruz will have many immediate small wins, but will lose every war he fights. He has no wisdom. His feet are planted firmly in the air. And he has not yet figured out that he is in the big time now.

  16. He should have asked Sarah Palin to check his speech, she knows all about that country called Africa 😉

  17. 500 not 3000.
    Their names are all very different unlike Al-Libiyya & Al-Labaniyya.
    He lives in and rules part of one the three.

  18. Doubt it. This moron thinks prayer is effective against school shooters. Fact: prayer isn't effective at all.

  19. Well I thought Obama was hope for the US, until he signed the NDAA unconditionally. That was what proved to be my tipping point. I've no longer got any reason to believe he's anything other than a corporate puppet, and I genuinely dislike corrupt politicians, such as corporate puppets, so there's my rational reason for disliking Obama. Take it or leave it 😛

    That being said, among all the reasonable things to bash Obama on, all these retards seem to be saying is what they think is important.

  20. yes, the mentally challenged can actually take the time to research things before they speak out against them, these folks are just stupid!

  21. Seems the ideal Republican candidate would be a guy born with no mouth, or else someone who had his lips sealed shut in a terrible dental accident.

  22. It reminds me of that racist head of security in the movie "The Dictator" with Sasha Baron Cohen. The head of security says to Alladin (Sasha) when he arrived to New York that he doesn't like Arabs. Alladin says "thats fine, because Im not an arab", and the head of security replies, "to me, if you're not a white person from America, then you're an arab."

  23. I don't look at surveys.. I look at what goes on around me to make my decisions about things. I observe. And you can't point to enough surveys to prove to me that the people of texas are some of the stupidest people I have ever shared a community with. I live in texas now bc I, unlike many americans move around.. to experience as many places as possible before I part ways with this life.. and in my travels I have to say this is the dumbest group of people yet. The smartest being from Germany.

  24. Find me a survey that says texans are better.. And I'll show you a homer that is bias and ignorant.. and what was that big word you used.. arrogant.. haha

  25. I gave him a pass in his first term, because of the "party of no", but this term is unforgivable to me. He reminds me too much of George Bush, and I really don't like that guy.

  26. It just makes it "that" more dangerous that he is likeable. At least with a republican leader, we'd probably have been able to see right through that silky snaky vale. Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  27. My point was during the 12' elections Rick Perry was trying to come up with the three agencies of government that he would get rid of and couldnt forgot what the third one was.
    Being from Texas, I know that he's an idiot and think that the rest of the states should know this. ;D

  28. Uhmm. I can't believe my state elected this guy so many times. I REALLY doubt he misspoke here (unless he was high again) because the GOP has been hammering on about Benghazi so much, and would at least know Lebanon for harboring Hezbollah since he's a conservative-Israel-hawk guy… Then again, I could believe he really has no clue.

  29. The money behind his campaigns probably comes from people who count on his obliviousness in order to rob people blind.

  30. Yes and Obama thinks there are 57 states, he says he was going to visit all of them…..yet we still elected him president….twice…..maybe it's the american people that are stupid LOL..

  31. Libya and Lebanon sound kind of similar, so I'll give Rick Perry a bit of a break for confusing them once. But for him to do it again is just pathetic.

  32. I can agree with that, I'm totally against signature strikes and spying on American citizens. He's committed one and defended another. Don't get me wrong, put a different Republican or Democrat up there and continue watching your rights disappear. It's time to crack down so hard on Corporations, lobbyists, and these lawyers; I think it should be considered treason for anyone holding public office to lie to the people, punishable by death, no clemency. Watch Capitol Hill fear us again.

  33. If you aren't an Obama basher by now then you are delusional. The things that he has done terribly wrong now show him to be a bad President. I used to love Obama, seriously. He's clearly Bush 2.0 now. If you don't see that, then you're the moron. Wake up bro

  34. He can`t tie his shoelaces, or count past 9. How the fuck is he supposed to tell the difference between Libya and Lebanon……….Jeeezus, give him a break !

  35. You clearly missed his point. Read his comment again! He doesn't support Obama nor did he say obama is awesome. He said vast majority of Obama BASHERS are idiots. And he is right!

  36. all of our presidents have been bad presidents at least in my lifetime, but i guess thats what happens when your only choices are this asshole or that asshole. he is right though most people who bash obama dont bash him on the things he should be bashed on, they make up shit about him being muslim or kenyan or whatever, they either dont like him because he is black or democrat. even the republicans that bash him over the nsa are idiots because they supported it when bush did it.

  37. Are you serious? WHY would you like a criminal and no im not going to hype the other party, the two party system is a fallacy, an illusion to make you believe you have some sort of say in all of this, let me just tell you now, you have NONE. Obama is an evil man, with thousands of innocents blood on his hands , a liar , said he would close Guantanamo , ends up closing the ONLY office trying the help Guantanamo prisoners get home and close the facility, this is tip of iceburg, please wake up!

  38. The thing that makes me hate Obama is that he's so EASILY influences by the "right". If they want him to do something, he'll do it, just to make them happy. All science/data prove that climate change is happening, but Republicans deny it, so Obama wont do shit about it, cause Republicans would be mad if he did -_-

  39. Corporations run your country not liberals, republicans or any other bullshit party, its the corporations and lobbies who fund the campaigns who get what they want, all you have to do is follow the money, Jewish lobby biggest in America! , Halliburton is paid by government to rebuild nations after war, Bankers profit by borrowing money to US to go to war, they want a never ending war, which is where the concept of terrorism arrived from. the president is nothing more than a puppet

  40. This is just like a movie series. Bush one was a little scary but pretty good….Bush 2 was absolute shit and they should've learned not to make another one…Bush 3 (Rick Perry) is the most explosive and least smart of all!

  41. You could tell he forgot it was Libya..he was trying so hard to remember. Then, he tried to slur the word Lebanon and say it as quickly as possible..LOL. He was always a joke.

  42. Another thing  here is the spying on Americans was increased under Bush a Republican.

    This is right up there with the stupidity of Palin.

  43. We need an entrance exam to run for office because this is getting ridiculous.
    No religious test as per our constitution but it says nothing about making them take a general knowledge test. I would put portions that made up of the following subjects; Science (to see if they have the basic understanding of how the environment, humans & animals work, both alone & in conjunction with each other), History (so we would know if they have any idea why things were done in the past so they don't repeat any mistakes that are unnecessary), English (so we can be assured they won't embarrass the rest of us on a world stage when speaking or writing to other countries), Geography (these so called leaders should know where they will be sending our military & apparently it's obviously necessary for Mr. Perry more than most), Math (including Algebra, Statistics & Accounting so we can be assured they have the basic knowledge of how a budget works because they apparently do not know that either as of right now) & last but certainly not least Civics (so we could know that they know what job they want to run for & what duties that job entails.) Maybe we even throw in a basic law and an ethics portion on the test seeing as that is probably something we want to know if they know as well. I certainly think it would be helpful. How I think it would work the best is; questions would start at about a 7th grade level & get progressively more difficult & they would need to get at least an 80% to be given a campaign license. Since they are representing us to the rest of the world, it would be nice if we could be assured we weren't sending a bunch of people with educations on par with your average 6th grader. The rest of the world would think us more credible if it didn't look like we elected a bunch of idiots to run things.

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