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Cheerleader Kim Jin-a Meets Kwon Hyuksoo? Kwon Hyuksoo’s #WhoAreYou Investigator Ep. 22.

Cheerleader Kim Jin-a Meets Kwon Hyuksoo? Kwon Hyuksoo’s #WhoAreYou Investigator Ep. 22.

Investigator Kwon Hyuksoo’s #WhoAreYou! (Who is today’s investigation subject?)
Who will be our investigation subject for today? I’m dying to know. Let’s go find out! (Tada!) (Hi there!?) Hello~ (Awkward laughing)
Wow, without a script this is this is so awkward. (Aaaawkwaaard…) How is your health? Yep, I’m very healthy! Nice to meet you~ Could I get your name? It’s Kim Jin-a! Ji-na? Jin! A!
Oh Jin-a~ The same as Tae Jin-a. (Now made clear)
Aaaah~ Tae Jin-a~ (Kim Jin-a, not Tae Jin-a!) It used to be my nickname.
Oh, really?! Cause of your name? (Everyone goes through it)
Yup! Exactly what crime has brought such a beautiful lady like you here? It was for getting too hyped up! (Voila!) For getting too hyped up?
Getting people hyped up! Oh, getting PEOPLE hyped up!
Yeah~ My role is to get a lot of people hyped up! (Our investigation subject’s profession is to get people hyped up?!) Wait, where have I seen you before..? Was it at Music Bank?! What?!
(Startled) I mean, because on the outside you look.. My hair’s kind of unusual right? The color of my hair.
Yeah, something’s a bit odd. You look like you belong in a girl group. (Thanks!) I’d like to know what your profession is. My profession is cheerleading! Whoot whoot~
[Clap clap~clap clap~] You’re a cheerleader!
Yup, I’m an energizing cheerleader! Wow, you even clap differently! Is this how cheerleaders usually clap?! [Does a “cheerleader clap”]
(Hyped even just by clapping!) (Super-fun clapping)
Dang, this is actually pretty fun though. I know right~ It makes you really hyper~ (Confirmed guilty)
So this is why you were charged for hyping people up..
Yeahh~ If you’re a cheerleader, is there any team you belong to? I’m associated with sports teams. For baseball, I’m with KT Wiz.
KT! Ohhhhh!!! (No wonder you seemed familiar..)
Ohhhhh now I see~ (KT Wiz for me!)
Which team do you root for? Me? Oh, I don’t really have a specific team but
Oh, really? I see. It’s not like I watch for the cheerleaders either.
(You sure about that?) It’s not like that.
Alright, I get it. Same for you guys, right?! (Picking on the viewers)
You were all wondering where you’d seen her, right? Isn’t it a busy season for you nowadays?! Yeah that’s true. I got another game today too, so I came before that! To get investigated! Oh, you have a game today?
Yeah, a basketball game! I gotta get to Jamsil.
Jamsil? So you’re taking line 1 (subway) from here? Uh, from here it would be line 5.
(Failed attempt to act smart) There’s a really good Kimbap place near here.
(When embarrassed, talk about food!) Oh, really?
Really. Man, I want to take you there but I feel like you’d have to keep your body in shape. Oh, not at all! At all?
Yeah, I eat waaaay too much. Are you the type to not gain weight easily? Nope, not at all either. Since we move around so much we need to eat a lot to stay energized. Can I join you in cheerleading when I go on a diet too? If you come visit our practice room, you’ll probably lose weight in no time. While you were talking, I sensed a bit of dialect there. [Imitating Jin-a’s dialect]
If you come visit our practice room! [Imitating Jin-a’s dialect]
You’ll lose weight in no time~! (Where’s your hometown?)
Ah darn it. You got me. I’m from Busan!
Ahh, Busan! Now that it’s out there.. (Embarrassed)
I heard that especially when you talk to your friends it’s easy for the dialect to come out.
