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Chaos Backstage! Dancers Take On First NBA Performance

Chaos Backstage! Dancers Take On First NBA Performance

>>So, we’re
at our first Wizdom performance.>>Crowd: Wizdom!>>The best-case scenario
is they go out and kill it.>>I’m pumped, I’m ready to put
everything down on the floor. Ah, I’m so excited.>>Worst case
is it turns into a train wreck.>>I just
pray I remember all the steps. [Road to Wizdom] [Wizdom Practice Studio, Washington, D.C.] (music playing)>>One, two, three, go!>>Crowd: Woo! [1 week to first performance]>>We’re back at
the gym, and this is our last practice
before our first performance. Five, six, seven. [RECORD SCRATCHES]>>Stop real quick. You can’t overshoot. You’re
going to mess up the whole formation. We’ve got to get down
to business. It’s getting real. So, whatever issues are going
on, whatever needs to be cleaned has to be done today, because
we’ve got to put on a great show. Period. You’ve got
to walk up and back together.>>Chris: For me, because I’m in
the front, everybody’s actually lined up off of me. If I start in the wrong place,
that throws everybody else off. So I have to make sure that
I get at the right place at the very beginning.>>Now, when they’re walking
up, make sure you don’t walk up. Because
they’re walking up to you. Six, seven, eight. [CHANTING]>>Go back.>>Jeanne: Formations
are harder than people think. You’re
constantly having to>>–Guide.>>–peripherally look.>>Janet: And they’re fast, so
you’re thinking about the next step,
but it’s happening quickly. Makes it a little difficult.>>The formations have been
set and the routine was clean. Then I was out for surgery. And as I’m looking at it, I’m
seeing a couple of things that need a little bit of polishing. Make all those
really big and strong. Miss Robyn, you’re right
next to Chris in that window. Now something,
somebody’s confused. When you apply formations, you
have to kind of change things. You’re right behind Cindy. Yep.>>Taunya: Just when you think
you’ve got the routine one way and then you inject something
new, then it’s a little challenging.>>Seven, stop. All right, so listen up.
You’re going back to where you came from. Yep, come back. I’m seeing some concerned
looks when I’m making these last-minute tweaks. And I can see the concern on
Miss Vivian’s face, because she is struggling with some of the
pace of the movement, and then just some of the timing overall.>>Vivian: It’s hard to practice
alone because, I mean, what do I do?>>I won’t be able to do it
tomorrow, but I can do Friday.>>I know that they set up some
time for her to practice with Chris and Taunya prior to
the performance, which is great.>>Memorize that part.>>I’m holding them to the
same standards as I do my Wizard dancers. Try that again. You are treated
like a professional. Fix it. Pick your heads up. Your arms stay straight. Step first, clap second.>>Do we have
a mark to go to on the outside?>>Yes … ish.>>OK. Ish!>>Yes. I’m working on trying to get
you all some time on the court.>>Theresa: So,
we haven’t been on the court.>>Cindy: When we
get more space —>>Theresa: — and we haven’t been in our new shoes,
or our new outfits, so this ought to be fun!>>Cindy: And there’s going to be lights and there’s going to be an audience. Oh my!>>Be confident. Trust in yourselves. If you all just keep practicing,
keep practicing, keep practicing. (music playing)>>It’s right before our first
performance and I’m getting a little nervous.>>I am a hot mess.>>This is my home workout
studio, so I can just take off all the nervousness
by practicing myself to death. (music playing)>>I think I’ve
got it backwards. I’ve got to review my notes.>>Now I’m forgetting the steps. Oh, my lord.>>Right behind me, you can get
an idea that this is my living room. And this is where I rehearse
every day to make sure that when I hit that
floor, that I have it going on. (music playing)>>Wish me luck.>>I’ll see you on the court. [Night of first performance]>>So, we are in the Capital One Arena getting
ready for our Wizdom debut.>>We’re ready.>>That’s right.>>Are they ready for us?>>Crowd: Yeah. Woo.>>Woo.>>We’re going to rehearse with
them, give them their uniforms, give them their shoes, and just
make sure that they’re ready to come out and have
a successful performance today.>>Crowd: [CHANTING]
Let’s go, Wizdom, let’s go! [CLAP, CLAP] Let’s go, Wizdom, let’s go! [CLAP, CLAP]>>Everyone comes in, and
then stuff starts to turn left. All right, so listen up.
Since you all can’t have court practice — [DRUMS] We can’t
get on the court, so their first time performing is going to be —
stop — when they perform — back to where you are, move over. No spacing, no practice,
never danced on a court before. Go back to your spot. That’s issue number one. So, we rehearse
in the back, on the concrete. Hold eight, I said hold. Miss
Vivian, you’re on the outside of her, and Miss Andrea, you’re
on the outside of Miss Vivian. Issue number two, someone’s
shoes are the wrong size. Issue number three, someone’s
jacket is the wrong size. We can’t go get it right now. It’s just issue on top of issue
on top of issue, and I’m still worried
about these tricks at the end. Please don’t them get injured. Chris, are you going to be good
doing that without rehearsing it?>>Chris: Sharon and I, we have a big move,
