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Cheerleader Karate School “Introductions”

Cheerleader Karate School “Introductions”

(mysterious music) (ominous music) – Can’t you go any faster? – Can’t you shut up? (growls angrily) – God, you are six signs of ugly. – Why can’t you leave me alone? – We can’t do that. – What is this? – It’s the end. (growls angrily) (suspenseful music) Like I said. (explodes violently) – Seriously, you couldn’t
let me get one punch in? – You went against the plan, Fi. – It wasn’t gonna come out on its own. It needed bait. You should be thanking me. – You know we’re supposed
to keep this stuff quiet. There’s no telling how
many people saw her. You should be listening to me. – Well, at least I’ll get a souvenir. Smile. (shutter clicks) (somber music) – You do the learning stuff
inside the building, Keegan. – I know how it works, Mom. That’s how it worked for three
years at Cooper High School. – I thought we settled this issue. – We didn’t settle anything. You just stopped talking. – Because I’m tired of
having this conversation. We’re here in Denton. California’s in the past. This is the present and the future for us. – Yeah, I love how much you included me in the discussion about
the cross-country move. – Oh, I didn’t have a choice in that. Your father made sure of it. – You had plenty of choices. Just because you and dad had a falling out doesn’t mean that– – A falling out. You call leaving us for a
Tinder tramp a falling out? I was nothing but the perfect wife. Taking care of the house,
of him, of you, all while holding down a job and being
president of the damn PTA. I can deal with your
father’s ungrateful attitude. You have no place here. (somber music) – [Counselor] So it look
like you are a junior. – Huh? What? I’m sorry, can you repeat that? – Your credits don’t transfer. Not all of them anyway. – But they have to. They’d better. I was a senior in California. – Well, here at Dakota High School, your credits indicate you’re a junior. – But if you look at my transcript again– – [Counselor] I’ve
examined it several times. – You’ve looked at it once. – I’ve actually looked at
it about half a dozen times thanks to multiple
conversations with your mother. – You spoke to my mother about this? – Extensively. – And she didn’t tell me? – Well, you know what, that
really sounds like something you and your mother can discuss after school. In the meantime, your classes await. I look forward to you
becoming a valuable member of the Dakota High School student body. Oh, and hey. Go fight (mumbles). Yes! Man, I’m so good at this job. – Views, likes and shares,
it’s music to my eyes. – Were you not listening
when we gave you the whole keeping things secret
speech when we let you in? – Of course I was listening. I just wasn’t planning
on following the rule. I mean, this is some cool
stuff we’re seeing and doing. You don’t want any documentation of it? I mean, you do stuff, tell
people about it, show it to them, bask in the glory you can get. That’s how the world works. – We’re not supposed to
tell people what we do. – Relax, if it’s the identity thing you’re worried about, I pixilate out our faces. No one can tell who we are. And I’m still getting likes
and shares and tweets, and that’s good with me for now. – Just because you got in
doesn’t mean you stay in. This isn’t a game. – It’s cheerleaders saving the world. I can’t be the only one
finding humor in that. – Trust me, if you’ve seen the things we have, you wouldn’t think that. – And what’s that? What are the big bad secrets around here that I don’t know about? – Look, just stay in line or there could be some serious consequences. – Like people have gotten
kicked off the team before. Have people got kicked
off the team before? – Trust me, there are worse things than getting off this cheer team. (phone vibrates) – Sweet, got another one. (upbeat music) (bell rings) – Hey. I couldn’t help but notice you weren’t paying attention at all in there. – Yeah, I wasn’t. – Well, aren’t you new? Shouldn’t you be trying to get caught up with the rest of us? – I had the class last
year at my old school. I’ll be fine. – Oh, cool. You can help me then, I’m floundering. I mean, I’m Barron. My name is Barron, but in
the class I’m floundering. Not like a nickname thing. Just, well, my grades suck. – I got that. Keegan. – Keegan. That’s a cool name. – So, yeah, I should
probably get a number for you so we could talk about the class material. Keegan?
