100 thoughts on “Cheerleader Daddy”

  1. The dad in this has his own series called blackie sack where he plays a hacky sack pro and is also a degenerate, who couldve guess

  2. Have always loved this commercial since the first time I saw it on TV. The best out of all commercials! #inspiration #encouragment #dadpride

  3. oh those boys are much too much those boys are much too much! (clap clap!)  we got the spirit we're hot  we can't be stopped! (x2)  we're gonna beat em! bust em!  bet em! bust em  that's our custom! (x 2)  let's get a little bit rowdy r-o-w woo! dy!!!!!

  4. not only is it enjoyable to see this dad do what it takes to be there but it's equally awesome to see no negativity in the feedback area. I could only imagine what it would be like if all posts had nothing but positivity.

    On a separate but obvious note…I love this commercial and it too brings a HUGE smile each time. Thanks.

  5. It's fatherhood.gov not .org. The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse did this ad not the National Fatherhood Initiative.

  6. So funny anyone who can watch this with a straight face has some serious problems lol so adorable I think the old lady thinks he's rapping or that he's insane lol

  7. This was a beautifully made video with a strong message behind it. Reminds me of my dad practing my tae kwon do with me when i was younger. As I accidentally ruined his suade shoes..but..positive parenting non the less! Kudos to real fathers

  8. lol they should've given him pom poms, now he just looks silly. kidding, of course. i ADORE this ad!!!

  9. I LOVE it when he says, "One more time"…and starts twirling around with his daughter! So sweet and soooo beautiful!

  10. This was back when people actually cared about others and made commercials on how people should be better , now everyone makes commercials to benefit themselves to make money

  11. Bring this commercial BACK!!!  It is much needed in low-wealth communities to encourage fathers to be DADS.

  12. He thought I wasn’t poor but I’ve asked before. If he could even start showing compassion as I had when he were poor.

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