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Cheer Camp Has Begun! Season 14 Ep. 4 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Cheer Camp Has Begun! Season 14 Ep. 4 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(upbeat pop music) – We’re at The Star today, and this is the beginning
of training camp. It’s out first meeting
with Kelly and Judy and us all together as training camp candidates and veterans all in one. (crowd cheering) – We have 18 rookie candidates, and we have 27 veteran candidates. Not to be a buzz kill,
but everyone in this room won’t make this team this year. Statistically, this is a
very hard picture to get in. We’re the Ivy League
of cheerleading squads, and you guys are a very
smart well-educated room. The ladies are going to be doing some personality evaluations. It helps evaluate in the
different styles of leadership. This year we’re actually going to consider some of the personality
results in terms of training our four group leaders. – In each set, select the word that best or most closely describes you. Ruthless, cool, needy, reckless (laughs). No one wants to be any of these things. – This process is highly stressful for me, so I do get a little uptight and rigid. So anxious. – Turning on the lights
to the dance studio signifies the beginning, and training camp has started. – Tonight is your only night
to make a first impression. All right, let’s get started. – Okay so, you are going to
learn your first dance tonight. – Two of our last season’s group leaders are teaching tonight’s routine. They will teach fast. – [Amy] Then tornado to the front. – There’s a lot of direction changes. – [Amy] One, turn, two. – I think it will be disorienting for some rookie candidates in the room. – [Amy] That make sense? (energetic pop music) – Meredith is struggling
with the choreography. (energetic pop music) – You were chasing the choreography. I know this is lots of
changes of direction, it may be kind of a new
dance language for you. – Gina Marie, you have
a lot of stutter steps. – You gotta learn the choreography, or you’re in over your head. Okay veterans. (energetic pop music) (crowd applause) – Good job, veterans. – [Gina Marie] I need to step up my game. I’m with the big dogs now. (crowd applause) – Hi everybody! – [Crowd] Hello. – Hope everybody got
to rehearse last night, because you’ve learned your first routine, and we’re about to learn
our second routine. Joining us today to teach
you your next routine is a choreographer who teaches through inspiration and empowerment. Her choreography was just recently seen on the Ellen show and the Today show, and in Post Malone’s new video. Please welcome Jennifer Colvin! (crowd cheering) – I am a former Dallas
Cowboy’s cheerleader, I was on the team for three seasons. – Jennifer will be teaching
a power pom routine that is high energy and
has a lot of good accents. (upbeat music) – Meredith is just having
to think way too hard. – I know. – Gina you’ve got great punch, if we could just get your memory doing what your arms
and your body wanna do, because you just don’t have that. Meredith, I think you
have beautiful technique, but you’re slow. – I think it’s just like a lot of details that you need to pay attention to. There’s something that’s happening that’s blocking that. – Now the ladies are going to perform the routine they learned last night. They need to be performing
like they’ve known it. They need to not be showing
that they’re thinking, they need to be performing. (Ariana Grande “Break Free”) – [Kelli] Gina Marie’s lost right now. Gina Marie, you have moments, but moments won’t make this team. We need the whole story,
the whole song told. – We’re all rooting for you. I know you’re gonna get
emotional, don’t get emotional. It’s okay! I feel bad. But for real like, believe that people are rooting for you. We’re not waiting for you to mess up so that we can write down a no. You can do it! – We have completed week
one of training camp, congratulations! (crowd applause) I do need to see two people
in my office tonight. (dramatic music) I need to see Gina Marie, and I need to see Meredith. Your choreography, it’s not
anywhere close to being there. So that’s why I was like, man she really has these moments where I can see you in the picture behind you. And then there’s a lot more moments where you’re not ready to be in that picture. It’s a large concern. – Yes, for sure. I will definitely work on that and, all the little details ’cause
I know those matter a lot. – I would like you to be successful here, but we can also see that you’re not ready for this style right now. But I think you can if we can unlock that door of power pom, a genre of dance that you’ve never really down. Week one my impressions
are positive so far. I like this group, I like the energy, and I think we’ve got a very strong room filled with experienced performers. But this summer is going
to become exhausting in the sense that
everybody in the room knows that we’re going to be making roster cuts. We need to see progress turn into wow. That’s what I’m looking
forward to next week. (Shawn Mendes “If I Can’t Have You”)

7 thoughts on “Cheer Camp Has Begun! Season 14 Ep. 4 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. From what they showed on Instagram, Kat, Amanda, Chandi, and Victoria all made the team. Well they were on the field in uniform.

  2. Hold it…these 2 witches don’t do f&ck all except??, I thought the blond hair old bird julie…..something, was the choreographer, but says the 2 old veterans will teach you the routine….what!!!!, so she comes to work each day and doesn’t even work up sweat, well I suppose if you are over 70 you can’t leap about much, hold it I missed something isn’t that what a choreographer does. An the other one, keeli spin glass has defo had a mild stroke as their is something wrong with her mouth…as she has facial drop classic sign of a mild stroke. These 2 would never survive in the real world of tough business……I wouldn’t even let the pair of them wash my car ?. Poor talented kids having to listen too and be criticised by these 2 witches of Salem…….

  3. I didn't like the girl with the blue eyes rolling her eyes at the instruction when she was given corrections. I think she's pretty but doesn't have the DCC type background in dance and she has attitude and RBF . That won't be good for the ambassadorship of the team. She needs to get extra help in style of dance and attitude.

  4. I don't get why they have to always dress up and do their full hair and makeup for every meeting and rehearsal. Lots of time and expense — why do they need the false lashes at rehearsal?

  5. I understand this is really hard to get on, but if these women are so educated why would they want to be on a dance/cheer team when they only make 1k a game or something when they actually have college degrees? I wouldn’t quit my job for this

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