Cheap vs Expensive Food Challenge | Taylor & Vanessa

– A is the expensive one. – [Mom] B. – Wait! What? – [Mom] It’s A. – What? No!
– (Clapping) Yes! (happy drum music) – [Both] Hey guys – It’s Taylor – And Vanessa and today
we’re gonna be doing the Expensive vs. Cheap Food Challenge. – It’s pretty self explanatory. We’re gonna have cheap food and we’re also gonna have expensive food so pretty much we’re gonna figure out if we have bougie taste. Like do we have expensive tastes? – I don’t know. I’m a very picky eater
so maybe I have like– – You think so? – My taste buds something.
– We eat McDonald’s but then we also eat like
Melting Pot and Ruth Chris. – So maybe we could tell the difference ’cause we had both. – Oh maybe true. Experience maybe will help us, all right. – But if you’re new to our channel. Welcome and please hit
that subscribe button to be part of the Taynessa Squad. – And if you guys like this video please gives a thumbs up. Also make sure you guys
subscribe to our other channels. Nessa Grace, Totally Taylor and our vlog channel Tay & Ness Vlogs. – Well let’s get on with the video. – All right (clapping) Round 1. (clapping) – All right so first
round it’s Froot Loops. – Woop woop. – I don’t know when’s the last
time I ever had Froot Loops so I have no clue.
– Me either. – People who probably
have eaten Froot Loops like a lot probably
already know the difference because you can kind
of tell the difference by looking at them. – Yeah there’s definitely a big difference but I don’t know what kind of difference. – Like they’re bigger and then the other one’s brighter but like which one’s better? We’re gonna use our senses now. We’re gonna smell them, taste them. – Okay. – ‘Cause if it smells like a Froot Loop it’s Froot Loop. This one doesn’t really have a smell. – That one has a very strong smell. – Oh wow! Hello.
– And that has no smell. – Okay but like what if that’s bad? Like what if a smell is bad? – I don’t know. Okay I’m gonna, I’ll try this one. – All right I’ll try this one. I’m gonna have two. (crunch) All right this has a taste.
– Yeah. – It’s a good taste. – I like it. – Yup. – Mmm. (crunch) These taste the same but they’re bigger. I don’t know, they’re tricking us. What do you think? What are you guessing? All right we’re both going to go with – [Both] B! – For the expensive one. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think that was the expensive one. – [Mom] Yes that was the expensive one. – Woooo!
– Yes! (crowd cheering) – I thought of the food dye because I knew food dye could be more expensive in food. – So I think what was pretty obvious these were definitely brighter
– Yes. – and also they smell more. – This one didn’t really have a smell and I knew Froot Loops
had a very strong smell. – Oh you do from like past experiences? – Yeah. – They do they really
have a really strong– I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Like what if this uses more
chemicals than that one? – I don’t know maybe– – Maybe the cheap ones better. I’m scurred. All right guys Round 2 is Pop Tarts. – These ones are really obvious. – They definitely have
a really big difference and we’ve had Pop Tarts before. – Yeah. – So we’re Pop Tarts expertise. I guess we can try ’em. – I wanna try this one. Actually kinda scared of this one. – All right let’s pull it apart. I actually love toasting mine. That’s the only way I can eat them. – I hate toasting mine. – And this isn’t toasted so I’m scurred. – Let’s look at the difference inside. – They look the same. – They look the exact same. – Honestly though we could also figure out if you could save money like if they taste the same
– Here let me smell this one. – like why not buy the cheaper one? – This smells like they
used the Hershey chocolate. – True! – Yeah like the Hershey syrup. – Yeah that’s what it tastes, smells like. – All right all right
I’m going to try ’em. Oh this is really good. I’m down for this. – It’s good. – This one’s also thicker. Maybe because you have more in it. – They taste the same. – Okay. They taste a little bit different. It tastes a little bit
more like Hershey’s syrup – Oh yeah. – Yeah I think this one
tastes a little bit more like Hershey’s syrup and that one kinda tastes more
like just regular chocolate. – Yeah, true true. – But honestly they do taste really close. – They do. – So like saving money
pick the cheaper one. – Yeah it looks like it’s–
– However we both know which one’s the cheaper
one so like we should already make our choice here. We think A is the expensive one and B is the cheap one. But They taste pretty much the same. – They do. – So why not get the cheap one? – True. – Wait are we right though? Let’s see if we’re right what if we’re wrong? – [Moderator] A is the expensive one. – [Both] Yes!
(audience cheering) – All right we’re doing good. – I know.
