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CeCe & Kristen Reach Their Breaking Point! | Basketball Wives

CeCe & Kristen Reach Their Breaking Point! | Basketball Wives

♪ ♪– Um… Well, guys…
[sighs] So, instead of allowing
you know, the communication to continue to be off, I want you guys to just lay it
all out on the table. Just be completely honest
with each other and hopefully… come to some kind
of resolution. To hear from Evelyn
that it wasn’t you that didn’t want me
at the wedding, that it’s Byron that does not
want me at the wedding, for that to be repeated
to somebody that you don’t even
mess with… is disgusting to me. Do you understand that I had
to tell that to Thomas? Thomas is hurt. Like, he’s not
used to this [bleep]. – I’m sorry that I brought that
up to the girls. I do apologize for that,
’cause you’re right. Now it’s coming out before he
could tell him himself, and I do apologize. You don’t have
to roll your eyes when you accept my apology. – Let me say this–there’s
a certain standard of behavior that we hold ourselves
accountable to. And if you don’t understand
that, I’m sorry to say, and I say it
with a full heart for you, you become almost
a liability. – If Byron walks in here because you have an issue
with me– – It’s not that, Kristen. He’s mad at you because
of what you said about him. – What? What part, that he doesn’t come
to see Kenzi, the truth? But that’s true.
– Okay. – I’m mad ’cause you guys
don’t [bleep] come see my kid! You live down
the [bleep] street, and y’all don’t take your ass
over to my house! – What he does–
how is it my fault? – What are you talking about?
– Wow. Why am I here?
To get ganged up on again? – No, you’re not getting
ganged up on. – It’s supposed to be
for clarification, but you can’t handle
any accountability. – No, I’m being yelled at.
– You’re yelling at us. – Hold on. Sit down.
Wait. CeCe, come back. CeCe, come back.
– Just go. Let her go. – No, go. Let her go.
– Just sit down. – Okay, tell me
what to do, then. – Just sit down. – You guys are always telling
me what to do. – We can’t have
a grown-up conversation. – Because I’m used to being
around grown-up people. – Really? So sit down and have
a grown-up conversation. – One at a time,
so no one feels ganged up on. We were doing really good
at first, okay? And I feel like,
CeCe, honestly, you raised your voice first,
and then they started yelling. – Because every time I try to
say something, they both get at me. What am I supposed to do? – We can’t move on if you’re gonna sit
in this hostile space. – They just wanted to know
your position on it. – My position to be with Byron
is to love him and take care of him,
make sure he’s okay, and to make sure he’s happy. In addition to that,
I can help him with whatever he needs with
you guys and your children. – But do you feel
that you’ve done that? – I do the best that I can. – Okay, and that’s fair.
– Granted, that’s fair. – [voice breaking]
It may not be perfect for you. – I don’t need you
to be perfect. – Don’t cry. – Nobody wants you
to be perfect. Perfect’s not real.
We just want real. – Yeah. – You know
that I don’t hate you, right?♪ ♪[voice breaking]
Like, I really just want you to understand that, ’cause this
whole [bleep] sucks.I’m frustrated
with this entire thing.
If CeCe and I cannot figure
this out, our family’s gonna be
forever broken.Either we get it together,
or we don’t.
♪ ♪– Honestly, if we didn’t care,
we wouldn’t be sitting here. We care.
That’s why we’re here. – [sniffles]
– Rome wasn’t built in a day. – Come here.♪ ♪– [laughs]♪ ♪– It’s gonna be okay.♪ ♪[laughter][hip-hop music]

100 thoughts on “CeCe & Kristen Reach Their Breaking Point! | Basketball Wives”

  1. Yea london was the first person yelling…and what does she need to be accountable for? Why doesn't she take that attitude to HER FATHER

  2. CeCe is the one that those girls ganged up on like they are fake to her and CeCe needs to separate from all of them

  3. Cece and Kristen need to leave that show. They seemed fine when they joined and suddenly this. These shows are meant for our entertainment but those people suffer on our behalf. I guess that the sacrifice for fame. ??‍♀️

  4. I feel so much for Kristine, you really should never have come into a space that doesn't have a legitimate mediator…SMH?