– Huh? – [Barron] Your number. – Yeah, I’ve got 10 of them. – What you standing around here for, man? Come on. We got a pilot to plan. – Yeah. Yeah, right, let’s go. – I’m gonna say it again. Stay out of my face, Fi. – I’d be happy to once
you stop talking stupid. Since when do you think you’re qualified to call the shots here? – It’s my right. – OK, you two, stop it. Both of you. We don’t need this right
now, not at school. – No, no, let them go. I need a new fight video
for my YouTube channel. The view counts on the others
have pretty much chopped off. – That’s not important right now. – It’s always important. – You know, just because
your sister did it one time, doesn’t mean you get that (mumbles). – No, you don’t get to talk about her. Not after what happened
and not after what you did. – Make me. – Hey. (laughs nervously) Everything OK here? – Beat it, we’re talking. – Sounds like a volatile conversation. – We’re fine. Get out. – Whatever. What the hell? (Fi laughs) (suspenseful music) Aren’t you going to stop them? – No, it’s better to just
let them work it out. – This is working it out? (suspenseful music) – On this team, it’s kind of what they do. – You guys are on a team? And you fight like this? (suspenseful music) – Check my video channel
and see for yourself. There’s this one fight
after a cheer competition. Man, I thought they’d
never stop going at it. – Cheer competition? You guys are cheerleaders? – You can’t even take me
and you want to be boss? I don’t think so. (suspenseful music) – This is ridiculous. If you’re not going to stop them, I am. OK, that’s enough.
– Get off! – What is going on here? Oh. – What do you mean, oh? Don’t look at me like I’m
always the one causing problems. – Well, from the looks of things, looks like you’ve dragged your friends and our newest student into
whatever it is this time. – Having a little girl talk. – Right. Well, you can have this
discussion in detention. I will not have this happening this week, particularly since we
have testing going on and our elite status is
hanging in the balance. (all talking) Enough! You all have detention. End of story. I hear another word from any of you and I’ll make it two days. A word of advice. If you want to stay out
of trouble at this school, you will steer clear of those girls. – Yeah, I plan on it. (electricity buzzing powerfully) (ominous music) – You go to Chris’ last week? – No.
– It was crazy. Oh, it was the best time of my life. Hold up. Hey, buddy, you all right? Buddy. – [Girl] Hey, get off him. (ominous music) – I need to find the one that summoned me. (ominous music) (mysterious music) – What do you mean you can’t? Mom’s therapy ended 20 minutes ago. I know it’s usually my day,
but I’m stuck at school. No, I don’t want to tell you why. Fine. – I don’t even have to look at you to know that you’re staring at me, Heather. – I’m on a schedule, Tyesha. I have to pick up my mom from the rehab center and I can’t do that here. – Well, then talk to the new girl. If she had just minded her own
business and let me kick her ass like I was going to, then
we wouldn’t even be here. – Wait, you weren’t gonna beat anything. – Five more minutes. – You always need five more minutes. – Aren’t you guys supposed
to be part of a team? – Aren’t you precious? You need to stop thinking
kumbaya and start thinking hunger games with this group. What you saw today was tame
compared to heated it gets, particularly between those two. But let’s talk the elephant in the room. You, what you did back there. How? Why? When did you learn? – Learn what? I don’t know what happened back there. – What happened is you exhibited a flare. – A flare? – A burst of the chi
your body carries around. – [Keegan] Chi? – Energy. Energy from your body. From our very soul. Everyone has it flowing through them, but to call upon it, harness it, that takes training, discipline. I mean, all of us can do
it, but we worked at it. We continue to work at
it to really master it. But you. – Me what? – That’s the one million dollar question. – Let’s go. This attitude of yours
has got to stop today. Go. (suspenseful music) (mysterious music) Fighting at school? Fighting each other at school. You weren’t chosen and trained to be fighting with each other. It brings unnecessary
attention to yourselves, to me, and most importantly
this thing we have going here. I thought when we were starting this program that you could handle it. You’re only to fight when
there’s an elevated threat. An elevated supernatural threat. – And me kicking your ass up and down the hallway doesn’t count. That’s just every day that ends in Y. – Next time, I’m gonna
make sure I break your jaw so I don’t have to hear your speak. – Hold on, we’ve been at
