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Cheer Nationals Part 3 | MPGIS S2 | Episode 17

Cheer Nationals Part 3 | MPGIS S2 | Episode 17

…S-O-N! Atchison! Wow, I gotta say that was an impeccable pyramid! Gonna be tough to beat. Alright, I just blew a guy in the bathroom.
Can we be friends now? What? I just blew a guy in the- I heard what you said dick! Oh I’m sorry, I just thought that because
you just said “What!” Wow, honey, so you just met a stranger and
took him into the bathroom for a quick beej just like that huh? Uh, no, no, uh, that’s gross. No, no, I do
this thing where you cut a hole in the wall and you wait for an erect penis to be slipped
through. You mean a gloryhole? Blaine, Blaine, oh sweet Blaine, don’t get
involved buddy. Oh, gloryhole! That’s a great name for it.
I was just gonna call it s Cock Pocket. You know, Cock Pocket. You know, like, a hot pocket,
but instead it’s a random’s guy’s dick? Okay, hold on. Who would just stick their
dick a random hole in a public bathroom? Ahhhh! You just missed the entire Atchison High cheer
routine! Oh did I? Oh God, what am I gonna do? Uh,
congratulations 10! I really like their use of pom-poms. Crisis averted. God, you are a fucking mess. Next to the mainstage,
Overland Park High School. Good luck ladies! This is our last squad. You think you can
maintain consciousness for the next five minutes? Let me ask you something. What are the odds
that there’s a woman in the men’s bathroom just waiting? Waiting for what? You know, to do stuff. I don’t give a fuck Bert. Please move over.
You smell like Jameson and old salmon. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s probably more romantic
if I don’t know. Ok, girls, here we go… Don’t fuck this up! Alright, baby, time to show Daddy what you
got. Hey Brittnay! You’re so fine! Rock it bitch!
You’re so fine! Give me an O! These girls have some skill. Does look a bit
familiar though. How do you say E! Wow, my ex-girlfriend’s onstage. My new gay
friends are sitting next to me. I just blew a dude. Lot of character development for Than
these days- For the love of Michael Bay, stop talking. Yeah! Nailed it! So far so good, but let’s see what they’ve
got in store for the finale. You sure about this? Let’s fucking do this. Well suck my dick in a public restroom! Goddamn! Holy chocolate dick burgers! God-diddy-damn-do! Incredible! That’s my son! Inside of my girl! Who is standing
on top of my ex-girl! Wow, you know, I’ve had a big year. Bravo, ladies, bravo. You girls, were amazing. Especially you, bitch. I sucked a dick! God, Jonathan. Wow, that was awesome! Now let’s just get
a little bit of the wrap-up session and we’ve got ourselves a hit pilot that makes Honey
Boo Boo look like an aborted koala bear. Ah, little people freak me out. Congratulations girls! I don’t think there’s
any doubt who this belongs to. And as for you, Miss Zales, your modeling
future is very bright. How would you like to be the new face of Claire’s? You! Tanya! I bet you feel pretty good about yourself
right now! Well…fuck you! Aw hell yeah! Fuck you, you slutty little whorebag bitchcunts!
You all can lick my fucking ass because you’re nothing but a bunch of twatfaced cocksuckers. Yeah, bitch! Ya’ll ain’t nothin but a bunch
of trick ass hos who couldn’t fuck their way out of a paper bag. So go ahead, go, go, go
suck on some dicks and enjoy your trophy you cock gobbling cum surfers. Fuck ya’ll and
fuck this bullshit. Anything to say to that, Mackenzie, you stupid
little fucking cunt? Mackenzie, no your hair! What about her hair? Not right now, we need this shot! You know what, Tanya, I have one thing to
say to you…who the fuck are you? Who the fuck do you think you are? Yeah, you think you can bitch me out? I am
the queen of bitch! You look up bitch up in the dictionary and you’re gonna see my fucking
face! Well, I guess it’s just you and me…Ashley
Katchadourian! I mean you want to fuck with my team at my
fucking mall comin’ in here with your fucking Disney motherfucking bullshit! Like, you know
what? You like Adam Sandler movies? Well, the price is wrong bitch! …in a lazy fucking river?! Well, the jokes
on you because guess who’s been giving handjobs to every fucking member of the Atchison high
football team? And do you know what they had to say about you? Not a goddamn thing because
no one gives a fuck about you Taylor! You’re a goddamn sidekick! A fucking punchline to
Tanya Berkowitz’s fucked up life. Hey, knock, knock, Taylor, who’s there? No one! That’s right! Cause you’re gonna die alone! Well, there’ll be no Armageddon here today!
Because I’m Ben Affleck and I’m on a rocket ship back to earth. Along with Aerosmith,
and Steve Buscemi, and everybody else, alright. And I’m gonna make the fuck out with Liv Tyler.
And you’re Bruce Willis, sitting on a fucking rock…dying. And you have to press the button
cause you’re gonna fucking die. Well, press the button, Ashley Katchadorian, press the
button, because we’re sick and tired of your shit. I hope you enjoyed this fucking ride!
You are the cause of all this. You are the reason that she has a robot arm. And you are
the reason that… Alright? I hope you enjoyed the fucking ride! Goddamit! Well, this is ruined. So what do you want to do now? Ah, let’s just make another Girls Gone Wild
knock-off. Hey ladies, how’d you like to earn ten bucks and feel great about yourselves? Well, that is certainly not the image that
the Halverstad modeling agency wants to be presenting to the young women of America. Unless you’re casting the E True Hollywood
Story of Amanda Bynes. Ha ha, that was kind of funny. Oh, Amanda Bynes jokes she likes? And you ruined it. And I want to push you
down stairs. Go wait in the car, cunt brick. And we’re back to cunt brick. Go fuck yourselves! Go fuck yourselves! Go fuck yourselves! Wow girls that would be impressive to me even
if I wasn’t gay. Yeah, baby, if it was possible for me to have
an erection right now, I most definitely would. But Brittnay, what about your show? Yeah, Mackenzie, what about your modeling
career? Fuck it. Yeah, we don’t need to be rich and famous
right now if it means we giving up who we really are. Yeah, I mean, if somebody wants to give me
my own show and a whole bunch of money, you better goddamn believe it’s gonna be on my
own terms. Yeah, besides if we were to sacrifice everything
we are to become rich and famous at this age, well, we could end up like Amanda Bynes. Or Lindsay Lohan Or Shia Lebouf. Or Michael Jackson. Oh, am I included in something for once? You
know what? Fuck you guys. So for right now, we’re just gonna be exactly
who the fuck we are and not anybody. Besides, we’re still the most popular girls in school. You’re goddamn right we are. You know what guys, hearing this speech has
made me realize something. All this time, I’ve been trying to impress these guys by
pretending to be gay. What? Whoa. No you are gay. No, Tanner, I just wanted to think that so
you’d like me. We still don’t like you. Nope, still no. No change, whatsoever. But Jonathan, you are the gayest of gay. No, Tanner, you are the gayest. Well, you’re
gay, he’s probably the gayest actually. But I can’t live this lie anymore. It’s like these
girls said, I can’t pretend to be somebody else so I can be popular. That’s not me. That’s
not Than. That’s not who I am. I’ve got to be true to myself. Whoa, you were being true to yourself. They
were wrong. You were doing the right thing! I appreciate that Tanner. You’re a true friend. I am not your friend. And also, you had a
guy’s dick in your mouth ten minutes ago! Hey I couldn’t see anything. For all I know,
that was a chick’s dick. Alright, that’s it we’re leaving. Grab your
pompoms and your duffel bags, let’s get the hell out of here. Weird. Oh, I get it! Back to the good ol’ days, huh.
Fuck you too guys! Fuck you too! Holy shit. How am I gonna get home? Goddamit. You win this one Zales. Hello Daddy. How’s Washington? No, just working
on a little bit of revenge. I will, Daddy. Hey Jenna, where is everybody? It’s over. For now. But winter is coming to
Overland Park.

