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Cheerleader Generation: The Dunbar Squad Falls Apart During Rehearsal (S1, E4) | Lifetime

Cheerleader Generation: The Dunbar Squad Falls Apart During Rehearsal (S1, E4) | Lifetime

This is our last practice
for region coming up, UCA. We’re going to try to
qualify for nationals. For cheerleading competitions,
there are two major divisions. There’s the game-day division,
and then there’s 2 and 1/2 minute traditional routine. Game day is a
division where teams perform things that are
appropriate for a game sideline performance. I am most concerned about
the traditional routine where there’s a lot of tumbling
skills, stunting skills, and usually requires
a lot more difficulty to win in that division. Now, the first 45
minutes we’ve got to fix traditional routine, OK? We’re going to
change some things. Double-ups are gone. We’re going to try low to high. We’re going to do that
and pull an arabesque. And we’re just going
to warm up the sets, and we’re going full out. As a senior on the team,
I’m used to Miss Martin making different changes to the routine
right before a performance, but it’s nerve-racking just
because I miss my dad’s wedding for nothing if we don’t win. We’ve got to get rid
of all the deductions. And I know it’s tough
to change stuff. We’re going to do it. We’re going full out. Go. Quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick. We need to get at least
fifth place in order to get that bid to go to nationals. I sure hope the difficulty in
our routine will get us a bid. It’s going to be a little risky. Execution is huge. You have to hit your stunts. All right, start at
the beginning full out. Good, Emily. Come on, Mackenzie. You got it. The traditional routine
starts with tumbling, and then it goes to a low-to-high stunt. I modified once the
top girls are up, all they have to do is lift
their legs to hit an arabesque. The last two stunts
are the inversion and the pyramid ending. I feel like we need to
keep both of those in order to qualify for nationals. Good! Come on, you all. Nice job, Emily. You’ve done that
almost every time. Judges want something
that looks clean, and that’s really what
we’re striving to do. We really need to
work on the inversion because that’s what
we’re struggling on most. Oh my God. Hannah, you might hit
that inversion if your legs weren’t this far apart. Do yours again. Hannah, you’ve got to
keep your feet together. I can’t hold her foot. I know. I know. At regionals, the
judges are looking for difficulty in stunts. I cannot take out
this inversion. These girls better find
a way to make it hit. Feet close together, Alyssa. Feet close together. You all drop them in
toward each other. Miss Martin has
lowered her stunts down, and I’m still struggling. I’m really hoping
I don’t screw up. Don’t want to be the
reason that we lose. Straight up, Alyssa. Regionals is tomorrow, and
I’m worried about the girls hitting their stunts. Hannah is not hitting
her inversion. And I’ve simplified
the stunt, and Alyssa still cannot hit the arabesque. I need these girls to step
it up or I may have to pull someone from the nationals mat. All right, guys, come here. Hey, OK, we’re going
to do game day. We’re going to perform it. We’re not going to practice it. We’re going to do it. I’m not happy about the
traditional routine, but we have to move
on to game day. Defense! Hold on, defense! Louder! Defense! Hold on, defense! Hannah! D-U-N-B-A-R. Maddie, you’re
better than that. Say the words! Yell! Cheer! Red, black, white, cheer! Red, black, white. Stop for a minute.
Stop. Stop. Stop. You’re making a conscious
decision to slack. Your effort is terrible. Listen, pick up your dang faces. These girls are not
focused on energy. We had some mistakes,
but it should not bother us for game day. I mean, what do we got to do? I mean, you’re giving
those points away, and, like, you’re
giving them away. Literally, yes. And you think
because you’re saying the words that that’s yelling. No. Your voices are really lacking. Every chance you get
to work on your face, your voices, your emotion– you all should be so dynamic. All right, do the cheer. Let’s go. My team has qualified for
nationals 29 years in a row. I need to see a big
improvement if we want to win. Red, black, white. Alyssa, look out. Red, black, white. Better, Hannah. Dunbar fans– Right there. –let’s hear it again. Red, black, white! Red, black, white! That was better. All right, guys, come here. I’m going to let you up. This game-day routine is
not where it needs to be, but it’s better than
where we started. Sorry we let you out late, but,
you know, we’ve got some issues that we have to fix. You know, region’s
tomorrow, and see if things go a little better. All right, any questions? If we don’t get a
bid to nationals, then our competition
season’s over. Dunbar’s reputation
is on the line here. I expect these girls
to get this together. It’s now or never. Change your attitude tomorrow. Leave everything out there. Come in here, and
be ready to fight.

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  1. That's what practice is for…glad this is practice tho, because they looking pretty bad at this point?…wish them the best of luck, tho??
    UPDATE: I didnt know that this is an old show…did they make it to nationals?!

  2. wow, in the allstar world we have 9 year olds hitting stunts better than these girls. (And im referring not just to the flyer but the bases) why are these girls so far apart and just give up… if they competed in allstar they would get last place.

  3. Lmao this is crazy bc the Dunbar team had another show on lifetime back in 2006 and that teams skill set was off the charts

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