  5. Kristen is so boring…why she bullying Cece? She has been a snake from the beginning…this storyline is a snoozer ???

  6. I like CC Kristen is a crybaby in a snob needs to just shut up cuz at the end of the day is not even truly her biological family that she wants to go bat to bat for. That's her husband family! Why is she such the victim? I'm over her! She's beautiful tho!! Lol

  7. i'm sick of you all jumping on OC verbaully. Because physically you all would be mashed potatoes. you talk about empowering women, but you criticize OC about what she wear, her body, not having a man that want her, not being married, and having no children, Kristin ! want will you all say to OC when you hear that Byron did tell her that and said it wasn't a secret.

  8. CeCe was wrong for what she did but the other grils are some lame ass muffins for ganging up on her like that ✋✔?

  9. Okay so what is the correlation between all of them?? Are they all related to Malaysia?? I haven't watched this show in a while lol

  10. Why the hell is it Cece fault how Byron is acting. She tells Kristen these things for her and her hisband to do something about it. Yet she is being blamed for EVERYTHING

  11. If Tristen is borrowing CeCe’s clothes/shoes why doesn’t she bring her daughter with her. If the father is there the baby is in the house Bryon will see the baby. And why is she struggling with this instead of the son! His peoples his battle! I never tried to correct my husband family/ nor him mine; cause I always felt it would be accepted better by kin. Bryon complains that he feels like he has tried to reach out, so why not set up play dates or sleep overs! I’m not feeling this he has to do this, come over etc. They sound too needy. My mom and pop were way older like 70/80 when I had kids so no they weren’t running up the highway to see their grandkids and I never faulted them for that. I knew love was always there; emotionally is the father Byron there, cause if he’s not, you can’t expect him to change for the grandkids. My husband and I have step kids I would never mentioned that to anyone my nu 1 family close friends already know: no reason to state the obvious and nu 2 it isn’t anyone else’s business! That being said maybe there are underlying issue within family that need to be addressed; not with Cece but with Bryon! Leave CeCe out of it she can only control her; can make a grown man do nothing!

  12. Kristen, Malaysia, Evelyn and Shaunie are all mediocre and useless af! ??

    They tryin CC cause she Asian and expect her to weak. She’s too good for this show.

  13. OMG your problem is not with Cece it is BYRON all she does is tell them spoiled ass over grown women what he says.

  14. Malaysia u know that part is wayyyyyyy out of line and outta pocket. Kristen is such a child wanna be mean girl ugh I do t like her CeCe be in the right but can’t defend herself properly

  15. How can they blame CeCe for what goes on between Byron and his children? Just like she said her job is to take care of Byron and make him happy. The problems need to be worked out between him and his children and they need to stop putting CeCe in the middle. Maybe Kristen really needs to see that she's the main causes of some of this confusion or is she really that blind and self-absorbed. The real problem is not between Cece and Kristen it's between Byron and his children and Kristen and CeCe need to stay out of the middle of it.

  16. Kristen, Malaysia and Londen suffer from serious delusions of grandeur…saying Cece is a liability, kristen saying 'i want you to know i don't hate you', making her sit there and justify her reasons for being with byron…ugggghhhhh. This whole scene pissed me off. Cece has the patience of a thousand saints

  17. Their issue is with Byron and they refuse to come at him with the bs because they know he wouldn't allow that is, so instead they bully CeCe

  18. Jackie is now fixing the group ladies it's finally happened . Jackie has graduated to Bff status and kickass friend I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. But Kristen got to admit she was wrong for calling them bad grandparents.. I believe byron not cece.. at the golf course Byron said he call and never get no where he stop….. that not bad grandparents.. like Byron side everybody did something wrong

  20. Kristen talked shout Bryon first. How come she ain't go to him hmm? And London yelled at CeCe first! Y'all can't blame her for what her husband does. They clearly don't wanna deal with the bullshit.

  21. You can say what you want. Kristen is a very very beautiful brown skin woman. And OG had no business telling that secret.

  22. I should a tear I don’t know if it’s because I’m on my. But I did like the fact that they hugged it out

  23. What CeCe does behind closed doors they don't know she probably whispers in Byron ears and men fools they're will listen to the woman who shares their bed! CeCe is a Sly dog!don't trust her she's trying with the fake caring personality!

