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Cheer Stretches | Cheerleading Flexibility Stunt Strap | Part 6

Cheer Stretches | Cheerleading Flexibility Stunt Strap | Part 6

Speaker 1: To where it gets into where you’re
stretching your hamstring down through your glut and your lower back. If you can take
it all the way up to your head, take your leg out and then let it come all the way down.
All right. We want to work our groin. So you’re going to take your leg up. Now, we’re going
to work out wide. So take it out wide. Now, see this hand is working over her head and
the other one has got the strap near her foot for support.
Now, she’s pulling up at an angle so she’s getting her groin and her hamstring at the
same time. The next move is a little different. You’re going to bring your foot up to the
midline and we’re going to work across for your IT band and the outside of your hip.
You’re always using this hand over your head with the strap. So, you always want to work
over your head to pull your foot at this different kind of an angle. Now, she’s working to keep
her hip on the floor as this pulls, just like that.
A bit like a scorpion. We’re going to work to pull our foot up. So you’re going to take
your hands back behind your head and grab the strap. You’re going to work to pull your
knee up, the same as a scorpion. Don’t hurt your lower back. Breathe deep while you’re
here and let your body roll up. We’re really trying to get the hip flexor here.
So if you start doing these a lot and you start getting a little pain in your knee,
make sure you’re supporting this knee. So you want to take this over a hair. Yes, a
lot of breathing. You like to hold your breath. Breathe.
Megan: Is that what you wanted and then… Speaker 1: Yes.
Megan: Yes.

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  1. It't called a Stunt Strap from Myosource. See our cheerleading page on our web site at myosource . com

  2. go as far as you can and try to hold. each time try to go a little futher until you are able to go to the final position where the form looks good.

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