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Cara Memasang Sabuk Karate

Cara Memasang Sabuk Karate

Peace be upon you meet again with me, Salma Nabila today i wanna make video again but with a little different why am I wearing a karate gi today i wanna share a tutorial how to tie or how to attach a karate belt ( obi ) so here I have prepared a karate belt ( obi ) this is the belt Guys so before we start this tutorial ok let’s we get its started 1st way to tie obi by the way, this is a competition belt AKA / AO Belt so here I’m using the AO belt ( blue competition belt ) so lets get started by the way this is 1st way I’ll tell you 2 ways so lets get started firstly this, we put here then we warp behind then this part we slip right here then we adjust both end of belt if too short or too long then if it was adjusted we cross both ends of belt then pull to make knot done this is 1st way, 1st look 2nd way to tie obi so Guys this 2nd way and there will be little different with 1st one firstly, find belt middle by adjust each end of belt in same position if done place belt mid section on navel this belt middle put on navel

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