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Cheer Stretches: How to Stretch Your Lower Back | Part 2

Cheer Stretches: How to Stretch Your Lower Back | Part 2

Speaker 1: So, if your glutes are really tight
it affects your lower back. If your hamstrings are really tight it affects your lower back.
I don’t think it’s your hamstrings because we just did that stretch, you’re way up there.
So you’re probably upper glute to low back. Here’s another one you can do. If you lay
down on your back, you’re going to take, let’s see, this goes here, take your hands through
your loop, through this loop, yep, go under that leg, roll back. Take this. You are really
tight. Is that killing you? Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 1: So come out, just a hare. Speaker 2: Oh that feels good.
Speaker 1: Oh yeah, you need to do some stretching. So it’s either your hamstrings are super loose
and your butt is really tight. So what you want to do, yeah, you need to start doing
this a lot before you pull something. Oh yeah, you’re really tight. So go through the loop
and ideally when you go up to this position you want to pull it to your chest.
Speaker 2: You’re not that flexible and I’m not.
Speaker 1: No, you’re really, really tight. Where are you feeling it, in your butt or
your back? Speaker 2: Here.
Speaker 1: Yeah, it’s your upper glutes. So just get to where it feels comfortable, don’t
kill yourself. Take a deep breathe, exhale. Relax, relax, relax, relax, exhale.
Speaker 2: Holy moly. Speaker 1: I would start doing this a lot
or you’re going to hurt something. If it hurt your low back to do that scorpion you shouldn’t
be hurting from hyper extending, you know what I’m saying? You shouldn’t feel it. That
means you just have so much tension on your spine. You really need to start stretching
that. Because if you took your foot all the way up here with those bands, so right at
the upper part of your back your glutes and your lower back is way tight because you’re
good here, it’s just, yeah. So you feel it all on this leg, right? You feel it all right
here on this leg? So ideally, when you get here the next step is take it to where you’re
comfortable and then get in the pain and hold it. Rock out, work a little farther.
Speaker 2: What’s the farthest you can go? Speaker 1: That’s your hamstring, that’s your
hamstring. This is your butt. So start working on that. You can take this strap too like
I was showing you. So if you start doing these a lot and you start getting a little pain
in your knee make sure you’re supporting this knee. So you want to take this over a hair,
yeah, a lot of breathing, you like to hold your breath. Breathe. Don’t kill yourself.
Rock it out. If ever, when you get back or you have people to work with, your parents
or something, another one is have them lay on you. So get them up like this, lay back,
take your leg and have them lay on this knee to your chest. Breathe. Yeah. See, it’s not
really there, it’s more your outer butt. Speaker 2: Like right here.
Speaker 1: See, that’s more of your inner, so like I was showing you, do this stretch…

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