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Cheekh Episode 1 – 5th January 2019 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Cheekh Episode 1 – 5th January 2019 – ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

asalam alekum aunt walekumasalam me and Haya were going for shopping so we thought also take Nayab with us you already taken permission from your uncle, might be you thought I have no right on this house, as I am a step mother aunt what are you talking about, why I think this about you, uncle has mobile so I called him, if you had a mobile then I would call you Nayyab where, she is doing mob, after finishing all work she will come sit in your car Mama , mama , elder sister is making face why she would not make faces, because they are the friends of step daughter really I can fight with whole world but not with this face changing snake today I did not have any thing in my hand so she did not allow me to go in hmm she is cleaning, until the whole work is not finished, she will not allow her you will see, these outing and hang outs will make a problem look at the bride, like respect less girls, she doing outing on streets listen, complete the mob, wash the utensils, then you can go otherwise I will see how you will go if this gun was real, I would shoot your step mother with this you do one thing, someday give her poison in food, all chapter will close just is this left, I will add poison by the way, nothing is written on hand’s line, but a blood line can be made hey my shabnam, life has already so many sorrows beside that this sad line marriage will not be …….. stop the car at side what is the problem with him let him stop, what is the problem with him, what he is doing? what? what? why? what you did? what? why you dropped the water? we did not… what happened brother ? why you thrown water its just water, it will dry? we not dropped the acid I have seen with my sin full eyes, she dropped water on me me I did not … yes one second …you both keep quite…. let me talk… please come aside .. what ? now ….. what is the problem here, why are you making noise the thrown water on me sir look, my friend who is sitting on front seat in Orange dress, she has a problem I am bringing her from mental hospital you are talking about me? no no, not talking about you mad will not admit that she is mad if she is so danger psycho then you should close the glass of the car I am not mad …. keep quiet I am coming, she has no parents, only I have to take care of her so please I will take care please for give her she is mad … thank you so much sir I do not throw any thing Allah hafiz too much….. why are you looking like this, is your mom is less then a mad, I will shoot you with this gun… what you did we are going for shopping is bill done, listen yes are you single ? what is your age? 28 28 ohh I am so sorry, we not liked you… I am not talking about me, I am asking from my friend, may be something will happen Nayyab I will make your marriage to be done, she talks the crabs no she has a habit to make my fun, every where just kidding, we are friend, thank you,you made their day its too much no no you always make fun of me I will drive the care why are you driving ? why? because I want to placate you, I already…. no no Haya you drive the car Manat I placated by you I will drive the car you sit at front no place it at back side thank you I could help you I can helping you to charge the mobile no okay only i can handle it give it to me, i will do please its all ruined , you should buy a new one hmm now done by shouting loud my throat became bad ,its my third mug .ohhh one second, what was doing here don’t do it what should i not do, what was happening here shall I tell the truth ? tell we are back biting you well like this…. it means that you became this much closed that you are doing my back biting I was saying that , your friend can not gift you a new mobile, such miser you are sister in law i am understanding that what you have in your heart,, then give a mobile to my best friend she is your friend , you should buy well but who is feeling,,, i was kidding are you feeling shy ? enough I will ask you later shall you come out side together or…. just come,,, no one second I am coming I praise you…. what you were talking, tell me it will not happen like this, off the music, is it their duty? its your engagement, groom is also here, Mr Wajih come here me, always ready stand up why not but first groom should do yes groom will do with his bride, you will do with Nayyab, Nayyab come here come Haya, Nayab and Wajih elder brother … elder brother will do with his wife, sister in law is look like a guest my throat became ill by talking a lot come come, Nayyab Wajih yes shall i give you invitation no we are stating my husband is at abroad so what shall I do, I will your dance well no no in the marriage of your only sister in law you will not dance I will clap you will with your would be be groom give your cup and do the dance tea come okay alright ,, music it seems that she will also set with young master. if wajih sir will not marry her then I will are you became mad, if some one will listen then it will be bad for you what happened ? you are a drive . stay in your limit what happened, is she not came yet? sleep, she will come what she saying till where she reached she is not receiving the phone great its 1:30 a.m , and no news about a the young daughter her friend’s Dholak is today, girls sing songs and have fun, it must be late if is it so then why are you walking here n there, look mr Ramdan you never allowed me to say anything about your daughter you always placed me at aside, considered me as step mother but I tell you one thing the sharpness of a woman’s eyes can not born in man’s eyes and now your daughter made friendship with rich girls, one day they will finish her how you are talking Shamsa? they are such nice girls they are not like that friendship, who is talking about friendship, I am talking about standard now the standard of your daughter will talk with sky Manat is so cruel , see how she caught her friend’s brother she married with that