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Charm La’Donna’s Top 36 Cheerleaders #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Charm La’Donna’s Top 36 Cheerleaders #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

♪ Give it to me ♪ (upbeat dance music) – Ah. Meredith is just off. (upbeat dance music) What’s happening? ♪ Baby, baby, I’ve been waiting
for the one to blow my mind ♪ This last group is weak. ♪ Baby, maybe you can get
it if you got that thang ♪ ♪ Play one on one with that sax ♪ (applause) How long have you guys
been doing this routine? – [Cheerleaders] Two weeks, two weeks. – [Charm] Two weeks? This is why I’m really confused on why we’re still messing up. To me, that’s not a good sign. – We got a correction. It took me back a little
bit, but it’s honesty. It just pushes me harder. – [Charm] Thank you, ladies. Thank you. Meredith is just slow and off. – You’re just unsure
of yourself, you know? But you have it, and that’s something, it’s just a mental thing. – Yeah, thank you. – I take nothing for granted. I worked really hard to get to where I am. When I see ladies who have it, but they’re not showing that spark, it kind of boils in me. This is a battle, 36 slots. There’s really no time for error. – [Kelli] Okay, so
Charm, we have 43 ladies in training camp. Ultimately, we need a squad of 36. I’m going to give you 36 dots that represent your vote,
if you had the Charm Squad. – [Charm] Okay, okay, here we go. Watch this. Victoria is a yes. Amanda for sure. Lisa’s a yes. – [Judy] Taylor– – [Charm] Oh, Taylor! I’m going to give Taylor two stickers. The new girls are just
hungry and they want it. So they’re dancing, they’re dancing. Okay, this is when it gets real. These are strong no’s. Meredith, Lauren, Bret,
Kristin, Madeline, strong no’s. And Madeline’s only a strong no because I don’t think she’s ready, like next year, I think
she would come and be fire. – [Kelli] Yeah, it’s not power yet. – Oh, a hundred percent. Now I have one with three. Alexandra, Shaina, Kat. Hmm, I don’t know. – Alexandra, this is her
fifth year of trying out, so we know she’s determined, dedicated. – That’s what I’m thinking, I’m like, “Oh my God, Alexandra, five years.” I just want to be like, “Girl, girl.” And then I’m like, “Shaina, oh my gosh, “this red hair, these curves.” – [Judy] I thought Shaina had appeal. – [Charm] And then I’m like,
“Kat, you’re beautiful,” but I don’t just want
to be that’s the reason why I’m saying yes. – Oh, I know. – Dance level-wise, they’re
all to me on the same plane, which wasn’t my top squad. So do I have to give this sticker? (electronic music building) – [Kelli] Mm-hmm. – Well, Kat is the one, she
better pull the (silence) up. It’s Kat. – Write it down, you get to tell her that. (crosstalk) – Tell Kat to pull the
(makes F noise) up, period. I’m going to give Kat a vote for my top 36 because I believe in her. Shaina, you gotta go, boo. – I’m exhausted. – Judy and I now have some
tough decisions to make and we will be calling ladies in tomorrow. – Kat better not let me down.

11 thoughts on “Charm La’Donna’s Top 36 Cheerleaders #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. am i the only one who doesn't like Kat? something about her personality, it just doesn't fit DCC to me.

    AND KRISTEN HAS IMPROVED SINCE LAST TIME! i don't want to see her get cut again, she's my favorite person like ever!

  2. I,cover Dallas Cowboys. I'm personally involved with certain cheerleaders in 5he fact they love the Camera. All 36 girl's have heart. If they played football most likely would win the superbowl. One time ran into Maddie on the sideline bouncing of her asking her whose more manly we both giggled.

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