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Cheerleader Generation: Coach Ryan Prepares to Parent (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Coach Ryan Prepares to Parent (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

– Kyle, I think you should
put down your book, because I want to
look at these again. I constantly have a lot
going on with work, especially now that Nationals
is right around the corner. But I’m already
26 weeks pregnant, so I’m going to try
to slow down, and enjoy these pregnancy
moments with Kyle as best I can. We can see so much.
– I know. – Little face.
– He looks just like me. – Yeah, think so? You can already tell? – No, it just looks like a baby.
– [ laughs] It’s like a black
and white picture. – I love when people say that,
“Oh, it looks just like you.” – I know.
– What are you talking about? – I’m gonna send it to mom. She’s gonna be so excited.
– I know. – Her and my dad both.
My dad will probably be like… – Yeah.
– The most excited. – Think so?
– Yes. I think this might be
when he shows emotion. Like how he has never
in his whole life. and then at my wedding,
he lost it. – Yea, lost it. – So, I think this
is another moment where he’ll do that.
– Yeah. – I knew being pregnant
would make me more emotional but I had no idea it would do
the same thing to my parents. It’s really nice to see
this side of them and just see them
being so affectionate. I’ve always wanted
that from them so it’s really nice
to feel that love now. So, ready to be parents? – I guess we gotta be, huh? – Yeah, we don’t have a choice.
– No, no choice. Yeah, we’re gonna be good. – You think we’re
gonna be good parents? I’m terrified. – Are you?
– Yeah. I mean, I just have–yeah. I just have so many students,
I’m like, gosh, I hope– You know some of them, I’m like, how do I get my kids
to turn out like you. – And then some you’re like,
“Dear God, I hope my kid don’t
turn out like you.” – I know one thing,
you know, not that– I mean I think I like
the way, obviously, that I’m always, like,
a people pleaser for my parents especially. But, I do want
to verbally make sure that we affirm them as well, and let them know
we’re proud of them. I think I’m always
looking for approval, like always, from my parents, and like, “Did I do
this good enough? “Tell me please,
say you’re proud of me. Tell me that I
did something right.” I mean, I don’t
think it should be for like, everything that they do. Like, “Good job.
You breathed today.” – Absolutely.
– That I think is important too. So, that’s something that I know
I want to do differently. Although that I love
that my mom is very “Actions speak
louder than words.” Sometimes it is nice to hear,
you know, “I am proud of you,”
or, “I love you.” And I feel like sometimes
I have to coax it out of her. Like, yes, I know that she is. But sometimes it’s nice
to hear it. So I hope that as a mom I will be able to tell my kids that I’m proud of them
and that I love them. Maybe a little bit more. – I like it.
– Yeah? – I’m not really worried
about being parents. You just think it’s
gonna come easy and natural. – It’s gonna be a breeze. – Yeah, a breeze?
– A breeze. – Oh, Gosh.

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  1. Oh yes, it's just going to be a breeze .. eXpecially when they become teenagers. Have fun .. and don't forget to tell them how proud you are of them 24/7. It's only when we become parents ourselves that we can learn to forgive our own for their lack of foresight. I love (miss) you mom and dad. 🌹

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