Cheerific – Episode 02

Hey there, sports fansSo, apparently,James Toh, the star rugby player
from the Sunway Bears,will not be taking part
in the intervarsity rugby tournamentOh, dear!We are going to miss himWho knows what’s in store
for this young talent?I wonder what he could be up to Ready… Okay! Keep your hands by your ears,
and don’t lean back Vicky, what was that? Are you keeping time? Sorry, Coach, I missed the timing Then catch that timing! And keep your feet tight! You’ve been doing this
for months, Vicky If I see your bases move
more than one mat in order to catch you, the whole lot of you
are on squat parade One more time, from the top! You! You’re late By two minutes Two minutes is still late, James Coach, it’s his first training session We always start 15 minutes
before practice time I think James here
needs to know the rules! What rules? Wildcard rules Rule number one! Safety first! You have one life to live,
one body to cheer Everything you do
as a cheerleader, you do it safely
with precision, uniformity and care Safety first! Rule number two! Be on time! If you can’t be on time, if you can’t keep time, if you can’t be in time, you can’t cheer Next time you’re late,
you can show yourself out Two minutes, water break! Is that it? That’s it Only two things Be safe, be on time,
and you might just survive cheer Actually, there is one more Cheer up! In cheer, the only way is up Get up, train up,
never give up, all stunts up That’s very cheery We are cheery Lukas, stop freaking him out What are you waiting for? What? Stop fidgeting.
You look so cute in this shirt I look ridiculous No, you look fine, babe Do you two lovebirds
wanna get a room? Settle down, everyone! Okay, for the benefit
of our late bloomers, we’ll walk through the routine
one more time We’ll start off with Basket Tosses
in a one-two formation Group A and C will come in
from stage left, Group B, from stage right James, you’re replacing Terence.
You’re in Group B Later, we’ll demonstrate the stunts
for you to see Right now,
we’ll walk through the routine first So after Baskets, it’s Partner Stunts Formation is an inverted V,
with my team taking downstage centre Team Lukas, you’re upstage centre James, you will take
this position for Baskets… and this position for Partner Stunts The cheer segment is simple,
so we’ll leave that out for now James, I just need you
to remember one simple rule – during a stunt, it is of paramount importance
to keep your eye on your flyer Her life is your responsibility We are three weeks away
from competition, and I think it’s best
to let you know that first Hey! Where are you going? Sorry! I need the toilet! Am I going to expect more
unexpected calls of nature from you? No, I’m good, Coach Great From the top. Mark your positions We’ll walk James through Let’s go -Okay Ready… Okay! C-A-R-D-S! Let’s go, Wildcards! 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 5, 7, 8 -Oh 1, 2, 3 Yeah, so, to replace Terence,
now you just watch them Yeah Try to do the same thing. Come on We’ll guide you Just watch them Yeah, you just watch them Right. Okay, remember,
left leg, left hand Left leg? -Yeah Okay, now you try No -Just do it How can I do that? You can -I’m a rugby player Now you try Are you okay? Are you okay? You all right? Try again? James, do you think practice makes perfect? Yes, of course No, practice does not make perfect Practise the wrong techniques… and you will see mistakes
done to perfection But practise the right techniques and… you might make it as a cheerleader That was a good first session,
don’t you think? If face-planting is a mark
of a good cheerleader, then yes, it was a great first session It’s only your first day You’ll get used to it But I don’t wanna get used to it I’m a rugby player, not a cheerleader Just a couple of days ago, all I had to think about was
getting the rugby ball across the try line Now? I need to catch a flying human being
that weighs 50 times more than a rugby ball, and I’m responsible for her life It just takes a little bit more effort,
that’s all It takes more than just a little effort I should’ve never let you
talk me into doing cheerleading I was just trying to help I gotta work Keong Yes, Dad? You going to work? You have a game this week, right? What game? It’s marked here I’d better tell my boss
I want to take a day off to watch your game Dad, it’s not an important match You… don’t have to come Semi-finals aren’t important? Anyway, it’s been a long time
since I watched you play Actually, Dad, I… What? Never mind. I would love for you
to come and watch me play Of course I’ll be there I’m going to work now Hey, you’re here So what are we doing here today? We’re gymming I’ll be your training buddy Let’s go Hey, babe! Go and start your training Nice. You good? Yeah, that’s fine -All right Hey! Now? -You’ve got it Come on, push Squeeze, come on Lightweight All the way down Push… Come on Yeah, come on You’ve almost got it Yeah, nice! 15… 16… 17… 18… You good, bro? Three days Huh? Three days, and I promise you