this, what, 35 minutes? But it seems like Fi and Tyesha think y’all have 30 more minutes in you. Let’s get it. – No. I’m done here. Fi’s the one who got in my face. – Oh no, you’re not done, Tyesha. Tyesha. – Let it go. – And what would you have me do? – She just needs to cool off, so let her. She’ll be fine. – How do you know that? – Just listen, you’ll get it. – No, what I need to get is
why we’re doing this again. Why are we using kids
to protect the world? We’ve seen it when things go
wrong, when they go wrong. We should just leave them out of this. – It’s necessary. OK, you can’t keep blaming
yourself for what happened. – Tyesha does. And she’ll continue to blame me, I’m sure. With me leading the
squad, that’s not good. OK, we should just cut our
bait now and do this ourselves. – Not with your injuries. – See, you keep trying to play me short. Why are you doubting me? You’re the one that pulled me
out of law school for this, and now you’re keeping me on the bench? – I really wish I hadn’t. I never wanted to involve
you in any of this. – Well, I kind of had no choice. It’s a family bloodline. Why wouldn’t I do this? – Look, Mark, I’ve always
admired your dedication to the cause, but I still think
you’re better off in here. And the team, the team
was chosen for a reason. We only need to be confident and steadfast in our training of them. – Right. Right. OK. Well, you know, speaking of chosen, today when I was picking
the girls up from detention, I felt something, I swear. – Felt something like what? – It was the same kind
of energy as the girls, but it was from a different student. – You sure that wasn’t just runoff from Fi and Tyesha’s fight earlier? I mean, you know it takes
them a while to simmer down. – No, no, no, this was different. This was… It was new. It was like a new power emerging. (suspenseful music) You all right, Sue? – I just felt a surge of darkness. It’s faint, but I think I can track it. It seems the girls have a job to do. – Yeah. – How was school today? Did you find your classes OK? Did you meet any nice students? Want to tell me about detention? – Way to softball that
question in there, Mom. – I’m just trying to figure
out how you managed to get detention on your first
day of school, Keegan. – It wasn’t my fault. There were these girls. I actually think they were cheerleaders. And they were fighting. I got caught in the middle and… – Why would you hang around cheerleaders? You hate them. – I know that. They were fighting, I got
caught in the middle, and then– – [Mrs. Fox] Then what? – Nothing. And let’s not avoid the
real issue here, Mom. – What issue? – That you pull me out of my real school with my real friends
from our real hometown and don’t even tell me
that I’m going to have to repeat an entire year of school. I mean, what the hell, Mom? – Watch it, young lady. You may do the cussing thing with your friends, but not with me. – I don’t have any friends here, Mom. They’re all back at home. – Should I have told you
about the credits, yes. Forgive me as it slipped my
mind as I dealt with your attitude, silence, and death
stares since we moved here. – Dad said you were
hiding something from me. – When did you talk to your father? Why did you talk to your father? – That’s none of your business. Why wouldn’t I talk to him? – Because of what he did to me, to us. Hey, it’s his fault that we’re here. You want to blame someone, be mad at him. You’re supposed to be on my side. – Your side? There shouldn’t be sides, Mom. And why are you making this about you? – Because everything is supposed to be about you always, right? – In this instance, yes. – Keegan. (somber music) (ominous music) – Hey. Look, I’m gonna need you
to stop following me. What the hell? What the hell was that? I think I lost him. (Keegan screams) – [Heather] That’s enough! – [Siphoner] You won’t keep me from her. – Pretty sure you’re wrong about that one. (suspenseful music) – Rock, paper, scissors? – Come on. – Let go of me. – [Siphoner] Fading. No. It’s not over yet. – You guys again? – Wake up, Sleeping Beauty. We’ve got some indoctrinating to do. – What? – Brice, will you let her
get her bearings before you start assaulting her with
that twittergram business? – I’m just going to pretend
you’re being purposely sarcastic because if you’re
genuine, that’s just sad. – You just need to worry about keeping things off social media, OK? – Here, drink this. – What is this? Where am I? – I’m almost certain you don’t want to know what it is, but it’ll help. – I don’t want anything
to do with any of you. – Sorry, but you kind
of don’t have a choice. – OK. I’ll ask again. Where am I? – You’re at the Copeland Cheer house. It’s a cheerleading karate
school that I run with my sister. – Cheerleading karate school? – Yeah.
