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Cheerleader Generation: Cheer Demonstration (Season 1) | Digital Exclusive | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Cheer Demonstration (Season 1) | Digital Exclusive | Lifetime

– Hi guys, my name is Jordan.
I’m a freshman here. And I’m on the Ole Miss
cheer squad. And today I’m going
to be showing y’all how to pull a lib
and a stunt. So how you’re gonna pull a lib is you’re gonna be standing
on your right foot, and pulling up your left, and putting your toe
to your knee. And you’re also gonna be
lifting through your core, squeezing really tight. And pulling that high V. How you would stay tight
and steady in this stunt is that you can put
your big toe up and squeeze your ankles
really tight. And also locking out
that knee. And you cannot forget
that smile in the air. So I’m gonna be
explaining to you how to do a toss chair
in co-ed. You’re gonna be
jumping onto your guy and he is going to be
holding, like this, like almost a seat. And you’re gonna be
pulling a regular lib, and setting back,
and pulling that high V, and smiling and waving. So I’m going to bring out
my teammate, Noah, and we’re gonna demonstrate
and show y’all how to do a toss chair. And that’s how you do it. – Hey everybody,
my name is Noah. I’m a freshman here at Ole Miss. And part of my story about
becoming a cheerleader is that really never
started there. It started off
on the football field. I was offensive linemen. And becoming a cheerleader,
I had to learn how to take my arms and my shoulders
from being here all the time, to putting them up here. And so part of that transition is just learning how to put them
and where to place them, because whenever you’re
holding a girl up, you need to make sure
that she is up there solid. And she is not moving at all. And one of the most basic stunts
you can do in extension, you’re basically just
gonna hold the girl up with your shoulders
and arms raised as high as they can go, in line. You’re gonna get
a good shoulder width base with your feet, not too far. That way you’re not
wobbling everywhere. Not too close, that way you
just have a sturdy base. And then you’re gonna
keep your core tight. Gonna keep your head in line
with the girl. You’re gonna make sure she’s not
too far out in front. And you’re gonna make sure
she’s not too far back. That way everything is just
in a straight line. Part of being a base
is a lot more than just holding a girl up
in the air. Sometimes something
does not go right, and she ends up having
to come out of the air, and part of being a base
is you have to act quick And so, in order to do that, when you’re holding her up,
and whatever stunt it is. You gotta make sure you
do not hold onto her feet whenever she’s falling. You need to get rid of the feet, grab the waist or any part
of her upper body so that her head or none of her
upper body hits the ground. You have to act quick.
Sometimes it requires jumping. Risking your own body so that
the girl doesn’t get hurt. I’ve seen a lot of it
happen out here, but that’s just part of the job. Because if the girl
cheerleader’s not happy, nobody’s gonna be happy. Now that we’ve talked about
how to hold an extension, I’m gonna show you how
to do it right now with Jordan. And there you go. That’s how you do
toss extensions. – My name is Casey. I’m a Freshman at Ole MIss.
And I’m a flyer. And I’m gonna show you how to do
the perfect pushup. So first you’re gonna
get down on your knees, hands on the floor, make sure
they’re shoulder-width apart. You’re gonna stick your feet
out, make sure your butt flat. You don’t want your butt
up here. Make it flat, and you’re
just gonna go down, hold it for a second,
push it back up. And just do that
over and over again. And if you’re good,
you can try it with one arm. [ laughs ] Clearly, I’m not good enough. So I’m gonna show
you one more time, but I’m gonna do
it to the side, so you can see proper form. So you can see my butt is even
with the rest of my body. Not up here. We don’t need to be
doing pushups like this. And when you do go down, make sure your arms
are at a 90 degree angle. So you’re not doing them
way up here. And you’re not doing them
way out here. You want to be in close,
shoulder-width apart, go down, and back up. Go down, and go back up. And down again.
And back up. And that’s how you do
the perfect pushup. And pretty soon you’ll have
guns like these. – Hello guys, my name is Kevin.
I’m an Ole Miss Cheerleader. And I’m mainly know for tumbling
and looking good. Today, I will show
you guys a tutorial on how to do the perfect tuck. First, you gotta have
legs like these. You should not attempt
this at home. But if you do, then the first
thing that you have to do to have a perfect tuck is you have to have a perfect set,
which is here. To here. And bring your hands. To your ears, reaching
as high as possible. Always in your tuck, make sure you get the highest
jump that you can. So here, set, jump. Now, once you jump,
you will feel your body, sway back a tad bit, but
do not throw your head back. The reason you do not want
to throw your head back is once you throw your head back it takes your middle
from going up completely off. It throws off your body line. The other danger of tucks is, once you set, you
can’t think in your head, “Oh, I’m too high.”
You cannot freak out. Take it one step at a time
and get in the correct set. Start small.
Start here. Here. And then from there,
just continue gaining air. As you’re in your jump, and you
reach your highest peak, bring your knees
to your chest. You’re body should
do a perfect rotation. Most people… come to their back to pull,
knees to chest. Some, front to pull.
Knees to chest. I prefer back,
because once you land, you just snap up. And the harder
you pull from here, the quicker your tuck is. So, again, from the top. Here, get set, jump. Knees to chest, pull, land. And now, I will do a perfect
tuck for you guys. When you first start
doing tucks, or first start wanting
to do tucks, make sure you go
through tuck drills. Tuck drills are basic. Sit-ups, bull your knee
to your chin. Jumping onto objects that
are about waist high. You can start doing tucks on
a trampoline with supervision, you can go to your local gym. Make sure when
you do your tucks, you always have a spotter. Tucks are a repetitive thing. The more you do,
the greater they get. Good luck out there, guys. – My name is Nick.
I’m a senior at Ole Miss. And I’m also an Ole Miss
cheerleader. So a hands cupie is a really
intermediate stunt. It’s just pretty much going
from a prep level up to an extended level,
holding the girl with one hand. And so to do that, you gotta be
able to do toss hands first. Or get to a hand, somehow. And after you do that,
you gotta dip with your legs, driving up with your legs
and your arms at the same time. Guiding her left foot
to the middle of your body line, opening your hand,
squeezing both feet tight, and shrugging through your
shoulder the whole time. So the importance of shrugging
through your shoulder the whole time and making sure
you have a good body line, that’s going through
the middle of your body, is because if your arm
ever comes out, it’s gonna put a lot of stress
on your shoulder. and it’s maybe not
gonna look as good. What I’m about to demonstrate
is a hands cupie. This is Maddie. This is the best spot
in the world, Coach Blair.

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