– I feel good. What’s what are we doing I’m scared. – Turkey! (imitates a turkey) – Wait do it again, do it again. – Snail! – No! What if that happens? Like what if–
– Turkey Snail. – (disgusted sound) Round 3 we are getting harder this is Sprites. – I don’t tell the difference at all. – Yeah no this looks
literally the exact same so hopefully the taste and the smell will give it away. All right I think I’m gonna try A first. Smells like Sprite I actually hate Sprite. I hate sprite.
– Cheers. – I don’t know the last
time I drank Sprite. (slurp) I don’t know it tastes like bubbly water with a little bit of lime in it. This one smells a little
bit different. (slurp) – I think I have my guess. – This one tastes a
little bit different too. That one has a little
bit more flavor in it. – Guys this is so hard. – This one has more flavor in it but I feel like this one is
more like bubbly you know? – Yeah. – I have no clue. Like I don’t know the
last time I’ve had Sprite. All right I’m going to guess first ’cause you probably
already have your answer in so I’m gonna guess first
from the non-Sprite drinker– – Non-Sprite Drinker. – I’m gonna say A for expensive. – I think B for expensive. – Oh my gosh we’re going
separate this time! Okay we have separate answers. – [Mom] A is the expensive one. – What!
– Oh my gosh! – No!
– You’re the Sprite drinker! – (deep distortion) No! – Do you think the cheap is better is that why you picked it? – I didn’t like either actually. – What? – No I’ve had better Sprite. – I though B was better but I picked A because of the more bubbles. So maybe we should start
buying the cheaper one. – Maybe. – You may not like Sprite anymore. – I do like Sprite but I don’t like that Sprite. I like Fountain Sprite. – All right you guys
let’s move on to Round 4. All right we got Cheetos for Round 4. This is getting harder and harder. (static) Great Start Vanessa. We got Cheetos for Round 4 and it’s literally
getting harder and harder ’cause like look at these Cheetos they look the exact– Don’t get your Cheeto
dust on my Cheeto dust. – Oh. – One of them is cheap you can’t put the cheap
dust on the expensive dust. So I’m going to go ahead
and take a bite of A. All right here we go. – I’m taking a bite of B. (munching) – Mmm that tastes really good. – That tastes like a Cheeto. – That tastes like a Cheeto! – That tasted like a Chee–
– One of– This tastes like an expensive Cheeto. – This tastes like an
expensive Cheeto too. – Well one of us is wrong. Mmm. Oh that’s hard. – That’s really hard. – But I think I have my guess. Just by a little bit
difference in the taste I think I got it. – Yeah, ready? 3, 2, 1 – B. – A! – I think B is the expensive one. – I think A.
– She’s over here slaying the game. All right let’s see which of us is wrong. – [Moderator] The expensive one is in B. – Oooooooh!
– No! – Vanessa girl what’s going on over there. – I’m embarrassed. – I could tell by the aftertaste and also they were a
little bit more crunchy. – Well. – I just know my Cheetos
so well from eating So many flaming hot Cheetos.
– Sad boy hours. I’m just gonna go leave now. – Right now she’s like two to four. I’m over here four to four. Like I am slaying the game. Maybe you’re just not so bougie maybe I’m the bougie one. All right guys let’s move
on to the next round. All right we got gummy worms for Round 5. They are a little bit different like one’s definitely
bigger than the other – Longer. (static)
– Yeah well mine’s cuter. All right so there’s
definitely some differences let’s look at the face of it. My face is like–
– Where’s the face? – Mine’s really deformed but it’s cute! – Mine’s deformed too. I never knew there was a
face on gummy worms what? – They’re worms of
course they have a face. – I didn’t know that I just thought they were like this long wormy thing. – All right let’s give it a taste. – Oh yeah mine’s good. – Mine’s good mine too. – It’s a good old– It’s not very tough to chew. It’s in between of that soft and like kind of hard to chew.