you’ll be a tip-top vanilla gorilla Gorilla? Yeah, like our mascot Your mascot is a gorilla? -Yeah James -Oh Hey, guys How’s it going, man? It’s all right Wildcards? Is that the cheer team? Yeah It’s really too bad that
you got dropped from the team, bro James, why would you choose
to become a cheerleader? What’s wrong
with being a cheerleader? There’s nothing wrong
with being a cheerleader It’s just not rugby You think cheerleading
is beneath you, don’t you? I didn’t say that You didn’t have to You asked, “Why would you choose
to become a cheerleader?” You used the word “would”,
implying you have a prejudice, instead of using the word “did”, which would’ve sounded a lot more
like a genuine question… coming from a curious friend Let’s go See you around, James Chloe I just want to say thanks For what? For… -Defending you? Something like that I wasn’t defending you I was defending cheer Are you embarrassed… that your rugby teammates found out
that you’re a cheerleader now? Look – if being a cheerleader
bothers you this much…I’ll never quit Yeah Don’t quit I’m not going to quit Ever -Great But, on a side note… I think it’s time you just suck it up
and get on with it Yes, I need the scholarship, but, honestly, I’d rather not let anyone know
I’m in cheer Oh, sorry I’m so sorry Stupid mother-freaking gorilla If there was any more beer in my pint,
I’d make him buy me another one No, two! And a new shirt! Wait, what did you say? I said I would make him
buy me another shirt No, before that I’d make him buy me a new pint! Before that Two pints? Three pints? Bro, I don’t know. You tell me! “Mother-freaking gorilla” Huh? 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 1 Omigod What the hell is this? James, what is the meaning of this? Coach, I know we have a great cheer team, but I think we need a little something
to make us stand out from the rest Our mascot – the Mighty Gorilla Think about it I could work the crowd
before the performance I think it’s a great idea I’d rather he monkeyed around
as the mascot Do you really think this helps? I need a replacement cheerleader, James, not a monkey Gorilla -What? It’s a gorilla -I don’t care! If you value this scholarship
that you have with cheerleading, I suggest you’d better
start acting like a cheerleader Hey, Keong -Yeah? I already told my boss that
I’m gonna take time off… to go and watch your game You did? Yeah, I’m very excited
to go and watch your match But, Dad, I won’t be playing
in the match this week Why? Because I got kicked off the team So, can the scholarship
be transferred to another sport? Yes, but there were
no other sports available, except for one What sport? Cheerleading What’s that? It’s like dancing You know how to dance? That’s why I think
I should drop that too But you don’t have to worry
about the school fees I… I will take up another job But if that doesn’t work, I will quit school and work full-time And then? Become like me? I work two jobs every day, sleep less than three hours, can barely feed myself… and still have to support you That’s why I think
I should take up the second job I work two jobs just to make sure
that you don’t end up like me Is this the kind of future
you want for yourself? Quit school? Why can’t you just
bear with it a little longer? It’s not that easy, Dad Haven’t you heard the saying? “Things are always tough
in the beginning” Just try It’s always difficult at the start,
but it’ll become easier after a while That’s easy for you to say Talk is cheap Well, what do you expect? I can’t possibly study for you! I’m only studying
because you and Mum want me to What did you say? Huh? Your mum and I are the ones
who want you to study? Your mother, before she died, she only had one wish One… wish! Dad, what are you doing? Dear I’m very sorry Can you not be like this? -Shut up! I’m talking to your mother Your last wish… for our son… I’m sorry I don’t think I can help you fulfil it Sorry, dear After the pop, double down, dismount,
then it’s straight to final blocking The two centre groups
will have different poses… because they’re sharing centre Okay Noted Looks like you’re in time Wildcards! Let’s hit some stunts! ASU! ASU! Not a gorilla today?James, cheer is about a team moving as oneYou are part of a larger whole,so you need to be aware…of everyone around you Unlike rugby, nobody here is your opponentHave I offended you in any way?So are you picking on me…because I’m the new guy? Not everything’s about you, James I feel you, bro Huge change from being a star player, huh? “James cannot do this “James’s not ready for that” It sucks, man I’m serious I need your help You guys accepted me onto the team, and I just don’t want to disappoint you 5, 6, 7, 8 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Nice Captions: CaptionCube

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