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Cheerleader (OMI) – gitaarles Guitar Boulevard (english subtitles)

Cheerleader (OMI) – gitaarles Guitar Boulevard (english subtitles)

Hi and welcome to a new lesson here on Guitar Boulevard! My name is Sander Thuss and in this lesson we’ll take a quick look at ‘Cheerleader’ by OMI. OMI…I believe that’s his name…OMI… Just OMI So why such a quick look? Well, we only encounter 3 chords In this lesson the strumming base will be the campfire strum So which chords do we need? The observant viewer will have seen them already but we start off with an E chord followed by a B chord And an A chord Those are the only 3 chords we need I’ll put up some chord diagrams so I won’t be making a close up this lesson I assume you already know these chords a little bit So there’s a bar chord in here, the B chord Not an easy chord to play Later on I’ll give you another way to play it, using a capo on 4 So for those of you who are not that comfortable with bar chords yet… …will still be able to play ‘Cheerleader’ by OMI Like I said, we encounter an E chord a B and an A The original song starts out with a piano, is a piano based song anyway But why not on guitar? We’re just gonna do it on guitar. The song starts with the chords just layed out I’m not even gonna try to sing like our good friend cause I just can’t I’ll just put down the accompaniment I’ll hum along from time to time See, there you go. That’s why I’m not a singer However, you here how the chords are layed out nicely I strum every chord once First chord takes up one measure 1, 2, 3, 4 And the B and A chord take up two beats each 1, 2, 3, 4 That’s the idea The only variations in the chords scheme happens just then It’s when he sings: ‘do you need me, do you think I’m pretty…’ He’s wondering if someone thinks he’s pretty So what’s the variation? We go like: So now it’s not an E chord for the whole first measure But after 2 beats we go to an A chord 1, 2, 3, 4 That idea Then on to the chorus and for the chorus he picks up the initial chord scheme, so: Fairly easy, only 3 chords to play the entire song So that’s it for the chords, what do I use for the strum? I mainly use what I call the ‘campfire-strum’ down, down, up up, down, up I got a question about that campfire-strum recently So I’m going to make a video on that real soon So for a good explanation, go see the other video In the meanwhile, I put a capo on 4 As I promised, I’ll explain how to play it using 1st position chords, so without using bar chords Capo’s on 4 Now we won’t be using the E, B and A chords We play totally different chords but by using a capo on 4, they sound like a E, B and A chord But instead, we play a C the G, and I use the variation that appears as a chord diagram This one combines a little easier with the C So that’s G And the F, again, as is demonstrated in the chord-diagram This version of the chord also combines better with C, and G Strumming pattern’s the same as for the other chords, the campfire-strum So a C, and a G and a F So that’s for the chorus and the first part of the verse Like that, and then there’s the variation where we also switch chords in the 1st measure From C to F, to G, to F So with 3 pretty simple chords The F is not super easy But if you don’t play that easily yet, this version is easier to play than the one with the B chord So only 3 chords to play ‘Cheerleader’ by OMI! A little variation suggestion is to play it as a picking piece Lots of ways to play it Most important is that, with your lefthand (my righthand-I’m a lefty)… …you play the right chords and you can put a campfire strum to it But why not a picking pattern? Just some ideas on playing the song So this concludes the lesson on how to play ‘Cheerleader’ in a basic version With or without capo If you have questions, remarks, maybe a nice idea for a song tot do a video on… Let me know, through facebook, through youtube through our website I hope to see you at another lesson here on Guitar Boulevard!

4 thoughts on “Cheerleader (OMI) – gitaarles Guitar Boulevard (english subtitles)”

  1. Je zou deze video's eens in het Engels moeten gaan maken, ik weet zeker dat je dan meer viewers zal krijgen! Want je video's zijn heel erg goed, haha!

  2. Goede en duidelijke lessen, ik zou graag Apache van de Shadows willen leren spelen, voor beginners. Helaas kan ik het nergens vinden op you tube ? zou het fijn vinden als ik het via guitar boulevard kon leren?

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