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Cheerleader Generation: Nick & Jordan Struggle with Partner Stunt (Season 1, Episode 2) | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Nick & Jordan Struggle with Partner Stunt (Season 1, Episode 2) | Lifetime

All right, let’s go. It’s crunch time to submit the
tape to qualify for partner stunts, and Nick and
Jordan have yet to hit their partner-stunt routine. All right, let’s go. Videos are coming. The partner-stunt competition
is a one-minute routine, and it’s jam packed. It’s very difficult
because it’s no tumbling, no jumps, anything. It’s just stunt, stunt,
stunt for a minute straight. Pull it. You’ve got it.
Let’s go. Good block. Let him throw. Slip. Four people will not be able
to go to nationals this season, and as a freshman, my
chances are a lot lower. So I think my best shot
in going to nationals is to perform with Nick doing
partner stunt competition. I just want to cheer
and do what I love. I’m telling you, if
you you don’t squeeze, you’re not going to get
through the routine. If I have to save everything,
it’s not going to work. You have to learn the routine. What’s different
than before tryouts when you guys stunted together? I think the stress and just
the time that you have to put into partner stunt is a lot. And, you know, being in
a relationship with Nick and having to work with
each other all the time, it tends to, you know,
get out of hand sometimes, and we’re not always
on the same page. I’m pretty upset, but
I’m not going to quit. Let’s go, Nick. It’s good practice
just to keep going. Nick and Jordan are both
extremely hard workers, but if they don’t make
it through their routine and submit a tape, it will
be impossible for them to qualify for nationals. Go Jordan. Good block. Come on, hold it. Hold it. Toes up. Breathe. Let’s go.
Big reach. Big reach. Roll up. Hold that. You got it. Breathe. [INAUDIBLE]. You got it. Just breathe.
You’re fine. You’re fine.
You’re fine. Get over him. Get over him. No! I’ve never done that. Well, you know what it is? I thought we were
training [INAUDIBLE].. Hey, that was better. That was much better. You made it through much more. I am a little frustrated,
but at the same time I have to remember that Jordan’s never
done partner stunt before, not even done collegiate cheer. If it was easy,
everybody would do it. I can do every single one
of these stunts by itself. It’s not the problem. The problem is
doing it together. That’s why it’s hard. I think Nick is
frustrated just because he’s always
wanted to compete in a competition like this. So when we mess up, we really
do get down on ourselves. Let’s do at
least one dismount. Let’s do the front
one and a half. No, I want to talk because
you’re getting frustrated with each other, but you do have
a partner in the partner stunt. So make sure you guys
know what’s going on or talk to her during the
stunt and say what we’re doing. It’s hard sometimes
to separate, like, relationship from coaching. I can’t take it as my
boyfriend’s getting mad at me. I can’t take it as my boyfriend
is, like, yelling at me. She’ll do whatever you
think is best in this routine. I mean, she trusts
you completely, but just make sure that she
knows, for both of your sakes. I do not love when
my athletes date each other on the same squad. Nick and Jordan were
dating before tryouts. It’s not like I was going
to say please break up or you can’t be on the team,
but I really don’t encourage it.

21 thoughts on “Cheerleader Generation: Nick & Jordan Struggle with Partner Stunt (Season 1, Episode 2) | Lifetime”

  1. i always wanted to be a cheerleader, but i’m too tall😂

    p.s. i’m a small youtuber trying to grow 💕

  2. I’m a cheerleader and I’m stuck as a backbase, also the other day I went to a competition and we came 2nd!

  3. The guy is so strong but he gets tired ofc he'll get frustrated he keeps lifting her up for over an hour (≧▽≦)

  4. A lot of cheer coaches make the mistake around nationals of not letting their muscles heal. They're not going to be able to do their best if they're weak tired.

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