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Cheer on With Your Community

Cheer on With Your Community

/England Community unites us as fans Hope you enjoyed today’s episode of the Lion’s Den! Christian Lopez:
liking the new content. More player interviews pls!!! Cristina de Luz:
Liked seeing our boys kicking arse! Go England!! Elizabeth Rodriguez:
Love to see more of our fans cheering in Russia. Thanks! Keep your eyes here the next few days… We’re now going LIVE. Come cheer with us! The nation is behind you! Come on England!!! You got this, lads!!!!!!! Come on England!!! Cheer on together Cheer on together
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100 thoughts on “Cheer on With Your Community”

  1. I don't want youtube premium. I close the screen to stop the video. You can't do the free part right so why would I pay you?

  2. YouTube should stop uploading. They're making money off of the community and getting dislikes every video they make.

  3. YOUTUBE you have a big problem: all videos uploaded before 2013 have a very small screen..even smaller than before. And all videos uploaded after 2013 have an enormous big screen. Could you please fix the problem and put all the videos to the same size?? please remove the little screen for the old video, it's sooo small, like what??!!!

  4. Youtube PLEASE PUT THE BLACK BARS AGAIN, it looks weird without it. it makes some videos looks smaller For real……

  5. you should for this YouTube rewind people all different races,languages,countries

  6. Youtube tive uma otima ideia pra vcs deletem o canal do aruan felix pô ele até falou mal da sua da dona impresa

  7. Hey. I found a racist channel for you to suspend YouTube. It’s called mtv. They have these racist videos called mtv decoded.

  8. It does not matter what better things or that you add others, but your money in addition to your community will go to Twitch, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

  9. Please have Howard the alien fight dame tu COSTIA In the new rewind and ksi is better than Logan Paul and please no fortnite or cringey dabs

  10. Good video….
    I am sad, from the year 2015 my youtube channel is not progressing, the new Subscriber 273. Oh sad …! Maybe my work is not so good to watch 😧

  11. YouTube we need your help the new channel with 55 mil subs T Series is subbotting each video has only around 20k views they are clearly subbotting please take the channel down nobody wants this is a clear scam and cheating channel its like using steroids in bodybuilding

  12. How can I cheer my community when you censored it off your platform?! I guess you should rename your platform to Censorship-Tube… or Leftist-Tube. Here we are – China-styled censorship coming to US at hands of big tech tyrants! We will start using new platforms!

  13. In the beginning

    YouTube: We are here to bring everyone together into a loving community and give a voice to everyone

    YouTube 2018

    YouTube: You get banned for speaking out, you get one as well. Hmm, this guy said some stuff against us, let's ban him too. You know what, everyone gets a ban for saying stuff we don't like.

    It doesn't take a "Conspiracy Theorist" to see YouTube's hypocrisy and oversensitivity. Seriously, YouTube used to be a great place to go, but now it's just as bad as stepping on a lego. YouTube is now that lego, everyday we step on it and the wound gets deeper. YouTube is a joke now, it is and will now always be a meme.

  14. So you ban Alex Jones but louis farrakhan still gets to spread hate speech without any repercussion? I guess youtube hates jews too.

  15. Excuse me, can I please have my BxbyTay back I would do anything just please can I have it back PLEASE I WORKED SO HARD PLEASE

  16. Hey youtube ik yall might never see this but yall know how youtubers usually do pranks yall should prank them saying that yall are deleting youtube for good after august 12 do really do it because i love this platforms it literally my favorite overall but tge reactions would be priceless …….ill take the blame😊

  17. Look at all those dislikes, and yet you still pump out convoluded, pointless adverts about your system? You really don't care, do ya'?!

  18. I used to have a dream of becoming a YouTuber. But getting a YouTube career is all based on pure luck nowadays 🤦‍♂️

  19. Liar Liar! Pants on Fire!
    Your Demonetize Algorithm are in linked with the Viewer Algorithm!!
    Bring Back Alex Jones, you lying Fascist Corporate Despots!

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