– Same. – B is a good one. – A is a good one. – Yeah but remember last time? All right now we got a big gummy worm. – Are you ready? – Oh but this one kind of
has a little snap in it. These gummy worms are hard man. Look how stretchy they are. They’re a good old stretch. – Let me see how stretchy these are. Oh these are not stretchy. But these are very stretchy. – And I love Stretchy gummy bears. All right Vanessa these
kind of are different. Honestly we still have no clue. Maybe the expensive gummies
aren’t supposed to stretch? – Maybe not. – Ooh. All right. You ready? I think that B is the expensive one. – I think A is the expensive one. Which one well I’m confident. – I’m confident! – No I’m like confident. – Oh all right. – Which one Mom? – [Mom] B. (both scream) – I picked B! – Wait. What? (deep distorted) No! These are the expensive ones! I eat these all the time. What? No I think this is a lie. I want a recount. – Maybe you’re just used
to eating cheap gummies. – No These are the expensive–
– Like Vanessa – Don’t let people call you cheap you’re expensive gummy worms. – It was like $1 for
a huge bag of that so. Like this is 1 cent of one Gummy Worm. – I was so confident guys. – I know you were like, “I am
so confident and this is it” and I’m like, “that’s
what you said last time.” All right.
– No uh. – It’s two to five. I have that expensive taste. I got that bougie taste. – Oh god. – Round 6 we got Cheez-Its so we got they both look very
similar I’m not gonna lie. They’re a little bit
different in shape though. – They are. – These smell like Cheez-Its. – Oh There’s a strong different smell. – Yeah this one has no smell
and this one has a smell. – Oooh. – Vanessa like, “Oooh you in trouble! “You don’t got no smell” – Oooh. – All right. – You got caught. – Which one do you wanna taste first? – I’ll taste this one. – Okay I’ll taste these first then. – They taste like a Cheez-It. – Okay. So one of them’s kind of bland. The other one’s got more crisp to it. – Yeah and the texture? – I didn’t feel the texture! Yeah they’re different. One smells really bland and the other one actually has a smell. So you can’t smell that one? – No you just smell the plastic cup. – And this one you can. – Yes so–
– But like what if that’s bad? Like what if that makes it what if that’s chemicals doing that? That’s not good sis. – All right I’m gonna choose this one for expensive. All right we’re either both wrong or both right. So A for expensive. – [Mom] A is the expensive one. – Wooo!
– Yes! I’m still at 100% over here. Like I think you’re now at
three to six so you’re like– – 50%! – Yeah so you got like half
bougie, half cheap you know. – That’s the highest
score I’ve ever gotten a 50. – For this round we
have chocolate pudding! – Woohoo! – I’m excited to taste chocolate pudding. – Me too! – Chocolate pudding is my favorite. But before we go and go eating it we gotta smell it you know. Smells like um, chocolate syrup. Smells the same, the exact same. – This one looks more fluffier. – Okay let’s try them
both at the same time. You ready? – Look at the tiny fork it’s so cute! (slurp) – It’s creamy. It’s like good like
honestly that’s really– like that could be it. – Yeah. – That’s a really good one. She’s good so I don’t
know if B can top that. – I know come on B you
got a lotta high hopes. – But she looks like I don’t know. – I have my guess. – Mm not so good. B’s trying to go over
there but we all know. We both know. – A is the expensive one. – Yeah just by the taste. This is definitely one of those that you can definitely
taste which one’s better. – Yes. – So I think we’re both gonna go with A. – [Mom] A is correct. – Yes!
– Wooo! Vanessa you’re getting back up there! – Woop woop. – Yeah all right I’m still at 100. I’m not gonna break this score. – All right let’s move onto the next one. – For this round we have root beer and me and Vanessa both love root beer. So we should be really
good at this Vanessa. Please do not get this one wrong. – Okay. – This one’s gonna be really
awkward if you get it wrong because we both are in
love with root beer. – Okay. – Are you ready? So I think we need to smell ’em first. So I’m gonna smell A first. – Smells like root beer. – Oh yeah that smells good. – Oh two different smells. – Oh my god you’re right. – Oh (teeth kiss) oh oh oh oh. – Guys one smells more like chemicals and the other one smells
more like root beer. – (shocked noise) – Well that’s true like– – Ohh get exposed. – Root beer spilled. I think we should taste the
same one at the same time. – Okay so let’s taste B. (slurp) – It tastes like root beer. – Had better. – Had be– oh teeth. Okay let’s taste some of this one. – I know which one. – It’s kinda obvious. – It is.
– Do you think it’s obvious? Okay wait, 3, 2, 1. – [Both] B. – All right I thought
you were gonna pick A. Holy moly ’cause I
thought after you tasted A you’re like, “oh yeah I know.” I thought you were about
to say A and I was like, “Vanessa A does not taste
anything like root beer “and it doesn’t smell
like root beer either.” – So much.
– Please. – It’s B.
– It’s B. – [Mom] It’s A.
