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Cheer Practice | MPGIS S2 | Episode 8

Cheer Practice | MPGIS S2 | Episode 8

Good afternoon ladies. This cheer practice
will not be any ordinary cheer practice. This cheer practice is the first cheer practice
of the rest of your lives. The gauntlet has been thrown down by Tanya Berkowitz and the
Atchison High Cheer Squad. Ladies, at Cheer Nationals, there will be more at stake than
a simple trophy. More at stake than a national championship. At Cheer Nationals, what is
at stake is our very livelihoods! Okay, I’m sorry guys, um, I’ve been gone for
a while… My dad was kind of sick. It was like really gross. But what’s going on? Jenna Dapananian, because this isn’t about
tyrannical governments! Oh, ok. This isn’t about freeing an oppressed people! Right, yeah. This is about a goddamn Cinnabon right next
to a Surf City Squeeze! Ok, honestly, I’m more confused now than I
was before. We need to send a message across the great
state of Kansas to any nut juggling pom pom thrower that you cannot walk into Overland
Park and threaten our mall, our way of life, and our home…at least on the weekends and
after school. Wait, did something happen to the mall? Let the world know that they may take our
hair, but they will never take our Hollister! Steve Madden! Sbarro! Claire- no, um, Ann Taylor… Loft! Loft! Motherfucker! Ah, yup, that’s a hernia. Goddamit, can we get this right once? Or do
I need to give another speech about how the pyramid is the conrerstone of every cheer
routine?! Nope, the first two were plenty. Then lock it the fuck up! You know, it’s kind of hard to construct a
six person pyramid when you only have four fucking people! Well, where the hell is Jenna Darabond and
Ashley Katchadorian? Story of my life. Hey guys sorry I’m late. I was at a secret-
I mean, I was not at a secret meeting about the Atchison High cheer squad. Ok. Why would you even need to say that? Ashley, oh my God, hey no hard feelings about
the door and the arms, right? That was like crazy times and we were all like “what” and
you were all like, “ohh” and you know, and I was like, “ahh”. Of course, Trisha, no problem. No hard feelings
at all. Okay will the two of you knock it the fuck
off? That was fun, thanks. Alright, Ashley you’re bottom right of the
pyramid. I don’t need to tell you how important the bottom right of the pyramid is to a cheer
formation. Everything hinges on you. Oh no problem, Mackenzie. You can trust me…or
can you? Can I what? Oh, um, can you hand me that pom pom over
there? Get it yourself, you lazy bitch. Oh no problem, Brittnay, you’ll get yours. Get my what? Oh, I was um, I got you a pom-pom. For your,
for your, birthday. Oh cool, my birthday’s not til next month
but I love pom-poms. Thanks. Oh no, Trisha…thank you. Ha ha ha ha- Hey, you guys, did something happen to the
mall? Because I’m still pretty in the dark on what’s going on here. Oh, you could say everything happened at the
mall, Jenna! What? What does that even mean? When the fuck
did everyone in this school start talking in goddamn code? Alright, where is it? Where’s what? An oil can? We don’t have one
Johnny Five. Take a walk. Oh that’s funny, maybe later I’ll show you
what your spleen looks like. I received a text about pie. Oh Deandra, yes that was me, I sent you that
text. Unfortunately, to be honest, I don’t actually have any pie. I see, so I assume it’s a cheesecake, a meringue,
some sort of dessert with whipped topping because I’m sure you didn’t drag me across
the Sahara desert that is the faculty parking lot for nothing, right? I was afraid you wouldn’t come without an
incentive and I wanted to ask you some questions about Atchison. Oh! Well, it’s a city in central Kansas situated
along the Missouri River with a population of 11,000. Named after David Rice Atchison,
and every July the city holds an Amelia Earhart Festival, where rest assured, there is always
plenty of fucking pie! To be fair, I didn’t technically say that
there would be pie- I’m sorry but in what universe is an emoji
of pie preceeded by the words “want some” not a clear indication that you are in possession
of pie and are offering it to me? If this is your idea of a joke, you better start putting
some goddamn winky faces and JK’s in these fucking text messages, Zales. Good day. I wanted to ask you about the Atchison High
Cheer Squad. What? I don’t know anything about them. Never
heard of ’em. I find that hard to believe. I’m sorry, but who is this girl? You did go to Atchison right? Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is I
don’t know them and they sure as fuck don’t know me. Why? Did you talk to them? What did
they say? Because they’re liars. They’re all fucking liars. I thought you said you didn’t know them. I don’t. Well then how do you know they’re liars? Yeah, Deandra, what are you hiding? Nothing, I’m an open book. Ask me anything. Alright, tell me about the Atchison Cheer
Squad. Not that. Anything else. Ooh, ooh, what was the name of the Disney
Channel show that Shia Lebeouf was on? Even Stevens. Thank you, that has been bothering me all
day. It’s Even Stevens, guys! Ahhhh! What’s the deal, Deandra? Yeah, what is it? You got some kind of dark
secret you don’t want us to know about? Listen here Zales, Handjob Girl, I don’t know
what kind of game you’re playing, but I’ve got a good life here aside from the whole
getting my arms ripped off thing and my never ending battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
and I don’t need you two Matlocks digging up anything that doesn’t need to be dug up. Wait, do you mean that literally? Because
I’m begining to think that you killed someone and buried the body in the desert. Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. But I do know
two things: stay the fuck away from Atchison and start carrying some goddamn pie around. Hello? Oh hello, Tany- I mean, not Tanya Berkowitz.
Yes I will see you there. Ok, bye. Oh, um, that wasn’t Tanya Berkowitz. Ok. You are a fucking weird little girl.

99 thoughts on “Cheer Practice | MPGIS S2 | Episode 8”

  1. Dudes, I don't think it's a coincedance that miss bionic arm's name is *DEAN*dra and she likes pie and food just as much as fucking DEAN WINCHESTER

  2. I watched this years ago but I just found this again XD I've spent the last 3hrs watching this. I'm 17 why am I watching barbies

  3. i love how this show has done a Gremlins and now a short circuit movie joke.

    Also Matlock and Even Stevens,

  4. I have a dumb question. This is my third time watching the series. What is the timeline because season 1 ended at prom and then season 3 ended with them at the football championships…. Kind of confused.

  5. Don't hate me but I think I love deandra, trisha, and that other one with long hair and bangs (the one who gets treated rudely) more than Brittany. But I still love her

  6. Did anybody realize that it looked like McKenzie(I don't know how to spell her name) didn't have a bald spot?

  7. I love how the itty bitty Ashley Katchadourian who is way smaller than the rest of them is at the bottom corner of the cheer pyramid LOL

  8. I love the videos but I do not understand them all, since some of them are in English and I prefer to see them subtitled in Spanish. ???

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