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Cheer Tryouts | MPGIS S2 | Episode 13

Cheer Tryouts | MPGIS S2 | Episode 13

I’m sorry, why are we hosting cheer tryouts
a week before cheer nationals? We need to replace Jenna Darabond. What the hell happened to Jenna Darabond? Well, uh, we’re not sure exactly. Um, I have
my best people on the case though. According to research, her Facebook hasn’t received
a status update in two months when she just wrote, “I am the one who knocks.” I don’t
know if she was buying a door or what, but this case is cold, it’s ice cold. Ok, well why haven’t we just- She hasn’t even been tagged in a photo since
Winter Carnival okay! I have six freshmen staking out her house
in 24-hour rotations. Ok, well, regardless, why don’t we just with
the fucking five people we have? Did you not read the entire Cheer National
Handbook PDF that I emailed to you? No. Trisha! Article 4, section 6b: In order to compete,
all cheer squads must cheer with a minimum of six members. Failure to do so will result
in disqualification. And I will not run the risk of disqualification
in front of Jeannie Halverstad. Sorry. Who the fuck is Jeannie Halverstad? Seriously, do you think I’m sending these
emails for my own fucking good? Trisha! Jeannie Halverstad is the top modeling agent
for pre-teens and young adults in all of the Central, South, and Eastern United States. She is also the head judge of the 2013 Cheer
National Competition. She has direct connections to Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Sassy Magazine. Don’t forget Teen Beat. I didn’t forget Teen fucking Beat Trisha!
One word from Jeannie Halverstad, and I can go from part-time model to semi-full-time
model. Fine, but if we want to win, we can’t just
bring in any ass-hat off the street. They have to be good. I mean this isn’t the
fucking water polo team. I pissed a little! I pissed a little! Alright, who’s first? Next! Next! Goddamit fine! Alright thank you! I think she showed some
real promise there! Next! Oh fuck me! Where the hell have you two been? Well, we got a series of part-time jobs! Yeah, we really been getting our shit together! Ok, come on, come on, come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on. My shin! Too far. Hi! Hi. Hi. Wanna buy some knives? Hey, it’s Judy and the Red in the morning! Oh you know what that means! Time for traffic
with Rachel! Um, there is a car. It’s in an accident. It’s
really bad! Oooo-kay. Do you have a cheer prepared for your tryout? Yeah you bet your ass we do. Ready? Ok! Give me an O! You got your O, you got your O! Give me a
V! You got your V, you got your V! Give me an
E! You got your E, you got your E! Alright, I think we’ve seen enough! Oh! Did we get it?! Well, why don’t you give us a chance to talk
it over, and then we’ll tell you no later. You guys wanna buy some knives? Next! Guys, what did you think they were spelling? Well, hello ladies! Um, don’t you go to another school? Well, yes, Blue Valley Northwest, but that
doesn’t mean that I don’t have spirit! Right, but this is a tryout for Overland Park
Cheer Squad. You can’t be on the team if you don’t go to our school. Well, then maybe you shouldn’t post your flyers
in a goddamn Starbucks where any boy with a dream and a triple whip mocha frap can see
it! Good day! Hey we’re still on for facials Friday night,
right? Oh sweetie, I get a facial every night! But,
yes, we’re still on. Love ya, bye! Wow, that girl was beautiful. Next! belinda Hello girls! Lunch Lady Belinda, this is a cheer try-out. Yeah, not a meeting for the Association of
Old Bitches Who Smell Weird and Serve Shitty Food to Minors While Making Inappropriate
Comments Under Their Breath! Oh! The AOBWSWSSFMWMICUTB! I didn’t they had
an Overland Park chapter! Haha, oh girls, very very funny, but I think
you’ll all change your tune when you see this! Ugh, did you get that out of the trash! Finders keepers, losers pay retail. Ew, it has a blood stain on it. Do you know how much of my wardrobe has a
blood stain on it? It doesn’t even fit you! Shot of the dress clearly not fitting Belinda. So, um, Lunch Lady Belinda, are we, uh, gonna
hear a cheer, or…? We are so fucked! Mackenzie! Stop with the fucks! Your hair! What does it even matter, Trisha? I’m not
gonna need my fucking hair if we’re not even able to compete! How are we gonna find someone? Ugh, I know, so many good choices! Brittnay! What the fuck is going on with your
phone today! I don’t know, everyone keeps texting me about
this stupid Youtube video. Oh, it’s probably that Epic Cheerleader Meltdown
video. It’s so funny! What Epic Cheerleader Meltdown video? Oh you haven’t seen it? Here. Trisha plays the video on her phone. What the fuck?! Trisha, how many views does this have? I don’t know like, 6 million. Excuse me. Why didn’t you tell me about this? Well, I mean, it’s funny, but it’s not Cat
Dressed as a Shark Riding a Roomba Chasing a Duck funny. Trisha, you know, that’s me, right? You’re Epic Cheerleaer Meltdown? Oh my god!
Can I have your autograph? Who the fuck even put this on the internet? Uh, a fucking genius, that’s who! What the fuck are you doing here? I’m here to tell you two things: you’re famous
and you’re welcome. Welcome for what? Well since you ruined my episode with your
hot little gutter mouth, I decided to salvage what I could by posting your rant on the internet,
and now the network wants to give you your own show. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I’m getting my own TV show?! Yep, TV show, all about you, your story, what
you’re all about. The Brittnay show! You’ll love it, it’s a
lot of fun. Only thing is you can’t curse and you can’t
make any references to sex. Uh, excuse me, that video on the internet
is filled almost exclusively with cursing and references to sex. Exactly! That’s why you’re getting your own
TV show! But if it’s my own show, it’s all about me- All about you as long as you’re the you that
we want you to be. But the me I want to be likes to curse. Not as much as you’ll like money! But I like talking about sex. You’ll talk a lot more about how famous you
are! Britt, we need to deal with cheer nationals. Ooh, cheer nationals sounds like a great first
episode. Actually, we’re not going to be able to go
to cheer nationals without a sixth squad member. And we need to figure that out. Problem solved! I’ve got your sixth member
right here! saison Good afternoon Brittnay! No fucking way! I think you mean no freaking way, and let
me just tell you audiences love watching you yell at a pregnant chick! So she’s in, I’ll
see you in Daytona Beach! Bring sunblock, bitches! Wait, wait, does this mean we have seven members
on the squad? (On the phone) Hi, do you have cheer uniforms for kids? Yeah, yeah, yeah,
negative 8 months. Yeah, waterproof, please. This is my school, it’s Overland Park, but
by court order, I can’t be here after dark. Give me a V! V. Give me an A! A. Give me a G! Oh, no. No. No. No. 2, 4, 6, 8, this is how I masturbate! Please, god no. Settle down, it’s just a cheer. Plus there’s
no outlets around here, how did you think I was gonna do it? (Cheering) Eat my taters,
enjoy my tots, here are my buns, and this is my twat. [email protected] Out, bitches.