  24. I dont watch this show, I don't know any of the storylines. But one thing I do know is that the eyes are the windows to a soul. And that woman….cici has a pure heart of gold. You can see it. God bless her and her family man. Too much drama.

  25. They wanted to break CeCe. They got what they wanted. Byron is a grown man he's going to make his own choices regardless of what that woman says

  26. These girls are so condesending. Cece seems like she walked into a very dyfunctional family and they won't let her hlelp.

  27. Malaysia was my fav up until now. If u can't be fair, stay out. Its OK for Bryon's kids to feel some way about Cece becos she is taking their mom's place and changing the family structure they have known all their lives BUT these kids are adults so they need to stop making Cece's life a living hell. Kiss Ass Kristen needs to know that your parent-inlaw's feelings are as and if not important than your partner becos they can make or break your relationship..and in this situation, Kristen made sure to break the relationship not just with herself but also a father/son relationship. She started this by saying on camera that she and Cece are not friends while Cece all along felt they were real friends until she heard it on camera the first time. Kristen is a bad woman in general.

  28. KRISTEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!! Like seriously how is this not made known already? Real talk I'm really starting to question this family's sense of awareness with the exception of CeCe. I mean ya'll can't be this obtuse about where the issues are truly coming from so I'm just going to take it as you ladies need someone to blame for the mess KRISTEN caused so y'all are just going to put it on CeCe because owning your faults is obviously to big of an obstacle to just ridiculous..all for these cameras. CeCe don't worry we see what it is boo.

  29. Here’s the problem Cece man is the one with the money Kristen and her husband is using this hold grandchild thing to stay connected with the money when it comes to these grown children the daughter and step son there grown there going for Cece because if they come directly face to face for him there done leave Cece alone go to him he appears to be a strong man and if they keep going after his lady it’s going to be a wrap for everybody.

  30. ???KRISTENNNNNN… let it go bihhh… if it's such a problem why not just go to her father in law and address the actual issue. Instead I feel like she keep tryna shove guilt down cece throat.

  31. What is this weird gaslighting thing they are trying to pull… How is it her fault (He) doesn't want to deal with (His) family… I have not seen them confront him at all .. it's like these girls are retarded…. It's weird

  32. she just pointed out that byron said he didn’t want her at the wedding , but yet kristen blames cece? lord , bitter much ?! who is that extra girl trynna get camera time ? why are they talking to the fiancé and not the FATHER ?! i’m hella confused

  33. Londen yelled first. I don’t understand why they keep blaming Cece for Byron’s actions. Byron is a grown ass man. Grown ass man. They need to bring their problems to Byron and talk to him not just push everything on Cece.

  34. Thats beautiful I pray they truly try to be a family now …That dammm OG will try to ruin Evelyn gonna half to beat her ass lol

  35. Why is it her fault that he doesn't want to see his kids, plus he told Fakeasia that Thomas and Kristin dont call to let him see that baby! Wtf ever, shes the weakest link so they try her, cause Byron will cuss them TF out!!!!!

  36. If they don't leave this woman alone and sort the mess out with there pops/father-in-law/cousin. ALWAYS BLAMING THE WOMAN!!!

  37. Can’t blame cece for the husbands fault and what he does not what he want to …she wants to blame someone and it’s not fair to blame cece you do not know what happens behind close doors

  38. Kristen is disgusted about CeCe talking to Evelyn all the while she has sang like a canary behind cece's back to be a part of the gang. We see through you girl.

  39. Whoa they crazy… I get where cc is coming from…she is in no way responsible for how her man reacts towards his kids/family…they are all adults in this situation they need to address the real source of this breakdown ….TF

  40. Shoot, she can't take the child to their house to see them. Gurl, she can tell him all day to go see the grand baby but if he won't go you can't blame her.

  41. My first time seeing this… Kristen stupid FAKE! And the daaughter is SOOOO "aggressive" when first speaking to Cece. This show is a DUD

  42. I'm sorry to say this, but there is a damn reason why majority of viewers dislike Kristen and like CeCe better. Team CeCe

  43. Londen really wanted to take this as her chance to catch herself a recurring role on the show. Sorry it didn't work out, girl

  44. Kristen makes it seem like Thomas gets emotional when they talk about Byron but I think Thomas doesn't care what these ladies are saying lol. It's all Kristen

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