Champions League no Dream League Soccer 2020

One more video for the channel,
you asked a lot, so I decided to bring to
you the UEFA Champions League, I will bring in the 2020 game version, because the current version is very
outdated and crashes the Online mode too much, I want to show all games
from the championship to my audience, the UEFA Champions League
doesn’t turn into the game, I will create her, I will edit,
choose the participants, I will choose the teams, and I will show you
the championship rules, but before continuing with the
video I want to talk to you if you like the channel, don’t forget to leave
your liked in the video, subscribe to the channel
and enable notifications, my instagram will be
in the description for you, follow me there, this championship only
happened at DLS 2020, I’m warning you before that
I can organize the championship, there will be 32 teams, these teams will be divided
in 4 teams per group, in total there will be 8 groups
with 4 teams each, in the championship will not have
repeated players, won’t have messi and cristiano
Ronaldo in all teams, all teams in the game
will be original teams, all teams will have
your original players, I will ride Borussia
and Bayern München, I will raffle them to the chosen ones, possibly won’t have
modified players, the players will be with
your original skills, who is drawn and fall
with Barcelona or Real Madrid, will have an advantage over
teams that are weak, I’m thinking of doing like this
but changes may occur, the players will have
your normal skills, we will have the championship scorers, since there will be no repeat players
all goals will be scored by me, you can make 4 kicks
long in matches, 2 kicks long for each play time, if you exceed these
4 kicks and scores, this goal will be annulled, I will prioritize a lot
the ball pass, so not to be
playing only in the kick, I will limit it, who fight, swear or argue,
will be excluded from the championship, will be deleted without warning, the winner will win a
prize that I won’t reveal, the championship had taken place during
2 months to be well worked, I will post 2 videos by
week about the championship, I will choose 2 days a week
and post the championship rounds, I will show all the goals, I will show the
representatives of each team, I will just post the championship
after taking 1 month to edit, I want to edit the championship on
best quality possible, if the championship works,
I will make a Cup with 64 teams, will be 64 different players, these are the rules, now I will show how
you will participate, the players will be
selected by the channel, every video of mine will
a code appears below, this code will appear in the video, the first one to get this code and send me on instagram
will be the selected, I will test the internet
of all selected, internet that are crashing
I will not go to the championship, I need players
with good internet, because many matches
will go to my channel, and matches crashing
make the video boring, so I will select
each of the players, I will use one code per video,
to only get channel subscribers, there are a lot of people that
accompanies a long time, and never had a chance
to play with me, so that would be a
great opportunity, when they see the code in
video send me on instagram, the chosen one I will put
in my WhatsApp group, this will be the championship what I will do, this will be the best
championship between registrants, dls channel I believe
that this is the best, there are championships
in very good groups, but I will try anyway
make this one for you, this is a formula
of the canal grow, and also to give
you with something, I hope you like it, God bless life
from each of you, until the next video and
God be with me, I went.

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