Yeah, you’re right. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to get rid of it. Why don’t we try to simulate a phone call? With your dialect? Sure. So are we acting like friends?! Yeah friends, but it might seem like I’ve lived here and there. Everywhere. Lived in Jeolla-do and Chungcheong-do..and shortly in Busan too..
(Hyuksoo’s dialect lacks an origin) Let’s try simulating a phone call. Rrrring. Rrrring.
Wa- wait a sec. (Wuht???) Doesn’t a phone usually only ring from one side? Yeah, but I have a ringtone too!
(Excuse my ringtone plz) Yeah yeah, I understand. (Nice detail!) (Let’s try that again!)
Sorry, it’s just the phone rang from both sides so I thought there was some other person. Rrrrring. Rrrrring. Hello? Ay, what you doin?
[Both speak with a dialect] I’m in the middle of a shoot yo~ What kind of shoot? Dunno, some Kwon Hyuksoo..investigator something. (Busan dialect really sticks!) Didn’t you have a game today?
Yeah, I stopped by before the game. Is it fun? (Revenge!)
Eh, not so sure yet. Dang, when were you so honest bro? I was always honest, whatchu talkin about?! That so?
Yah~ You doin good?
Yeah, I’m doin good. How’s my dialect?
You’re good! Really?
Yep, you’re still a natural! (Real Busan dialect here!)
Wo-wow! That’s real Busan dialect right there! Still a natural~ (Real native confirmed)
It’s so real! That was actually pretty fun. (Jin-a’s second charm discovered!)
It actually seemed like we were on the phone. Your dialect is pretty good! How often do you go back home? It’s been over 3 months since I’ve gone. I’m planning to visit at the end of the year. Won’t you be even busier then? Luckily enough, my schedule’s not packed then.
[Dialect pokes out again] (Noooo!!)
Oh no, I keep speaking with the dialect! It’s fine! What’s wrong with that?! (Whining)
Nooo I don’t like it!! Why don’t you like it?!
I just don’t like it. It’s fine it’s fine. It sounds friendlier.
But I want to use a Seoul accent.. You are all currently witnessing Jin-a’s fiery passion for the Seoul accent. Your energy! Vigor! It really shows, I’ll have to admit. (Crime for hyping up the crowd confirmed!)
I can see the reason for your crime now.
Haha, do you see now? I don’t have a script right now, so there’s nowhere for me to lean on. All this time, I was soooo lonely! But your energy gave me some strength to carry on. (One more time?) Oh, this clap!! Let me do it with you!! Okay, start!
[Hyuksoo and Jin-a do the cheerleader clap together] (Perfectly in sync) Investigator Kwon Hyuksoo now has an official clap! Oho~!!
(One MORE time?!) It’s kinda all over the place, but I think that’s why it goes well with this show! (Special thanks to Jin-a for making an official clap.)
So proud of myself. So proud. Investigator Kwon Hyuksoo’s #WhoAreYouuu~? Even the smallest things, there’s so much energy. How nice is that? Now we’re about to have the long-awaited .. (Investigator Kwon Hyuksoo’s Dance Corner!)
DANCE CORNER! I’m actually not bad at dancing, you know.
I’m excited to see you. (Let’s learn cheerleading!)
Now let’s get into the basics of cheerleading. What song will we be learning? [An original cheer song:
Jilpunggado (Kinnikuman’s Opening Song)]
It’s a song called Jilpunggado that all cheerleaders should know. (Also Lee Bumho’s cheer from KIA Tigers)
This song is used by all cheer squads.
Ohh okay, got it. Music, please! (Active demonstration by a real cheerleader!)
Let’s pump it up a little! Clap clap! Get up! (An exciting start already!)
Go go go go!
Clap clap! GO GO GO GO! Ahhh wait that’s not how you do it!
[Hyuksoo’s just excited] Clap! Clap! You gotta jump on your feet too! (Point is to clap while jumping)
Jump jump! (So funny) (Suddenly stops) Whoops sorry, I got too excited and missed the part. What are we supposed to do if YOU get too excited?