100 thoughts on “Cheer Tryouts | MPGIS S2 | Episode 13”

  1. "This is my school its Overland Park! But by court order I can't be here after dark!" "Eat my taters, enjoy my tots, here are my buns and this is my twats. [email protected] out bitches!" I love lunch lady she's such a creep.

  2. I can't believe know one has pointed out that Rachel and Judith actually got a chance to try out yet Shay just shows up and immediately gets rejected hmm kinda tells ya something lol

  3. I'm rewatching this series and if they really wanted to win they should've dropped the whole issue with Shay and got her onto the team. B)

  4. Has anyone noticed McKenzie and Trisha's neck's got extended and McKenzie sounds different then what she did in the first episode?

  5. Did yall know that if you have the auto generated captions on that right after McKenzie says "it doesn't even fit you!" the captions read "shot of uniform clearly not fitting Belinda"…?

    Just thought you would like to know. It's relevant…

  6. After watching this series a few times over, I have a theory: Is Trisha secretly intelligent? Because she has great memory and deduction skills. And there have been plenty of television characters thought of as hiding their intelligent to benefit in some way…

  7. Brittany: Trisha you know that’s me right?
    Trisha: GASP You’re Epic Cheerleader Meltdown?? OH MY GOD can i have your autograph???

    Me: 😂😂DEAD

  8. At first I didn’t really know how I was feeling about Judy and Rachel but they really did get their shit together and are my all time favorite character improvement examples 😂

  9. This is my school
    Overland Park
    But by court order
    I can't be here after dark

    LOL love lunchlady Belinda

  10. Ok but 0:42 to 1:25 made me realize that Trisha isn’t as dumb as most think and she actually know a shit ton of legal and current information

  11. Trisha is basically a text book lady coach and intern. Seriously, how is she so dumb in every other aspect except for cheering???

  12. Trisha: “her status says I am the door that knocks”
    Message I’m gettin is that the bitch committed suicide

  13. I know i'm a bit late, but this is so well made. Even though they have not physical expressions, there's so much expression in all the movements, that they don't even need it. Congratulations for the show, the jokes are also amazing.

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