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CeCe Refuses to Own Her Shade ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

CeCe Refuses to Own Her Shade ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

– Let me ask you
something else. Did you say we don’t
work around here or something to that nature? – Not that I know of. – She’s talking about outside the whip party. When you and I were
talking by ourselves. And you were like
“do I come to your job Kristen or Evelyn’s job. – What do they do?
You know what. – Do this inside.
– Let’s go to work. Let’s go to Evelyn’s place
of business. Let’s go to Jen’s place
of business. Let’s have a day at their work. So it was basically
like y’all bitches don’t work. – Did I say that though?
Did I say that? I didn’t say that.
First of all I never said that no one else in the group
works or doesn’t work. And if Evelyn knows about
this private conversation that I had with Kristen
that means Kristen told her
and that’s shady. Kristen you are stabbing me
in the back like always. I didn’t sit there
and say nobody does anything and I’m the only one
that works around here. That’s bull(bleep).
– You know what. If you think that the ladies
lay around all day why do we care what her opinion
is to be honest. Let Cici think what she wants. If that’s what she thinks
because in one moment she said that’s not
what she thinks. We don’t know
what the hell she thinks. Will we ever know
with Cici thinks. ‘Cause it kind of just does this
the whole time we talk to her. And I’m dizzy. – Sometimes you just have
to listen to what you say and then don’t take it offensive like she’s saying
you offended her and just say Ok I apologize or I
don’t you know what saying because you just said
I don’t go to your job and (bleep) up your (bleep). Why don’t I come to your job
and see what you do. That’s like that’s a dig. (bleep) throw shade all the time
it’s fine just you know it’s like
at that point just own it and then we can move on.
And I would. But I’m not trying to say
that nobody works. That’s ridiculous. So let me ask you
one last thing. So I heard you have a new name
for me, what is it? Oh it’s not a new name.
– Well what is it? Tweedle dumb and Tweedle dumber. Ok well what is your
(bleep) issue? Jennifer made the joke about
the happy ending or whatever and then we moved
(bleep). – I’m not going to do
the funky two step. It’s just the same story
over and over again. – Girl keep the funky two step
because nobody says that shit. Did you funky two step again?
I told you don’t do that. She’s funky two stepping.
Not me. I don’t do that. I don’t know what Cici’s
(bleep) problem is you know going around
making comments calling Jennifer and I
Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumb. It’s like girl
I don’t even talk about you but if you’re going to say
something like say it to me. You know I’m always hearing
that she’s saying things. So it’s like, what’s up? – My thing is keep my name out.
Because I don’t talk about you. I don’t talk about you.
You’re not a nice. I’ve been nice to you
since day one. I cut you the (bleep)
off when you being fake. What are you talking about?
You think everybody’s fake. No you are.
You’re an instigator. You’re always mad at somebody. You randomly wanted
to bring that (bleep) up so now
we have a problem. I randomly wanted
to bring (bleep) up. You are continuing
the sitation. You always have
a problem Evilyn. No I have a problem with you.
I have a problem with you Lili. What’s Lili.
The nail shop girl. So it’s racist. She’s racist.
You can’t call this woman Lili. You can’t do that.
It’s just so many levels wrong. How am I evil? You never even gave me
a chance to get to know me. I gave you a chance.
Yep, you want to call me Evilyn I’m going to
call you some (bleep). – I’m calling you Evilyn
because you evil. Evelyn is really showing me what kind of a mean
and nasty girl she is. To call somebody names
just because of their race or where they’re from. It really shows disgusting
she is.

100 thoughts on “CeCe Refuses to Own Her Shade ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives”

  1. CeCe is living the best life, she got money, career and the man that love her…she’s beautiful and successful…On the other hand ??Kristen is nothing and so desperate and jealous and it show with that smirk ? evil smile ??

  2. Cc is so smart I love it. But I can tell she too is crazy if she has to get there. That’s why these women never laid a hand on her. Cause they know she’ll whoop ass

  3. I heard the trim is leng Leng Not lee lee.. lol
    They also say may leng it’s like saying one word. Evelyn is funny.

