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Cheerleader Generation: Elissa Keeps Missing Her Stunt (S1, E5) | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Elissa Keeps Missing Her Stunt (S1, E5) | Lifetime

Today, we still gotta work
on everything for competition. So you can’t be slacking off. OK? Come on. This is our last practice
before sectionals. You guys, [inaudible] I
want to warm up inversions and do all the stunts. What are you supposed
to do, Hannah’s group, if you miss the stunt? Get back up. Yeah, or hold it. Hold it in a half. Hold it in a half. All right. Go to high, everybody. Ready? Up. It is very important that
these girls can go through all the stunts and hit them so
that when they take the mat, they have all the
confidence they need to hit the entire routine. And 3, 4, 5. 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. We got a stunt
we can’t even hit. It is very frustrating to
watch Elissa in practice because she falls
50% of the time. Ah! Do we trust her? Do we not trust her? All right, guys, pyramid. Girls, come on. Pyramid. 5, 6, 7. Come on, y’all. Come on, Tracy! Shoots forward. 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3. Dip, dip. ELISSA: It’s the day
before the competition. It’s really getting to my head. And I’m thinking about
falling rather than hitting. And so it’s scary because if
I don’t get out of my head, then I can get replaced,
which really risks my chance of being in at Nationals. 1, 2, 3. OK, hold on. That does not look good. [music playing] Hi, kiddo. What’s up? Nothing. I just had a really
bad practice. Oh. What happened? My stunt just
still isn’t hitting. I try so hard, and I’m
giving it all I can. But it’s just a mess. Like, I’m so frustrated because
I don’t want to disappoint my coaches and my teammates. So I’m really nervous
about sectionals tomorrow. And, like, I’m also
worried because I don’t want to be taken off the mat. I have worked so hard for it. And my goal is to
go to Nationals and hopefully get a
national championship. Mm-hmm. So you didn’t get up once today? I mean, maybe
I hit one or two. That’s out of several tries. Wow. What should we do? Are there any
drills or practices? I don’t know. Like, I’m trying so
hard to get it back and it’s just not–
like, it won’t happen. Well, you need to eat better. I’m really worried about that. I need to eat better? You need to get to
bed a lot earlier. It’s just stressful
with these practices going so late and over time. Then I have to go home, and
I have to shower, and do my schoolwork, and study. And I’m tired. I go to bed late. So then the next morning,
I’m cranky, and I’m tired. And then I’m stressed
out even more. I just want to break
down and cry sometimes. But you work best
under pressure. It’s hard to put a smile
on my face and stay positive. Elissa is putting so much
focus and attention on what’s not working in cheer right now. You know, of course, I
want to see you succeed. But you know, I expect an
innate strength about her and expect that
she can handle it. All right, it’s getting late. We need to get you fed and
probably need to clean up. You got homework? Yeah, I gotta take a
shower and do homework. Yeah.
All right, let’s go. All right.

28 thoughts on “Cheerleader Generation: Elissa Keeps Missing Her Stunt (S1, E5) | Lifetime”

  1. Cheerleading is so much work! Omg! Yet the cheers must go on! I think cheerleading and dancing is the reason I am still flexible today. I was not great at stunts either, but I got better. Back in the day, they didn’t have a padded floor during the halftime show and they tried to kill us. 🤣❤️

  2. All i watch is litterly only dance moms on lifetime and decides to watch this , feels a bit copyrighted im sticking to dance moms

  3. this show is trying so hard to be dance moms and it’s not working.. nothing will ever be as iconic as dance moms, sorry about it.

  4. The new episode didn't come on Tuesday. Lifetime please fix it because you guys owe us 2 episodes next week

  5. Is this show still on? There was no new episode last week and there’s a movie playing tomorrow when this is supposed to be on!

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