(Missed it while laughing at Hyuksoo) I was too busy watching you do this! Sorry about that. [Tries to remember her part] (Memory retrieval complete)
Who are you talking to?? (Shows her goofy side)
Someone inside my head.
Okay, got it. I thought your manager was hiding over there or something. (One more time)
Okay let’s try that again. (Pumping up the mood) GO GO GO GO! (Floundering)
What the-why is it so hard?! (Powerful choreography)
It feels like I’m swimming! (Is Hyuksoo..swimming..?!) Ah, this is so hard though. (Writer’s also following along) Whoaaaa~! This move right here! WHOAA! (Perfect finish!) You really do look different!
Right right? I look like a cheerleader, right? Oh yeah, you seem different~ (Cheerleader confirmed!) Before we learn the more important moves, I’m gonna take this off. It’s too hot right now. Way too hot. I’m kinda regretting that I said I wanted to learn. (You guys can follow along too!)
Is it too hard for you?
I think I’ll be able to do it if I learn it slower. Let me start.
Sit down at geochin (line from the song). Pa!
(Stand up) Pa! Pa! [Jin-a teaches Hyuksoo line by line] [Hyuksoo attempts to follow along] Is this supposed to be gymnastics?! (Weirdly similar to gym warm-ups) [Shows Hyuksoo once more] [Tries so hard] (Same choreography, different result) Let’s just do it until here. Should we try it to the music now?! You want to turn on the music already?! (Too confident)
I no longer desire to be ignored. And what if you fail? (Flustered) Then I guess I have to learn it again.. (Start at the ‘geochin’ part!) Remember, sit at geochin! Get up everyone! Clap!
GO GO GO GO! Wa-wait! Don’t overdo it too much! GEO! CHIN!
[Jin-a starts the choreography] [Hyuksoo gets too excited and misses it] (Ah, screw it!) (Who cares!) I feel like I wanna fly somewhere! Hahaahaha, I wanna film you right now. Investigator Kwon Hyuksoo’s #WhoAreYou! Press like~! Press subscribe~! But seriously, you’re a very bright person. Yeah, I know. Cheerleading was basically my calling. You must send out so much energy to the crowd. Yep, loads and loads of energy. Do your friends call you by any nickname? It might be a bit hard for me to say on a public TV show. But it’s Jjin-a-nyong~! Jjin?
Jjin-a-nyong! It sounds really cute.
(What’s the problem?) But it’s actually Jin-a, b**ch! (Oh sh*t..) (Sounded cute at first, but…) So it becomes Jjin-ah-nyong!
Wow, they must be your really close friends. My fans are all aware of it. These days, they don’t call me Jin-a, but Jjin-a-nyong! It’s technically a swear word. Are you okay with that?
Isn’t it cute though?! (So innocent)
Nono, I mean it sounds fine. It would have been so cute if you hadn’t explained it. Now I feel too bad to call you that…
Now you’re allowed to swear at me legally. Investigator Kwon Hyuksoo’s #WhoAreYou! We’re with Jjin-a-nyong today. Not gonna tell you what that means~! Not gonna tell. Where can we see you in the future? And share with us your future plans! (Baseball in Summer_KT wiz!)
The winter season just started so (Summer: Baseball_KT wiz, Winter: Basketball & Volleyball – Total of 4 Teams to Cheer!
Right now I root for boy’s basketball, boy’s volleyball, girl’s basketball, and girl’s volleyball teams. During the winter season only. Come see me at the games! Come see me~
Got it. I’ll go visit. We give our guests 7 seconds for an official self-promotion time. Three two one. Go! Hey everyone~ I’m cheerleader Kim Jin-a! Ahhh wait! I can’t do it cause you’re counting! Please support me! Thank you! (Search Kim Jin-a on!) Dang it! I forgot what I prepared. Investigation on Cheerleader Kim Jin-a complete!
(The End) (Co-planned by TCast, Aroundus Inc., and Bucket ON)

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  2. I'm curious if she cheered at or attended any Olympic events and what thoughts she had about the North Korean cheering team.

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