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Cheerleader Jump Workout | Cheer Exercises Using Kinetic Bands

Cheerleader Jump Workout | Cheer Exercises Using Kinetic Bands

Speaker 1: Now, we’re going to work more on
Megan’s hips, her hip flexors. We’re also going to do some inner thigh work here all
at the same time. We’re going to do what’s called a side lunge. Megan’s going to squat down, step out with
that left foot, stay low, stay low, and then drag that right foot. Okay. Now, keep going.
Keep going. Do another one, step out. Make sure you stay down instead of coming back
up. Step out. These are hard to do. There you go. Okay. Now, let’s come back. I want
you to step out with your right. Stay down. Drag that left foot. Stay down when you’re
dragging. Step out with your right. Drag and then try to step out a little bit farther
to give you more room to drag. There you go. Okay. Now, where do you feel that? Megan: When I step out, I feel it more in
my hip and then when I dag my foot I feel it in my inner thigh. Speaker 1: You’re feeling it in your inner
thighs. What we’re doing is we’re working one side of the hips and then we’re equalizing
and working the inside of that thigh. One of the things is important for girls; we are
seeing a lot of what we call groin injuries. A lot of people think that maybe girls don’t
have groin injuries, but they really do. That inner thigh muscle is very, very important.
If we’re only working the quadriceps or we’re only working the hips, then we’re building
strength on the outside, but not on the inside. We want to compensate for that by doing that. Okay. We’re going to add another exercise
to work the inner thighs. What Megan’s going to do is what I call a pendulum or a crossover.
She’s going to take, take your left foot, bring it out, and then bring it across, okay,
and then bring it right back. You don’t have to go away out, just right
back to the start; go out there and pause. Now, do you feel that on the inner thigh?
Okay? I think I’m hurting her. All right. Now, you can also see that that’s going to
be working balance once you can do that. If you feel that maybe you can’t do that right
away…Megan, if you’ll go back to the wall, you can do that, do the same thing, and accomplish
the same goal by leaning against the wall, and having that support you a little bit.
Again, we want to compensate. We want to equalize the outer part of her leg with the inside
in the leg. Okay. Another area that we’re going to work
is, we’re going to start to work on her kicks, and then we’ll move into her jumping. What
we’re going to do is we’re going to start with a front leg kick…If you go ahead. She’s
kicking. She’s working. She’s working those muscles and that core, right there.
Now, if you will take those bands and just unbuckle them. The one thing about the Kinetic
Bands is you can work out before a workout. You can workout at home. You can also do this
while you’re actually doing your sport specific training. Okay. Let’s do those kicks again. Okay. Boom. Now, you should be able to see
the contrast of when she had the bands on and when she took them off. Obviously, she’s
going to kick higher. The bands were applying resistance which were working…which will
ultimately build leg strength. That’s going to build flexibility and balance. How do you feel the difference?

10 thoughts on “Cheerleader Jump Workout | Cheer Exercises Using Kinetic Bands”

  1. Thank you USNAR: We hope that all athletes train with normal exercise, stretching, good eating habits and sleep. the Kinetic Bands are simply training tool that helps athletes improve their game. working abduction, adduction, quads, hams, glutes, hips, lower back and lower abs all contribute the CORE development and athletic improvement.

  2. @CHEERLEADER174 It will be much more effective around the bottom of the foot but it could go around the ankle.

  3. @myosource around the bottom of the foot? I'm confused! and where can i buy the kinetic bands?

  4. @iSelenaBee5531 You can be any weight or size. There's no requirements. Just put your mind in to it and be dedicated, and that's how you become a cheerleader.

  5. I have a question I am 13, and weigh some where in between 118-120 pounds. I am a cheerleader and I want to make my jumps higher for try outs. I have about 2 or 3 months befor try outs. Where do i purchase them?, What colors do i need?, How many times a day or week do i use them? I need to know as soon as possiable!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you.

  6. go to the Cheer page on our web site and follow the jump training videos and you will love the results. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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