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Cheerleader Rape Case Controversy

Cheerleader Rape Case Controversy

each year cheerleader from silsbee high school
who’s allegedly raped by uh… a football player at her high school she went to again
i’m sorry she went to a party and during the party she claims that she was driving to rule
by several guys and this football player his name is routine bolton allegedly raped her well it turns out that they arrested this
football player for two days after that they really stand he was never indicted he was
left scot-free right he didn’t face any consequences for what he allegedly did and during one football game uh… this cheerleader
refuse to cheer for him and after she refused to cheer for him she
was kicked out of the cheerleading squad so she ended up suing the school district
because of this and the outcome of this story is unbelievable the united states court of appeals for the
fifth circuit actually told her that sheet brought of frivolous
lawsuit and that she needs to pay the districts legal costs because of the lawsuit how does it even happened well you know and appeared a lot of issues here in this
story right at the big story uh… first of all i_d_ that uh… but court in the movie don’t gather covered up
a little bit of a controversial picked the perfect but they’re deciding not on whether
she was raped or not uh… uh… you know many other grounds or
whether it would be school will be able to repeat thing to do
that because i think a lot of people with because it was incredibly impeachment uh… the or the planning of the narrow grounds
of school quietly your freedom of speech by telling you that you cannot pick to assert
your were required to cure research here ed you know i don’t want people are upset with the guys
uh… court uh… because drug possession fair burger surabaya out conservatives classical approach that in the
product uh… at crystal award to regard equipment were up to a quick short
list for the supreme court rest of you don’t agree with air ticket part irrelevant evidence record i think that you could make his first name school group they hate you don’t do a search
here uh… do you have the right picked off like
that about me your freedom of speech right to repeat future your trip but i_d_ that people of the uh… the most
killed here other than uh… reporting lakshya was committed the raid instru right in who’s cool reply uh… how three million president do you believe know
that’s the reason is saying let’s thank you make a grade point about the supreme court
and what they have to rely on but what pretty harmless needles stuff aside you have to have some compassion for someone
who is alleging that she was a rate bite a football
player i mean they’re zero compassion if she doesn’t want to participate in one particular
cheer because in each year they have to save the name of the football player who allegedly
raped her analytic past let it go let let her sit down and let her not do that sheer
but instead they make a big deal about it they’d kickoff to cheerleading team and you
know it causes this huge issue to begin with ito from our perspective really hart uh… impossible without what what happened
that day bernie you don’t you’re guk and market companies probably wouldn’t
make appointment big deal out of it it you know every if it didn’t happen but
you can’t get is it that way it happened to the evidence you need to go
back back to he was not convicted of rape that reflect always dot gov their culture so i think that all that but even if he thought
it was shut the ballpark okay you can believe that mike got back to school someone who are completely accurate your upwards
for our totally secretly mcdowell she makes breaker initiation w will permit even i think that this building number administrator that were involved
in a public spot to remove the heart particular gave and at the property eaten
sanity i can’t believe that anybody could be that
cold war an l it’s unbelievable it’s so insensitive and you know when i read the story i seem
to believe that i like the first of all no way there’s no way she got kicked out the cheerleading
team and then it goes the extra mile there’s no way that the supreme court and i the supreme
court and sorry that court of appeals for the fifth circuit there’s no way that they’re
gonna make this student now pay but you know legal costs for the district
but yeah that’s exactly what happened it’s insanely insensitive you know our appointment reporter no matter what you think that about how to
spell out how the circuit picture rule uh… i could get a good that i know heartbeat
make that won’t let me tell you that most beloved that there’s a reason why that so you don’t want to one way they find your
vote here federer ideally eaten his proposed cuts right but no matter how you feel about
the outcome of the day elevator pay the cost for the school as well every there’s no reason
why you have to that that that would have to be part of your decision that rubbing it in the other other woman cool hero and i don’t want that project the guy but
i think i will probably got great people i thought you definitely apply for a decade
he got bateman ac how holden unbelievably called him back to me

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  1. The only thing worse than having to stare at cenks fat ass in the studio, is having to stare at his ugly mugg headshot, when he is on the phone.

  2. @langox510x

    yea as a young man the fear of being falsley accused of rape is scary, honestly i was scared to death i was gonna be sent to prison at one point because someone threatned to call the police about me having sex with my girlfriend and they would have won the case too. The whole thing needs a reform why do men get the short straw, they need to make it so women dont glide through court when they cry rape.

