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Cheer Jump Workout to Improve Your Toe Touch | Part 7

Cheer Jump Workout to Improve Your Toe Touch | Part 7

Speaker 1: Yeah. It will for sure help your
leg strength and be able to kick up higher. Megan: Oh yeah.
Speaker 1: No doubt about it. Megan: You can tell right… right whenever
you take them off on the very first jump your legs are…
Speaker 1: Oh yes. Megan: Your legs are poom!
Speaker 1: Yeah. Jump training that takes time. If you’re going to improve a vertical,
that’s weeks of stuff, but these give you immediate muscle recruitment for sure. Rock
them. Get them up. Yes, completely different. Megan: See, it didn’t come down? Does it matter,
bend or straight? Speaker 1: We’re going to try to keep it straight
kind of as if you were going to do one of those side holds. So, you want to try to keep
your chest up just as if you were doing in normal, but we’re just going to isolate muscles.
Megan: Okay. Speaker 1: Okay. So now we are going to go
front raise. You can either use balance or no balance. You are going to try to get it
up as high as you can and resist on the way down.
Megan: Balance as in going here? Speaker 1: You can either go here or just
go here and try to keep your leg straight and resist on the way down.
Megan: Go this side? Speaker 1: So don’t let this happen.
Megan: Okay. Speaker 1: It puts all the stress on your
knee. Try to go toe out a little bit. There it is.
Megan: Doesn’t go very out. Speaker 1: That’s fine. Unclip it and do it
once. Well, you want to see a magic show? Megan: Yes.
Speaker 1: You’ve got a little more in you. Come on. Isn’t that silly though?
Megan: Yes. Speaker 1: Okay. We’re going to go on a hurdle
walk. So clip up. What you’re going to do is you’re going to try to keep your foot underneath
your knee. It’s really good for your thighs and your hip flexors. So for kicks, you’re
going to be able to get them up a little higher. So we’ll go backwards first. So you’re going
to open up your hip, set it down. Yes, try to keep your foot underneath your knee.
Good. All right. Now take it forward; same concept. Open up the hip first. There it is.
Smooth it out. Try and walk with it. Walk with it. Okay. Go back. There it is. Unclip.
Just let it fall. There you go. Now, go for height and range of motion.
Oh a smile. She’s having fun now. This is easy. Head on back. Work for height. This
is when you get range of motion, flexibility in your hips. So without the resistance, you’ve
got to try to go for max height. Go forward. Work high. Work high. Good.

39 thoughts on “Cheer Jump Workout to Improve Your Toe Touch | Part 7”

  1. @funkykara14 No. barefoot was her personal choice during this training session.. Surface also does not matter although we suggest something with a little cushion for landing .

  2. please help me im trying for cheer and im flexible and my stradle good but i cant snap into the toe touch position fast enough and i cant get high enough so please help me

  3. The bands are great for improving flexibility and increasing speed and strength for higher jumps.

  4. Yes you can work on your jumps without the bands however the bands will help you develop extra strength for higher jumps and improved balance.

  5. The straps are placed just above the knee to take the stress off the knee area and directly target the quads, hams, hips, hip flexor, glutes and abs. By building strength in these areas you help the knee have time to rehab and not have to take the full stress load.
    ACl is a very serious injury and requires several months of rehab. We have many physical therapist around the world that use them for prevention as well as post surgery rehabilitation.

  6. Please let us know if you have any questions and update us on how your training is going.

  7. The bands are available on our web site at myosource . com or you can search myosource or kinetic bands

  8. Absolutely! Running will help build the muscles in the legs and core, which are extremely important factors in your jumps. Be sure to also keep stretching so you are gaining more flexibility as well.

  9. You can find the bands on our website at myosource . com or by clicking on the link in this videos description.

  10. You can find the bands on our website at myosource . com or by clicking the link in this videos description. When you are performing your jumps, concentrate on keeping your head and chest up. Start doing your jumps while looking up, instead of down, so your upper body will naturally want to stay upright. Remember, bring your feet to your hands, not your hands to your feet. When you reach for your feet your body will automatically slouch and your jump will lack height.

  11. you can use a thera band although you will need to constantly stay in a position to maintain resistance. With the Kinetic Bands you will receive the benefit of resistance from any position and with any movement.

  12. The Kinetic Bands are $29.95 plus shipping on our web site. The Kinetic Bands are only available on our web site at myosource . com please see our cheer page

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