100 thoughts on “Cheer Nationals Part 3 | MPGIS S2 | Episode 17”

  1. “You think you can bitch me out? I am the QUEEN of BITCH! You look up bitch in the dictionary and you’re gonna see my fUCKING FACE!” I love brittney ???

  2. I could sit and watch those three bitching out the Atchison cheerleaders from now until the stars die….that was fucking amazing.

  3. “That’s my son! Inside my Girl! And my Girls standing on top of my ex-girl! Wow, I’ve had a big year”? i died

  4. "Hey, I couldn't see anything. For all I know, that was a chick's dick." (Than trying to prove he's not gay after sucking a dude's dick is me trying to convince my math teacher to raise my F to an A)

  5. Your jobs are pretty much to play with dolls and tbh I couldn't imagine a better fuckin job. Y'all are awesome! I've been dying laughing over this like… Keep up the good work man

  6. FuCK yOu yoU slUttY lIttlE whOrebAg biTch cuNtS YoU aLl caN lick mY fuCkinG aSs bEcauSe yOur'E nothing buT a BuncH A twaT-faCed COCKSUCKErS

  7. "go fuck your selves." yourselves had been turned into two very separate words by trisha & it was the best. because even after she ruined ashley, she still was still trisha.

  8. Literally, as a person named Jenna, I have never heard my name used so many times and this makes me so happy. Like- it’s not the most popular name- I think there’s maybe 2 or 3 other Jenna’s at my school of over 3,000. Most of the time you hear Jenna, it’s in reference to Jenna Marbles or Jenna Jamanson(if I spelled that right) . So yeah

    Thank you!

  9. I absolutely LOVE how at 4:29 they do a callback to the first episode to start off Mackenzie’s bitching

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