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Cheerleader Generation: Don’t Distract the Cheerleader! (S1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Don’t Distract the Cheerleader! (S1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

[ music ] ♪ Don’t think I don’t know
what you’re doing ♪ ♪ Don’t think I don’t
know your kind ♪ ♪ You’re stirring up trouble ♪ ♪ Better stop messing
with what’s mine ♪ – Hey. – Hey.
– What’s up? – Nothing. Chilling. – So, um… So I was talking– I went over and talked
to Donna and Maggie. – Okay, and?
– And… I feel like we need to come up
with some strategies for you to get
some better sleep. Especially with Nationals
coming up, like, you have to get your rest,
you’re the main base. You’re holding people’s lives
in your hand. Basically, really, if you drop
them, they can break a bone. Break a finger or anything else.
– Okay… – So you have to be
on your game. And so I feel like… that, like, when you’re
upstairs in bed, I hear your phone going off
and going off and going off. – That didn’t happen.
– So what I think we should do, is at night,
I should take your phone and put it downstairs. – [ laughing ] – Yes!
– No! – Mallory, it’s…
– No. Absolutely not. – It is for your own health. And it’s for the health
of everybody on the team. – I feel like that would
give me more anxiety about what’s going on
on my phone when it’s not right there
and I can’t see it. – We need to have your phone,
downstairs. So that it’s not
distracting you. And you know, hopefully
that’s not gonna give you that much anxiety, but I feel like
it’s for your safety. And you need to get some sleep. So I’m just gonna take it,
and put it in your room. And we’ll see how it goes
for the night. – Okay. – Still have my computer. – Well, if you still
have your computer, then we can take that, too. – ‘Cause we’re gonna take
all the media away. And you’re gonna have
a nice, silent night.

20 thoughts on “Cheerleader Generation: Don’t Distract the Cheerleader! (S1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime”

  1. Cheerleaders ? rule!!! I was a cheer coach and I love cheerleading. Now I have my nieces cheering also.

  2. They’re putting new shows on lifetime, I can’t keep up. I hated cheerleaders back in high school, because they thought they could rule the entire school and acted like they were perfect. But this show looks interesting ?. ?

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