  4. Kristen shut your slithering ass up!. Evelyn you do talk about Cece. Yall are frfr mean grown ass ladies. And most of you including Shaunie. She throws the rock then hides her ? hand…

  5. i hate Evelyn for making the Lele comment. Seriousley, how does a woman of color whom probably herself have gone through racism say sotuff like that? wtf

  6. If Shaunie reads these comments she won’t let Cece and OG come back next season because those two women really hi-light how petty, mean-spirited, and ignorant the the rest of them are. Kristen is so fake… Malaysia is dumb and has no loyalty to family… and Shaunie’s head is so far up Evelyn’s ass… this season has really shown how empty these women are… love Cece and OG though

  7. Then they're dumb enough to believe it. Like dude you HEARD it from someone else, Not the source. But that's what you get for running your mouth to a chatter box, who make it their job to go and tell a discussion. However the receiver shouldn't be that dumb. Can't talk to any and everyone. Thank god I choose not to deal w/ crap people like that. And the name calling/ tit for tat ? no one can take what they dish out. Wrong is wrong there is no extreme.

  8. Evilyn likes to make jokes about everyone Tami's walk, OG toes, Jackie and on it goes but does not want anyone to make jokes about her B!#(H bye!!!! Hypocrite!

  9. Damn, Kristin been backstabbing CeCe since the beginning. What a snake. Interesting how Malaysia talks about family yet she let this BS happen without checking Kristin. I guess family does not mean as much as she claims it does.

  10. Everyone being so f**** sensitive she called the girl Lily because she called her evil Lyn so you can't get mad that she blew your f**** head off because you threw a rock at her you started it CC You're Not Innocent

  11. Pay attention to Kristen and notice how she had a slight grin on her face when she was explaining to CeCe what she had told the ladies what she had said. Kristen was eating this up big time. She couldn't wait to flip the script on CeCe. She has serious ill will towards CeCe and wanted to throw her under the bus the first chance she got..smh..all for what, to be at the mean girl table?? Wow Kristen we ? you.

  12. Vh1 is disgusting for giving this racist BS a pass. First stereotyping Cece as someone who gives happy endings, then referring to her as the nail shop lady is racist!!

  13. Evilyn can talk and joked about OG’s toe and called her “toegie” but no one can joke about her calling her “names” but she can do it to everyone else!

  14. Why is Shaunie defending this? Your friend literally said this woman give happy endings at her job. Malaysia defending this

  15. "Kristen, you're stabbing me in the back like always"

    One year later and no one else is going to call her on her bullshit? Her spirit is as ugly as her facelifted mug is. And the only thing further apart than her titties are her relationship with what she says and the truth.

  16. The biggest fake person on there is Shaunie like f*** off you tried to act like you're some piece maker but you so evil I just need someone to push you in the face ?

  17. Lmao soo what she kept calling Evelyn names and get mad when she called her a name back. I knw This old hoe knw better. Ya mama never taught u "if u cant take no lick dnt pass one" ? so oh well be mad ling ling

  18. I forhot abput Kristen lies were like. ???Kristin is a SNAKE….
    She said "She's talking about outside ….when you AND I was talking ALONE. Kristin talks too MUCH.


  20. its funny how Shaunie is saying "You can't call her that but seems like she actually laughing at what Evelyn said.. like seriously shaunie..

  21. Kristen is a followers and if she said it so what they talk about everybody this is why Bryon DNT do with her I wish they come back

  22. Name calling is strictly name calling. Grow up ladies and if you can't take the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen.

    If you're going to dish it first, be strong enough to take it and stop being so darn sensitive to everything. Are you really going to let some dumb comment from CeCe or from Evelyn really affect your life? Please, sticks and stones.

  23. Look at how shaunie fake ass thought that was funny but had it been OG it would have been an issue and she would have her kicked off the show. Brandi was right everybody

  24. This scene is the very moment where everything went wrong. The moment Kristin told the opinions of her friend CeCe was the start

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