– Seriously? – Perky chicks and roundhouse kicks, baby. – That doesn’t sound any better no matter how many times you say it. – It’s marketing genius. People love rhyming in promotions. We’re missing out on commercial gold here. You realize it isn’t the demon hunting keeping the lights on here. The students and trophies are. You should just be happy
I’m thinking this stuff out. – Can you guys not talk so loud? God. Why does it feel like I have a hangover? The last thing I remember,
that guy was chasing me. And then did he slip
me a drug or something? – He didn’t slip you anything, Keegan. He was actually trying to
take something from you. – And not your booty if
that’s what you’re thinking. That creepy creep wanted your life force. – [Keegan] My what? – You remember back in detention when me and you were bonding? – Bonding? – Right, talking about life and chi and all that sort of thing? Well, that demon wanted to
suck yours right out of you. – I’ll take it from here, Brice. Thank you. The rest of you hit the mat. Fi, lead them in some (mumbles). – Let’s go. – So this is really a cheerleading school? – It is. We’ve been around for about 10 years now. We’ve won titles, championships. We built quite a reputation for ourselves. – Obviously there’s more to it. – [Mark] There is. – So, where does the karate come in? – Well, that door only opens
if you’re chosen for it. – Who decides that? – I do. And my sister. Often times, an individual
shows us something special, kind of like what Brice said
you showed today at school. – I don’t know what I did today. I don’t want to know. – Look, Keegan, there’s
evil in the world, OK? Demons, monsters. They go by many names, but
their intent is all the same. Bad things. Evil things. And that’s where we come in. We stop them. – So you have an army of
kung fu cheerleaders you use. – No, no, no, no, no, see, the students at this school don’t even know what’s going on here. They have to express certain
characteristics in order for us to pull them behind
the curtain, so to speak. – And you can pick up on that? Like, a bloodhound? – Well, after years of meditation, yes, and honing my own chi,
I can pick up on it, especially when it’s at elevated levels. All right, think of it like when you’re in front of a hot stove. Feel the heat rising off of it? It’s the same feeling. Just like that. – I don’t think so. I don’t have anything coming off of me. – Well, you wouldn’t know
exactly what to look for. But any moments of outbursts,
like anger, sadness. I don’t know, maybe something rattled on the table nearby or maybe
a door shut suddenly. And maybe even the ground vibrated a bit. – Well, my dad had this punching bag in the garage that he would hit whenever
he got stressed out. Whenever my parents got into it, argued, I would go out there and hit it. The night my dad left,
I hit the bag, hard. It came off the chain. I thought it was just old and weak. – No, it sounds like it’s
much more to it than that. – Right at the moment that it
happened, I felt this rush. Then it was gone as quickly as it came. – Yeah, a flare. – The same thing happened
when that angry girl tried to punch me, and then it was gone. – Until you’re better
trained, those random flares, they come in times of stress or danger. – OK, but that doesn’t explain who that guy was or why I’m here. – That’s the interesting part. Keegan, you let him out. – I what? – That man, that thing, it’s what we call a siphoner. They’ve been sealed up for generations by ancient magics all across the Earth. It takes a certain amount
of energy to free them. When they’re freed, their
sole purpose is to find that source of energy and consume it. – And then what? – Then they die. – That doesn’t make a lot of sense. – Hey, I don’t make the rules. We just try to learn from them to make sure those things don’t happen. But look, with you here, we can train you. – You have me here for a recruiting pitch? – Well, yeah, I mean,
you have the potential. We just have to see where it goes. – I think it’s time I go. – You can’t go out there, Keegan. That siphoner is still out there and he will come back for you. – My mom has pepper spray, a
taser, and a gun at the house. I think I’ll be fine. – Hey, where are you going? – Home. – But did you not hear the pitch? Is it not the coolest thing in the world? – Not even a little bit. – We’re like superpowered monster busters. – She wants to go, let her go. – Mark said she has potential. – We’re doing just fine without her. – Well, if that demon is still out there and still gunning for
her, then she needs us. – You want to babysit, do right ahead. – Fine, I’ll do it myself. Hey, Keegan, wait. Where are you going? – Home. I don’t want any part
of your kung fu army. I have enough drama going on in my life. – I know, I know, it’s a lot to take in. I was kind of surprised myself
when Mark and his sister brought me into the office
to talk about it all. I thought I was in
trouble because I’d spiked Bethany’s water with a
laxative because she was being a royal bitch to some
of the new girls, and… Totally not important
right now, of course. You know, I’m kind of
