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Cassius Winston | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Men’s Basketball

Cassius Winston | Spartans All-Access | Michigan State Men’s Basketball

(crowd cheering) – [Announcer #1] I think Cassius Winston might be the best point
guard in the country. – [Announcer #2] Yeah,
he’s had big moments. He’s been remarkably consistent. If we voted today, he
would probably get my vote as the player of the
year in the conference. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer #3] Winston, three. Got it! Big shot right there. Cassius Winston. – You know, the first time I saw Cassius Winston I said, “Man,
I’ve gotta get that kid. He could be the best passing guard that this place has seen
since Magic Johnson.” And I haven’t changed my opinion one bit. He’s cocky enough to be great, and humble enough to be
appreciated being great. And that’s a hard line to walk. I think he’s becoming a
better leader every day. I think he’s grown in that category. – His impact has taken
a little bit of time because, now, I think
he’s accepting the role of really being more of a vocal leader. We always knew that Cassius
can put the ball in the basket, but I think his biggest
impact is his ability to communicate with his
teammates on the court, get them in positions where
now they’re gonna be successful because he’s always been
a great offensive threat, but that next level of
leadership is starting to really come about and
I think that’s why you see Michigan State right now
as successful as they are. A lot of it leads back to, I think, that growth within Cassius Winston. (upbeat music) – [Announcer #4] Winston, behind the back, into the lane, off the glass! (crowd cheering) Showing off a little bit of everything. – I would say I’m definitely
comfortable, you know, being in the position that I am, you know, on these runs when
another team makes a run, or they’re hot or something like that. That’s just my job for
this team, you know, just to make those plays, those
momentum plays, big plays. If we’re on a run, you
know, make a play that just puts us over the hump, or
if they’re making a run just make a play that, you know, stops the bleeding a little bit. I feel like, that’s just
my role for this team. – [Announcer #5] Nice hesitation. How bout that? – [Announcer #6] Oh, boy. – [Announcer #5] Froze the defender. A little kiss! – When I think about Cassius Winston, I think about a bonafide leader. When something goes wrong,
maybe one play or two plays in a row, you don’t see
Cassius focused on himself. You see him focused on we instead of me. And that’s the kind of
leader that Cassius is. He makes big shots, he makes big plays, but, more importantly, he keeps
everybody on the same page. And there is no better
representation to have than an extension of your coach on the floor than Cassius Winston. – Well, you know, putting
a team on your back is kind of, you know,
there’s a fine line to that. Sometimes if you do it, it
means your ball-hogging. You know, what I like about him
is he can do it with a pass, he can do it with a drive,
or he can do it with a shot. And when you can do it
in three different facets of your game and areas of your
game, you know, that’s big. And now he’s even starting
to rebound the ball better, he’s starting to defend better. So he’s becoming, what I
would call, a complete player. Some guys gotta do it just by scoring. He doesn’t, and that’s
what I think separates him and makes him unique. (upbeat music) – We have a lot of
people in today’s society that love to talk, they love to talk and you don’t see any action. For Cassius, when I see him walk on the court, he is present. He’s going to be on the court. He’s going to be with you. He’s going to yell at you. He’s going to laugh with you. He’s going to embrace
this whole experience. And that’s what you need
from a guy like Cassius. If you have a name like
Cassius to begin with, I think you have pretty big shoes to fill. And there’s no doubt
about it, Cassius Winston is filling those shoes
here in East Lansing. – [Announcer #6] Winston launches. – [Announcer #5] How
bout that nice kick-out? What a threat! – [Announcer #6] Nothing
casual about Cassius now. – [Announcer #5] No. (crowd cheering) – When I think about
Michigan State, I think about their speed game, their transition game. And his decision-making
in their transition game is incredible because
you gotta make choices as you’re pushing it down the floor. Do you advance pass it? Do you keep your dribble alive? Do you change sides of the floor? Alright, where is the first look gonna be? Are you waiting for a drag screen? And he has the uncanny ability to see the defense in transition almost in slow motion and make the right play. (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) – We get out, we run on
the misses, on the makes. No matter what it is, we’re
trying to get out in transition. I look for the big over the top first, and then see if my wings are running maybe for an easy layup. After that, I just, I push, you know, diagonal to just get the defense moving and stuff like that. From there, you just make reads, you know. Just playing at the pace just makes the game so much more fun. (upbeat music) – He is a point guard
that can make the game easier for everyone else on the floor. But if needed, he can
go and get in the lane and knock down a floater. He can come off a ball
screen, and you go behind him he’s gonna knock down a three. He can look off the defender and skip it and open the floor for a three. There isn’t anything on the
floor that Cassius can’t do. – You know, it’s like a steady push. You know, I’m steady coming. I’m gonna steady try to make plays. If I miss three shots
or if I miss four shots, I just feel like I’m
gonna make the fifth one. You know what I’m saying? Or I feel like I’m gonna make a play or eventually it’s gonna break open, and that’s how I play the whole game. And so, at any point, you know,
something’s bound to happen. You know, I’m bound to hit
two or three shots in a row, or I’m bound to make some plays happen because that’s just my mindset. I keep that confidence,
I keep that, you know, that steady mindset
throughout the whole game. (crowd cheering) – It’s real simple. I mean you think about
the season he’s had, and what he’s been asked
to do, and he’s taken this basketball team that’s
dealt with injuries, and he’s put this team on his shoulders. He’s taken this basketball
team, he’s given them an energy. He’s taken this basketball team, and he’s given them great leadership. He’s giving them what they
need in that moment in time, – When you watch him play,
the command that he has on the court, his ability to
get to the basket and finish, to shoot the basketball, and
now, by protecting the ball and not turning it over,
he’s much more efficient. So when you compare him to the other top point guards in the
country, you gotta put Cassius right there at the top. – His statistics are real. His statistics impact winning. His statistics are when
the game is on the line, the ball’s gonna be in his hands, and he’s gonna make the play. – Cassius Winston is just not a guy who can score 19 points a
game, give you 8.5 assists, but he’s also a bonafide leader. And when I think about
National Player of the Year, yeah, once you get to a certain category, the numbers start to speak for themselves, but what are the tangible
attributes that somebody can bring to the table to really
help them overwhelm you when it comes time to
pick who that player is. And Cassius, his leadership
ability is something that makes him stand out beyond any other player in the game today. – I mean, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s gotta be in the conversation for National Player of
the Year, and, obviously, in my opinion, he’s the
Big 10 Player of the Year. (crowd cheers) (teammates cheer) (upbeat music)

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  1. i remember when he first came in, i wanted him to start over tum tum. He has definitely matured into a great player for sure.

  2. Cassius Winston won the big ten player of the year but lost to the final four that’s sad😂😂😂

  3. Winston is a great player and leader he has insane vision and he can lead the Spartans to championship easily next year.

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