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Cheerleader Generation: Prepping for Regionals (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Prepping for Regionals (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

– I just hope people
don’t freak out today, because like, we’re actually
on an elevated stage. – Oh yeah, and the light,
like, blinds you. – Yeah, it’s just like, black. So I think that might
freak some people out. My group has not hit
in front of a crowd, yet, when we’ve performed. At the pep rally, we fell. – Are you nervous
about anything? – The only thing I’m really
worried about is my mom watching,
just because, like, she hasn’t watched
our routine yet. My mom, I want her
to see, that like, we’ve been working really hard,
I’ve been working really hard. And that’s why I want to hit,
to make her proud. – I always talk about how
I think our routine is good. That’s why I want to hit,
so I can like show her, that it actually is good, but. – What happened with
your stunt the other day? – I don’t know,
like we went up, and I already felt different, from the dip to go
to the high-to-high – You know that it’s not gonna
hit if the first was bad. – Hannah was like,
tipped over to my side. – No, I saw that. – Her whole body was tilted
over to my side. – Yeah, it was kinda weird. – Any time we fall
on a first stunt, she… She lets it affect
the whole routine. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think when she falls
on one thing, she can’t stop
thinking about it. ‘Cause I can tell,
when I looked at her, after we fell on
the high to high, she was like, scared.

24 thoughts on “Cheerleader Generation: Prepping for Regionals (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime”

  1. Nobody even likes this cheerleading show and we really don’t need these clips- just post dance moms! Presley’s solos keep not getting aired🙄 It’s not that you don’t even air the solos you pretend they never happened , talk about ‘Reality Tv’! You always dismiss Savannah’s routines too, probably because she doesn’t cause enough drama

  2. Why are people so mean about this show it’s actually good and people need to stop bringing up Dance moms because this clearly isn’t Dance Moms

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