surprised at how well you’re taking the whole monsters
and mayhem aspect of this. – That’s because I don’t
believe anything that he said. Demons, come on now. – It’s hard to believe, but it’s real. And believe it or not, you did have a crazy guy trying to kill you, which just proves you
need to be here with us. We’re not at full strength and, hey, I could use someone below
me in the pecking order. Hey, you need to leave her alone. She’s one of us now. – You know you’ll die
if you kill me, right? Oh, God, are you even gonna
pretend like it hurts? Good, I think I lost him. (screams loudly) – I can sense you. There was no way you was gonna be able to hide for very long. – You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to hurt me. – Yes, I do. It’s what I was made to do. – You never thought to ask why? Use some free will and do something else. – I may not have a happy
ending, but trust me. I’m going to enjoy the trip. – Hey, you leave her alone. You want to go all vampire
on someone, take me on. Wow, you’re really gonna listen to me? – Actually, it’s a good idea. I drain her life force,
I’ll surely perish. But with you as an appetizer, I could delay just for a moment. – Trust me, ruining
moments is what I do best. (suspenseful music) Run. – [Keegan] Leave her alone! – It’s you I want anyways. (suspenseful music) – First thing we need to do is– – Kick that thing’s ass? I’m all over it. – Check on Brice and that girl. – You good? OK, now just stay back and
out of the way so (mumbles). – Not gonna argue with that. – Getting close to me was
a very, very stupid idea. (suspenseful music) (ominous music) Time to die. – No! (screaming painfully) – You people again? I was hoping this was
all just a sick dream. You all right? – Me? Oh yeah, I’m great. Trading blows with an
energy-sucking superdemon. It’s like a typical Tuesday around here. Not saying that if you’re
here in training that you could have done a better
job at helping me fight it. – Thanks for saving my butt back there. (phone vibrates) Man. She just keeps calling and calling. – You know, had you not
rushed out like you did, we could’ve better prepared you for that encounter with the siphoner. But that’s OK. When we start training–
– Training? Training who? That thing is dead. I don’t want any part of this craziness. I’m going home. – We don’t need her anyway. Four is fine. – She kind of grew on me. Between detention, facing life
and death, siphoner danger, I think we really bonded
as sisters, you know? – I know you’re home, Keegan. You might as well come
in here so we can talk. (somber music) – Look, I know I didn’t answer my phone. – For hours. – For hours. But I needed some air. I figured we both did. And I got really lost and– – I don’t care Keegan. – What?
– It doesn’t matter. I know you needed some air, some space to calm down about things. I’ve been expecting these issues with you since we moved here. I’d never expect you to be 100% on board with uprooting our lives and moving here. – That’s putting it mildly. – But we are here now and
this is where we will be. I should’ve told you about
the grade so we could’ve talked about maybe a plan
B, C, or any other letter. – But you didn’t. – And I’m sorry for that. I know the last few
months have not been easy. Our world has been turned upside down and it angered me, scared me. I guess in that I didn’t
think as much as I should’ve about how it would affect you,
too, and that was a mistake. – I could’ve handled it better, too. But I want you to know that
I am mad at both of you. And just because I talk to dad doesn’t mean that I love you any less. He’s my dad. – Well, I can’t speak
for him, but I see that. – I love you, Mom. – I love you, too, baby girl. – I don’t seem to smell dinner cooking. – Well, if you want to unpack the plates, silverware, all the perishables, grocery shop and get to
cooking, be my guest. – Maybe now’s a good time to check out the local restaurant scene. – That sounds like a great idea, and you can tell me all about detention. (ominous music) – [Susan] I was wondering
if you were gonna show up. – Are you sure about this? – Absolutely. – Does Mark know? – No, and he doesn’t need to know, ever. – Going behind baby brother’s back? Guess things did change around here. – You realize that with
us, things get collateral. – Do what you must. Just find him and stop him. Sorry Mark, you’re just not strong enough, so I will take care of this. (ominous music)

6 thoughts on “Cheerleader Karate School “Introductions””