doctor, and second one is Haya, her engagement is also done with a rich boy now your daughter is left and she will say you that i want moon have you ever seen the natural moon in your small yard so you shall bring for her leave all things, tell me what is the problem with mehmood from Dubai? actually papa music was so loud , I could not here the sound of phone its too late , reach home soon no, I am just leaving, coming will you come alone with the driver ? no i will take some maid with me we will drop you papa they will drop me okay daughter come fast yes i will come with them .just coming wajih place all things at back side, now say… we have to drop Nayyab, lets go Okay i will drop, key,,, Saleem.. you sit I am comin pay the caterer . I am coming after dropped her okay you go, I am doing this sit he is so old, and having a child , and also widower you were also 15 years old . father of one girl and also widower after that you got me . you even not had money he has so much money, people like him, cares all in laws, just think your daughter will go to Dubai, will has her own store Ramdan … we can not get more better than him all these work you have to do at this time then what should I do, I have a dry skin and what I should talk with you, you are a boring person what do you mean? Haya did very bad with me, brother shayan is like that, brother is like this made my marriage by cheating now you will say this.. what is the lacking in your husband you have a lacking of vitamin HAPPY in medical history no vitamin like this is made, please explain what I explain, you are so boring, it should be happen like normal husband and wife, wife calls again and again husband does not receive, wife sleeps,I want to behave like typical wife mean i will continuously call on skype and you will not receive and all of sudden you will receive phone and i will become angry and on your left and right western girls would sitting with mug of coffee seriously and what will be your reaction at that time ? hmm good question, what will be my reaction, I will come America and the girls will sitting on right and left I will shoot them I know all about you listen you have a clerical salary of 28000, how I spend whole month only I know so much expenses, also we have children, Ramdan at least think it he will take you to Dubai, and give some job he is not that much old, just a widower , you made a issue, he is good looking listen, talk with Nayyab , i m looking asalam alekum mom walekum asalam, here, you said that you will come at 12 a.m there was dance practice so we got late ohh, they rich girls take you for dancing? no mom, they have wedding in their house, they also were dancing here. my talk is not completed yet , you were not gone in this dress its Haya’s and this jewelry? its artificial, Mannat has given me you have to return this ? no, they said I can take this Haya said that I can take her all suits before her marriage are you brought? no mom, I became so late, papa was calling me, so how can I bring the dresses you never give any benefit to your family child you change your dress and sleep change with care it may not tear , its so precious dress you started as she came , she is so tired she is not came from job, sometime I will use that dress neighbor will shock if we don’t have to close the mouth of Nayyab’s greedy mom, we could purchase a good mobile for her please Manat you have to tell her that’s why did not come. make a video call so that I would be online at the time of cake cutting okay my mother I will tell, why are you so worried, you go now you both not gone yet now plan is that I am going to Nayyab’s home to wish her birthday and Haya is going to salon, yes you had to go together had to go together but we have taken time of salon, one should go there and for me its important to placate her greedy mom, I bought a mobile for her so that she will allow her to come on engagement may God bless your friendship Masha Allah may God do this, thank you Shehwar… Shaehwar where are you ? what happened? brother is shouting why you gone to serve the meal I have restricted so many times that no girl will go for serving meal to drivers so many time I restricted but you never understand Shehwar I explained so many times that young girls will not go for serving meal to drivers and servants their family send them on our behalf, if something will happen then who will be responsible? big brother Saleem was not at home, cook said that the meal will become cool younger sister in law will have to go outside so she was saying that driver will eat before going where is Saleem,, where you were ? I went to buy some supparis for them everyone is spoiled, listen me everyone care fully next time no girl will go for serving meal to drivers and servants whether they they will die with hunger Yawar it was a small problem, you scared me its not a small problem, when you hire a young girl as a servant then you have to take responsibility of their respects, they are also someone’s daughter its right, by listening Wajih’s whistle you get happiness on your face all are present here, is every think okay just you were left, come come, I was taking class of all but but became slave in your love wow great brother he does anger with love yes its right, brother one thing either you will agree or not they all women jealous from the love of two brothers they women want that they will rule but we will not let it happen we are not jealous, when we want to fulfill our wish, we fulfill yes sometime we make them happy by obey them yes, so that men of our family have some respect better you do not talk, you are not the permanent member of this house you ticket will cut soon, and will get the stamp of some other the boy became mad over Nayyab, he says that since when he saw Nayyab he became mad he was also saying that as soon they do marriage he will give 2 million cash as dowry he bought very heavy jewelry from Dubai 2 million ? yes 2 million, make your husband agreed, when he will agree ? I don’t know, he sits quite, give me today, I will talk. somewhat I will exaggerate it, its already exaggerated, okay i am going