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Cheerleader Generation: Ryan Has High Expectations for Her Mom’s Team (S1, E3) | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: Ryan Has High Expectations for Her Mom’s Team (S1, E3) | Lifetime

[inaudible]. Today we’re going to start
working and preparing for regional competition. This is our first practice
leading up to the regionals, and it’s really nerve
racking because this is our first competition. But this regional, we just
need to get top five in order to qualify for nationals,
and I can only use 20 of you. And then when it comes
time for nationals, it might be a different 20. Just always keep that in mind. It could change every day. I want these girls to know that
if they don’t execute things the way they need to, there
are plenty of other girls that would do anything
to take their places– All right, let’s go. –and be willing to try anything
to make those stunts work. We’re going to do all
the stunts, the pyramid, and we’re going to get
another opinion on this and see if she thinks our
routine’s going to maximize the score sheet, OK? Oh, she’s gained
a little weight. Don’t look at my belly. When Ryan comes
to practice, it makes me very nervous
because, like, many of us want to go cheer in college. She, like, can hold
any of our futures. Sorry I’m a little late. It’s OK. How are you? You look great. I love coming back
to Dunbar and just getting to see my mom coach
and my former team practice. Just walking back into the gym
brings back so many memories, and I’m really grateful for
the opportunity to be back. When you watch this,
I want you to pretend the stunts are hitting. I’m expecting not
good things if I walk up and she says just imagine. I have really high
expectations, and I know that’s hard for these high
school girls to understand. But, I mean, I
would have my best practice if I was in
their shoes and an SEC college coach walked in. When Hannah just
stands up, we got to– how we come out, we’ve
got to work [inaudible].. Come on girls! I really value
Ryan’s opinion today when she watches the
routine because she looks at it maybe the way
the judges are looking at it. Good, Gabby! Much better, Alyssa. Let’s go.
You got it. Stand up. Back! Back! Back! Shoot. Hannah! She did just sit down. Hannah, that one
was going to hit. Why would you bend your knees? You’re going to have
to talk to this child. Hannah, obviously
you didn’t purposely try to bend your
knees, but that means you weren’t focusing hard
enough on keeping them straight. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. I know she can hit everything
that’s in the routine, and when we have her up in the
air and she bends her legs, there’s, like, no
reason for her to do it. It’s kind of frustrating
too when Ryan’s here and my stunt’s falling
because it makes, I mean, not just me look bad but it
makes, like, the team look bad. I’m going to be
totally honest. Thinking about what skills are
in there, if we can hit them, they’re going to be great. But I think you guys
have to remember that the score
sheet is execution, it weighs a lot more
than difficulty. At this point, I would
probably water down the skills and say hitting a skill
of lower difficulty is going to score better than
trying to go for, you know, a skill that we’ve hit, you
know, two out of five groups. Make sure you guys
are practicing the way that you want to perform
it because if you get in a habit of accepting that,
that that’s good enough, then that’s how you guys
are going to perform. You’re going to be mediocre. Mediocre is a choice
just like, you know, being excellent is, so
choose that at practice. Looking at this team
and at this practice, my hopes of winning a national
title are dampened a little. It’s going to be a
difficult challenge to try to gather this group
together and make them buy in and believe that we
can hit these stunts. Every day is a good day
because we know where we got to go the next day, right? So we know where we
got to go tomorrow.

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  1. i am a cheerleader and this happens to me .so if this happens to you just keep trying you will get it you just need time.

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