  1. The beginning intro takes way to long. Its unnecessary for a internet video. plus the weird overlay u have on the video looks bad. Also after u show all the actors you then show clips from the show which is an odd choice sense we will see this later in the film so showing us this now is not needed at all. 1:26 JUST to get to the actual video is WAY to long for an internet video ( yes i know its 41 mins but still that will make most people ether click off or skip it ). Also it looks like you just edited Raw footage together without any color grading. Colors are all over the place and doesn't really blend together nicely . Some of the audio you probably should have ADRed. Some ether sounds bad or it spikes. The makeup job on Scales or whatever the blonde girl is called looks really bad and the Hand print is stupid looking. It just looks like bad Halloween makeup. 2:19 audio is super quite hard to hear them yet you have the punch sounds super loud. you need to work on balancing your sound . To many jump cuts at 2:32 gets confusing sense she hits the road blocker gets punched right then ends up on the wall to her left? Doesnt make sense. 2:55 if ur gonna use VFX make sure there is a light that shows up in the real world. That swords light should be on her face. You have some good camera angles during dialogue but then some bad ones during other scenes. So idk if you have multiple people filming or what. 3:55 very off putting randomly putting the actors names in while we are already passed the intro. 6:08– 7:25 very quit I have nice speakers and i shouldnt have to turn it up pretty high just to hear them talk. 8:16 so much head space getting cut off. and this isnt the only scene like this. 10:03 this should have been addressed before you started filming. She looks like someone who never thrown a punch before. You should have shown her the correct way to hold her fists up. 11:07 the same punch noise over and over not only hurts my ears but is super repetitive. 11:14 and 12:31 idk what that was but it was bad VFX. Last time i mention it because i feel like im repeat myself more during this film but the VFX should have been overhauled. They look very bad. 15:00 the whole time she is talking is so mono tone and boring. 16:17 yet again Music blasting for no reason when the audio was low in the last scene. 17:31 what is going on? Do you not know how to move the camera up? Not at all framed properly. Also we jump from a cool temp color to a warm temp color and different depth of field. Very off putting. 17:35–19:53 long drawn out dialogue. 20 mins in and im already bored. 19:54 – 21:53 again pointless character " progression " but in this case its not because you just talk about school and how she is being held back and her dad yet its dragged out way to long. 22:45 so you are telling me instead of idk running in a loop back to her house which she is probably not even 50 feet from she runs to a park? 22:57 then super cliche moment happens. 23:18 IF SHE THROWS ONE MORE SUPER MAN PUNCH I SWEAR. also idk whats with the weird random flash of white during the fight scenes but its off putting. 24:06 such a weak and odd fight scene. 25:15–25:19 is what everyone should have said when they were pitched this film. 27:25 Coaches performance is very bland and mono tone. doesnt help his audio is alot more quite then her audio. The social media girl is annoying and talks in one tone. 32:35 this movies is really good at having people just pop up for no reason randomly. The main villain does alot of standing around staring waiting for people to fight him. 34:29 what is with the bad dragonball Z esk powerup looking VFX that just are so out of place and look bad? 35:11 OH come on. we know its PVC pipes and everyone knows those dont hurt as much as getting punched. So why is he acting like he is getting hit with somthing metal. 35:44 how are you gonna have her shoot fire or whatever that is and have no sound effects at all? Ending fight could have been alot better of a fight. 37:54 this weird heartfelt music playing ( which is the only good sounding music ) is just odd and the whole mother daughter dialogue through out its pointless for me and could have done without. And the very end. 39:34 – 40:20 was probably the only cool scene in this whole thing.

    Ok so in all I know I ripped in to you pretty hard but you only get better when people are honest about what you did wrong. I appreciate your effort because i know making a film isnt an easy job. But that being said there were alot of amateur mistakes through out this that should have been fixed before you ever posted this. Some you needed to do while filming and alot of it u needed to do while editing.
    Audio – 4/10 needs alot of fixing Story – 4.5/10 it just wasnt interested to be honest. The ending was the only like " huh this might get cool " but from what i saw leading up to that i know it wont be. Action – 5.5/10 Fi was the only one who actually knew how to fight and it showed. The rest of the cast looked sloppy fighting and just in general the fight scenes were boring and could have been better. VFX 2/10. Theses were just bad. This is the type of stuff i did when i first learned After Effects. Acting 4/10 The only good actors were Gabriella and Summer. The rest ether didnt get to say much or were super bland.
    Next time try not to be so ambitious with somthing like this. This could have easily been made in a shorter time with alot of the story elements left out sense they were not needed and filmed alot faster. Seeing how long it took you to make this and then release was WAY to long with the product that we got in the end. In all this is like a 3.5/10 for me.

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