okay mom asalam alekum aunt ealekum asalam mom we came with Mannat sister in car did she come to pick you from school no we were eating GOL GAPPA, she met there GOL GAPPAY? from where you got money ? I did not have, they have , the ate , I did not asalam alekum aunt how are you ? asalam alekum what aunt, why you made your face, I brought flower for you why this? its my friend’s birthday but I thought I should take for aunt too for me, okay fine okay , take this cake, put in fridge so it would not melt aunt gift… for me? yes aunt what was the need of this? I thought, I bought for my friend so why not for aunt, you are so pretty check it …. you must bought something good for your friend, and for aunt some worthless you are boggling on my love, open this, and check it well how you got this much love for aunt ? I always love you aunt, this is not right I though i will not call uncle, I will call you for her oh God, very expensive phone listen have you also the same you boggled on my love no no no oh my love, may God give friend like you to all truly aunt why you standing here, go and bring some tea for her she makes so bad tea, tea of your hand, please make for me I am bringing right now you are great aunt when mother of child die, she takes all his happiness and wishes with her don’t know, why Allah does not take the child with, why he leaves them in the world so they will unhappy rest of their lives you are luck, that you have your father in your mom, if God will ask me that i want your father or mother, then I will give my father take him, and forgive my mother why she gone? mother has the power to be a father but a father has no strength to be a mother actuality when mother died, father has no strength to be even a father do you know Nayyab mom says when if you feel crying then do not curse we should pray, He listens I will try my best that Wajih will like you he will not married me why he will not do? shayyen got married with me, Wajih will with you Haya could make agree Shayan for me then why not Wajih for you ? your house is presentable, he lives in palace, why he will take me me from this mental house why are you thinking this, I was also not belong with a big house, is not like that you just make a home in his heart, we will take you from this zoo he is adorable of elder brother, we all love him, you will be rich my queen I am saying by trusting on God say yes, boy is so nice boy? when your proposal came, my father also said you as “boy” he is so nice, and likes your daughter, you should be thankful will take care of her, see we do not have any son, who will become your support and your old bones will have rest, see Ramdan Ahmed we have also right to take rest, and if your daughter will has some affair … when every I say the truth you get cough , if she will have an affair what will do we will get nothing, so that’s why think and give answer otherwise your daughter will have gray hairs its spicy .. just eat papa asalam alekum stay bless papa is everything fine, why you got off so early? daughter bad time can be come at any moment may |Allah protect us, what happened, at least tell what would happened? from today my job is finished, the company is closed oh God what are you saying, only it was left .. having young daughters and now job has gone Haya is annoyed with you that you are not coming in engagement yes I will come on marriage, you know my residency is going on actually she is delivering all anger of Wajih to you what happen? has your mission not completed convince Wajih, from where he will get a better girl than Nayyab? everyone is not innocent like me when sister said do marriage, then I done you do not know about my brother, he is quite different, it will take time in decision making excuse me, Hayya did injustice with you by get you married with me is brother saying this? yes cut the call right now is she Haya ? give her the phone okay bye bye, I am not talking hello how non thankful he is he will be in tension, is car sent to Nayyab? I sent the driver, she will be here soon lets eat something because time will be consumed in salon you are going like this yes I will get ready there yes it makes sense, lets go what happen my daughter, your phone is ringing manat’s car has arrived, they are waiting she is calling again n again, I will refuse him don’t refuse God gives the food papa my heart is not ready to go your heart is worried because of your papa you have a solution as well which papa being an unemployed i have this suggestion, I am not forcing as you wish, just leave, get ready, you have to go,they are waiting , you have to go my daughter then we call Wajih, with your engagement we will also fix Nayyab’s proposal what is your opinion who is this uncle ? last option what do you mean by last option ? he is uncle to whom my papa calling a boy, he proposed me you are kidding Wajih what are you thinking ? nothing just thinking … she is a nice girl, not bad yes girl is good but does not has confidence you have such a confidence then go and talk, then I will see yes . by talking a thing will happen, but how I should talk ? sorry, I am sorry why he came ? oh boy you drunk? just a few more what are you doing? smell is coming from your mouth see your condition, stand straight go inside, if big brother will see then it would be very bad you are getting me out? we are not getting you out, go inside, get fresh but why I go even he can not walk,, please go inside boy is working in Dubai, he is giving 2 million if you will be agreed my love why are yo so sad, look at the hero, he togged SHERWANI it suits on him, if he will agree then I perform your NIKKAH right now and that proposal leave the proposal, you will come to my home as a bride your dimple is so cute bad time can be come anytime, from today my job is finished having a young daughter and now job is also finished

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  8. Wow there are English subtitles that's great for anyone who doesn't understand Urdu this is the first Pakistani drama with english subtitles that I have seen

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