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Cheerleader Generation: The Coaches Strategize (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: The Coaches Strategize (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

♪ We in the sky ♪ ♪ We stay on top ♪ ♪ Feelin’ fine
We stay on top ♪ – Ooh, that looked
pretty good. – Their drink?
– Yeah. – I’m excited to try this place,
I’ve never been here. Wanna talk about Regionals.
– Yeah. This weekend is Regionals. This is the first big
competition of the year. And that is the competition
where you qualify for national competition. So we need to discuss solutions
to some of the problems that have been going on. These girls are really
nervous about performing in front of their peers. – That group as a whole, right now, is just
feeling pretty defeated. Because we had that
terrible practice. – Stand up!
– Fast, fast! – That wasn’t just her.
I mean, she did sit. But that one sat, too. – Hannah, that one
was gonna hit. Why would you bend your knee? – I think we’re seeing a lot
of technique struggle because of that. – So at practice
for Regionals tonight, we gotta find a way to get
these girls some confidence. We don’t want
to water them down. I’m worried about the girls
hitting their stunts. It’s definitely worth
simplifying a stunt if it means qualifying
for Nationals. – Mallory is the one that
stands out to me in the cheer. I think she feels
torn right now. She doesn’t know what to do, because she feels torn
by her family. – I really thought about
whether I was gonna go to Regional or come out
for your wedding. And, I don’t think
I’m gonna be able to come out
for your wedding. – I understand.
– Sorry. – I think she knows she
made the right decision. And her mom knew she made
the right decision, so. – Yeah, um, how about Maddie? – I know she
gets frustrated a lot. But she’s a leader.
And people follow her. – Yeah.
– And so when she’s doing good. I think people will
follow her to do good. Especially Hannah. – Lift up the leader Maddie.
– Me too. – What do you think
about Elissa’s stunting. – I think she thinks so much
about what she’s doing that it impacts
what she’s doing. – Yeha, we need to fix that.
– You got a plan? – All of them?
– Yeah. [ laughs ]
I just don’t want them to fall with the pressure on them.
– I know. – Stunts stress me out because they’re
so inconsistent. With the routine simplified, we have less possible
points to earn. So every stunt
is going to count. There is no room for error. – Say your prayers.
– Yeah.

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