which is the flip, and so what happens is, because we haven’t
practiced with it in a large area, I’m not sure exactly
where I’m going to land at. And I want to
make sure I don’t flip on her.>>Whether they can pull it off
is anyone’s guess, but doggonit, they better. [LAUGHS] You can go up to 421
[1 hour to Wizdom debut] and watch from up
there for a little while. We’ll come and get you guys when
it’s seven minutes left in the second quarter. (music playing) From the
moment our fans walk into the door, we want them to be entertained from start to finish. (music playing)>>Ya’ll, come on! [10 minutes to
Wizdom debut] Let’s go! I ain’t got time. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Did somebody find Chris? Next thing
I know, we can’t find Chris.>>I called him. Twice. Where in the hell did he go? He might be with his family.>>I can’t deal, I can’t
deal, I can’t deal with ya’ll. We’re missing Chris. We don’t know where he’s at, but
when I see him, it’s not going to be pretty.>>Hey Chris! We were a little worried. A little worried.>>When I came back to the
dressing room, I didn’t see any of the dancers. I was like,
“Oh my God, where are they?” So I was walking around totally
like, “I don’t know what’s going on.” (music playing) [CHEERING]>>That’s right, that was great. Ya’ll are ready. All right, so
let’s get our little pep talk. So listen:
Do what you love to do. Dance and have fun. I told them, “You are
breaking barriers and crashing stereotypes.” Go
out here and make history, OK? [CHEERING]>>Wizdom on three. One, two, three, Wizdom! [CHEERING] (music playing)>>If you make the team, what
are you going to say to yourself before your first NBA game?>>The day of our first
performance, I would say to myself, “I’m in the NBA at 60 years old. This is great!”>>If I make the
team, the only thing will be on my mind would be, “Lord, please
don’t let me forget the steps!”>>I would definitely just
encourage myself to go out, do your best and just
enjoy yourself to the fullest.>>I would say a prayer to myself
and I would just ask God to give me the strength to go out on the
court and be an inspiration to everyone. (music playing)>>Tonight is my mom’s
first performance, and I’m super excited! She’s always been my biggest
cheerleader my whole life, and it’s finally my turn to return
the favor and be her biggest cheerleader
and be there for her.>>My nana, Lulu, she’s about
to perform on the court, and I’m very proud
and I’m excited to watch her. Me and Nini, who is Vivian
on the team, actually drove in together. I did her makeup and her hair,
and I made her watch the video a few times
just so she can remember it.>>In the back of my mind, I’m
thinking: Will Chris land on Sharon’s
head in front of 20,000 people? Please, God,
let these formations look right. Let them be confident and
do what it is that they’ve been called to do.>>I’m feeling
so … almost like the best day of my life. Both my parents are gone, and
so, as I’m out there dancing, it’s like, OK, it won’t just
be me dancing but it’s like I’m dancing
for my mother and my father. [CHEERING]>>Here we go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!>>Ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome to the court the Wizdom! (music playing)>>Miss Vivian is on beat! When they showed her on the
Jumbotron, everyone is like, “Oh my God, look at her! She is amazing!” And she was
like the star in that moment.>>It was amazing! I was so excited! We
showed them what 50 looks like. (music playing)>>I still can’t
believe this is happening to me. (music playing)>>When the Tootsie Roll
dropped, everybody lost it in here.>>I actually made eye contact
with a few people, and they were rocking out. (music playing) [CHEERING]>>They nailed it. The crowd literally is going
bananas like we won the game. (music playing)>>People were high-fiving us. I just felt like a celebrity. (music playing)>>They knocked it
out of the park. Their hard work paid off,
especially with me being injured and what we had to go through to
get to that first performance, it proves that this is right. The Wizdom are
here and we ain’t going nowhere.>>Wizdom! [CHEERING] The crowd was just so hyped to see a wise group getting ready to kill the scene. And I was just like,
“Yeah! That’s my dad, that’s my dad!” The performance, it was right on. I mean, it was perfect. And that just gave me high hopes
to do that when I’m 50 years old.
>>All of us. Yes. Yes.
>>I feel I could continue to do this for like, forever. And as always, subscribe to AARP’s YouTube channel.

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  1. We hope you enjoyed "Road to Wizdom"! Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more entertaining and inspiring series, celebrating people living their best lives after 50!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! As a soon to be 50 yr.old also a lover of music & dance , I am moved to TEARS!!! Remembering the days prior to my car accident when I would dance until my legs would ache (literally). I will CONTINUE to watch & cheer for you all. Sending love & hugs to you all!!

  3. Makes me want to attend a Washington Wizards basketball game! Yes, breaking barriers. Yes, making history. And, yes, having fun. May it continue!

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