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Cheer Jump Exercises Using Resistance Bands – Kinetic Bands

Cheer Jump Exercises Using Resistance Bands – Kinetic Bands

Marlin: Now stretching to give her range of
motion. Go all the way down to parallel. Right down there and then pause and then come back
up. Okay, let’s do a couple more of those real quick. Pause. We’re going to have you
do the same squat. Go down to parallel and then I want you to jump straight up, no hands,
okay? Jump! Okay, try to push off a little bit harder. Down to parallel and pause and
then jump. Now go down with your left knee. As you could
see the bands are stretching when you go down like that. Where do you feel that right there?
I can see the muscles in your quadriceps contracting. Do you feel that in your backside, right back
there? Okay, just like that. Turn sideways and do that. This is a back lunge. Okay. Now
I want you to come up and then rotate and do the other leg. Right, like that, nice and
smooth. There you go. One more. Perfect! Where do you feel that?
Pause and down and bring–there you go, pause at the top. That’s where you’re going to bring
that leg up and pause. Try to pause. Try to pause there you go. Okay, now try that left
leg. Pause. Come up again. ?? ?? ?? ??

3 thoughts on “Cheer Jump Exercises Using Resistance Bands – Kinetic Bands”

  1. @alexislove03 Please see the cheer page on our web site at myosource . com
    two months will be plenty of time for great results. Please let us know how we can help.

  2. i would say I'm a pretty in shape person and I go to the gym regularly to try to gain strength for cheer. However my jumps aren't the highest. I discovered these and I'm so excited to receive them in the mail! How long do it think it'll take to get my jumps a decent height and how often should I train using these?

  3. Follow the Jump training videos on the Cheer page of our web site and you will see resutls very quickly. Probably withing the first week after using the Kinetic Bands 3-4 times. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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