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Cheer Stretches: Cheerleading Flexibility Stunt Strap

Cheer Stretches: Cheerleading Flexibility Stunt Strap

Speaker 1: Alright, today we’re going to go
over our stretch routine again with our stunt strap. What we’re going to do is we’re going
to start with the left leg first. So if you’re at home, follow along with us. Go ahead and
put the loop around your left leg and then lay on back.
You’re going to pull it up straight to your chest here. Good. Now see they’ve got just
a little bit of bending of their legs. We want to go ahead and try to straighten it
out and come out of the resistance just a little bit if you’re going to bend at your
knee okay. So working the resistance, hold it for about 15 to 20 seconds, and then we’re
going to ease our way out so we hold the resistance and slide the leg out a little bit. Take it
to the floor. Then we’re going to come back up and we’re going to hold that again. Here
we go, 15 to 20 seconds. Good, two sets per leg all right. Go ahead and take it on down.
Now we’re going to go wide. So you’re going to stretch your groin, your hamstring, and
your glut. So go ahead and swing it on out to the side.
Now, here we’ve got our right arm holds the strap up high and our left hand holds the
strap in the middle. This way we’re supporting our leg all the way across. We’re getting
our groin and our hamstring at the same time. All right, go ahead and ease on out with resistance.
Work up through there again, go ahead. Now remember it doesn’t have to be exactly
15 to 20 seconds, just as a general rule of thumb. Count in your head, hold it until you
feel like you’re getting good and stretched out. Then you can go ahead and pull on out.
All right, ease on out. Now we’re going to use our IT band and our
other side of our hamstrings. Go ahead and bring it up. We are going to lay our foot
over to the side. Good. Now remember we always want to work to keep our hips on the ground.
So work back and get your hip on the ground before you worry about taking your foot all
the way across. The more we reach down here, you might roll your hips up. We don’t want
that. We want to stay flat with our hips. Same thing, resist a little bit, pull the
strap, resist on down, relax, and here we go again, back into it.
We are going to pull the strap down. If you’re flexible enough, take that hand up over the
top of your head again and pull this leg all the way up here. If we’re working right here
in your IT band and you’re feeling a good pull, just go ahead and sit in that middle
zone. All right, ease on out. All right. So this one is a little bit tricky.
We’re going to roll over onto our stomachs. We’re going to stretch our hip flexors along
with our quad. All right. So get it to where the strap is put on your foot. You’ve got
it pulling here, she’s got a good grip on this side. When they pull up here, you’re
going to feel it through your hip flexor, your IT band, you’re going to stretch your
lower back a little bit and you want to work your way up the band. Good. Get a good hold,
15 to 20 seconds, make sure we’re breathing, exhale and we’re going to come on down. Always
make sure we’re breathing when we’re stretching, all right.
All right, let’s go ahead and go again. Pull it on up, Good. Try not to rock your hips.
We don’t want to open up our hips to get more height. We want to work through our hip flexors
here. Good and left. Let’s switch sides. Roll over onto your back. Good. We ready to rock?
Go ahead and lay on back. Pulling on down to the middle. There you go. Take a deep breath
and relaxing. Always breathing. When you get to that good hold spot, exhale and take it
just a little bit further, all right. Work through the resistance on the way out.
Good, now come back up. Two sets per spot, remember. Work to get the leg straight. If
you’re feeling a little tense, kind of push into it a little bit. We want to work where
it’s pulling tough. If it’s too much, don’t overdo it. Don’t hurt yourself, but we’ve
got to work to get more flexible. Go ahead and resist on the way out. Good.
Now we’re going to go groin again. Slide your hips on up. Foot goes high. This is good for
the heel stretch. This is good for most every move and all stunts in cheerleading. You’ve
got to work to make this more flexible, okay. So keep your hips in line with your body to
work more through your hamstrings and your gluts. If you rock your hips, then you’re
actually just taking all the stress off your hamstrings and you’re taking it through your
hips a little bit. All right. Go ahead and go down. Watch your
partner when you’re stretching here. Go ahead and go another one. Good. Get a good hold,
exhale when you get to the top. Come on down. We’re going to go to the IT band. Good. Rock
on across. Now remember we’ve got to keep our hip on the ground, just like she’s got
and if it takes your leg a little higher that’s okay. Just make sure that the hip is on the
ground first and foremost and then slowly start working up.
All right, resist on the way down. All right. Let’s try that again. Go ahead and go across.
You might notice that one of your legs is more flexible than the other one, that’s okay
too. Just go ahead and start working and try to get them to at least the same spot on both
legs and then push the flexibility okay. Good, breath in deep, really start pulling it over
guys. Keep that hip on the floor. You’re feeling it down through your IT band. Good and relax.
Let’s go ahead and roll it on over. We’re going to go for the hip flexor and quad.
Good. Now remember we don’t want to open up the hips. Don’t open up the hip and rock up.
We want to keep our hips square and work through our hip flexors, okay. You pull, pull, pull.
Try to breathe deep. Relax your body and relax. Take your leg back down. We’ve got one more
here on this leg. Ready to go ahead. Now see how the stunt strap is around her foot? She’s
got it in her hands for good support. As you get more flexible, you can actually crawl
up the stunt strap and get a little more range of motion. Just like she’s got it, crawl up
your hands just a little bit. Good and relax. Remember two sets per exercise and go 15 to
20 seconds per. We’re going to go through each one of those exercises to get a little
more range of motion.

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