(record scratch) – (gasp) – No it’s not. – [Mom] I literally had to
double check but it’s A. – No it’s not. Okay well A smells chemicals and tastes like chemicals so– – The less expensive
one was the better one. – So at the Dollar Store
it’s actually called Stars and Stripes. Which is really weird. But yeah that’s the
one that tastes better. Looks like we’re gonna go
buy dollar store root beer! – [Both] Wooo! – You told me if I got this one wrong you’d be so dissapointed in me. Guess what? I’m dissapointed in you too! – I know! My winning streak is gone. – It’s gone. – All because of Root Beer! All right this round was stupid but we’re gonna move on to the next round. For this round we have graham crackers. I’m excited. I love graham crackers.
– Me too. – They look different though. That one has a lot more bumps in it. – Yeah. – This is kind of more smooth. Like look at that difference. Smells like graham cracker. – Smells like graham cracker. – That’s a great expl– Oh this one like smells better. – Yeah I think so too. – But remember root beer last time? – Root beer man. – Root beer scared me. All right. – [Both] You ready? (munching) – It’s good. – It’s like a graham cracker. – I don’t know the last time
I had a graham cracker but– – Me either! – It’s good. All right. These break easier. Oh wait wait maybe not. (snap)
(munching) – Oh oh. – They kind of taste the same. – No! – No? – No. – I think they taste similar. Not the exact same but they
at least taste similar. – This one tastes so bland and this one has way more taste. – 3, 2, 1. – [Both] B. – [Mom] B is correct. – Woop woop! – You can tell in the detail
of the graham cracker. – Yes detail–
– A looks a little uh– – Dollar graham.
– She looks a little cheap. B looks a little bit more bougie. B for Bougie! All right let’s move on to the next round. All right guys this is
the last round, Round 10. And this time we have chips and salsa. – We’ve gotta figure out which one is the expensive chips and then we have to figure out which one’s the expensive salsa. – So like they could be mixed up. – True true. – So we’re gonna have
to like have a plan here because the chips may hide
the taste of the salsa. So I think we need to
figure out the chip first and then go on with the salsa. – Yeah.
– All right. Um which chip do you wanna try? – Well we gotta smell them. – Oh smell first. Smells like a chip with a little bit of cardboard. – Oh. – Oh yeah see like these chips just smell like cardboard. All right let’s try them. It’s got some good salt to it. – Tastes like a chip. – But a little bit bland too. – Chips are bland. – I think the tortilla chips are supposed to be kinda bland. (munching) – Oh very bland. – No I got some salt on mine. I got some really good salt here take a bite of my chip. (crunch) See its weird it’s like it
matters which chip you got. – Yeah.
– Look! These look exactly the same. – I’m scurred.
– I’m scurred. – Oh but look! This is a rounded edge. This is a straight edge. – Wow. – I think I know which
chip is the expensive one so I’m gonna use that chip to dip in with my salsa.
– Me too. – All right so I’m– – I hate salsa. – Do you? – Yeah. – This one’s like chunky. – I just like the liquid. I don’t like the chunks. The chunks are weird. – Okay so one has more
liquid than the other. You can see that one has chunks that one’s more liquidy. – That salsa was actually good. I don’t like the salsa
at the Mexican place. I don’t know what it’s called. – That one’s good.
– That is good. – It’s not really tomatoey though. I feel like it’s kind of baked tomato. Like not a real tomato taste.
– I don’t like tomato. – This one’s more liquid
like this one’s literally– – A liquid. – Yeah look it’s a liquid! – All right wow you want all the salsa. Eww. Ehh. (screams) – All right. I think I know. – How’s it so tomatoey? – I think I got my guess. – Me too. – Okay let’s guess the chip first. – This one. (static) – Oh I was gonna say 3, 2, 1, but yeah. Chip A! – And salsa? – B! – What? A! – [Taylor] B.
– A. – B.
– A. – B.
– A. – B.
– A. – B.
– A. – [SpongeBob Narrator] 6
and a half hours later. – [Mom] It’s salsa A. – (gasp)
– What? (explosion) – Yes!
– No! – [Mom] Chip B. – Wait! You were totally wrong. But the chip? These are the good chips man. These got no taste. – I really lost that last one
– I failed my Mexican (mumble) – I am shook. I am absolutely shook. That made me lose. Now I’m at like seven out of ten. – I dunno what I’m at. – All right Vanessa. I think we both have
a little bit of bougie and a little bit of cheap taste. – Yes.
– I think we’re right kind of in that middle. But if you guys wanna
see yesterday’s videos it’s gonna be right over there and if you wanna see more videos it’s gonna be right below there. – And we’ll see you guys over there. – [Both] Bye!

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