  3. >woman gets raped
    >system punishes her
    >woman no longer cheers for the patriarchy
    >she now cooks molotovs in her basement

    Justice will be served either way

  4. @drjacklint Honestly I'd like to know what part of my comment made you think I would ever rape any woman? I honestly think rape is one of the most heinous crimes a person can commit, and any man who is found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt should face a major part of his life in jail. My own girlfriend was a victim of rape, and so have many other women in my life, so I know it's a serious problem.

  5. @drjacklint That being said, as a man I can tell you that too many men have a fear that even when they do the right thing a woman might claim them to be a rapist. Before I got into the relationship that I currently am in I was seeing a woman for a solid month, and was completely honest about not wanting to get into a relationship with her. After some time she told me I had to be her boyfriend otherwise she wanted to call it off.

  6. @drjacklint When I explained I was much too busy with school she told everybody that I had screwed her over, stole $83 I had loaned out to her, threatened to vandalize my car, and I had fear as well as reason to believe she was going to pull the rape card. Rape is something that fallows men around regardless if they prove themselves to be innocent, and it's not a joke to take lightly.

  7. @drjacklint . I think any man who rapes is a pretty sick low life, but I would say the same thing to any woman who claims rape in a false situation. She should be subject to the same punishment. Honestly though, if you have any reason to think that I would even consider raping any woman please let me and everybody else know, otherwise you're only ruining the credibility of yourself and any other honest woman who suffers at the hands of a rapist.

  8. @langox510x considering the amount of textual diarrhea you spread on the's hard to even bother reading your bullshit. i commented on what i saw, if it was out of context…tuff shit. deal with it.

    jesus fucking christ…go to a therapist. rapist.

  9. @TheNavigateur Are we operating under the assumption of immediate guilt until proven innocent or guilt beyond all reasonable doubt?

  10. @drjacklint Textual diarrhea, like calling me a rapist and a pedophile simply because you don't agree with what I have to say? Are you some kind of Censorship Nazi? If you look at the top of the page it is my post that has got the most thumbs up. I know it might be hard for you to understand because historically it has in fact been women who have received the short end of the stick, but today there has been a backlash so great that sometimes it goes the opposite way for men.

  11. @drjacklint Rape happens, but so do lies, and I think that any man regardless of what people think should have an equal right to defend himself. Now again, instead of dodging the question, what exactly did I say that would make you think that I could be a rapist and a pedophile? Also, if I was a rapist, why do you think a therapist is good enough to solve the problem? I mean shouldn't a rapist be locked up, or do you have some sick twisted sympathy for those who rape others and molest children?

  12. I can see both sides.
    The man wasnt found guilty of anything. Having one cheer leader walking of the field every time a cheer for him was going on would be the same as insinuating he was guilty. How is that okay and not insensitive when we are talking about a person that hasnt been proven guilty.

    What if she is lying? Is it still okay for her to leave the field whenever a cheer about a person she dosent like is done?

  13. if he wasn't charged of rape then in the eyes of the law he didnt rape her
    if a football player dosnt play he gets kicked off so the same should apply for a cheerleader
    there for she is a stupid bitch

  14. @TheNavigateur clearly because the boy who always cried wolf, was always genuine in his pleas. The facts of the case are simple, there was insufficient evidence to prosecute on the allegations of rape, and as a result no convictions were upheld. Yet you still convict the alleged individuals as guilty parties. Interesting. Its not as if false allegations of rape have ever been alleged before *cough cough Aftab Ahmed*.

  15. @langox510x Nobody likes me? omg, what to do, what to do? maybe i should air out my psychological damage on youtube, like so much langox510x?

    if you like i could pay for your therapy?

  16. @drjacklint Hell, sit in a chair and talk to a quack doctor about anything and everything I like? Why not? Sure, if you're willing to pay I never turn down a free lunch… Honestly though the fact that you flag every post I make only demonstraights your bitchassness to me. You’re nothing but a child running to the teacher to taddle everytime somebody does something you don’t agree with. I bet you're one of the kids who got punked in HS. Get off your sorry ass and make some fucking friends loser.

  17. @langox510x rofl, you think i flag your textual diarrhea? wrong. i unflag every spam post i see that isn't directly spam…i believe in free speech…even if it's contextually vapid. also, a little fyi, i was valedictorian and prom king. sorry your life has sucked. i'm very content….also, it takes more than one person to flag someone, maybe the collective whole of youtube finds your comment lacking?
    Ne supra crepidam sutor iudicaret

  18. @drjacklint be careful with some of these unstable posters, like langx .push them too hard and they will end up killing their family and everyone in their workplace.

    Eventus stultorum magister
    "that's latin darling, evidently mr. ringo is an educated man, now i really hate him"

  19. @baronderothchild
    Omnes homines sibi sanitatem cupiunt, saepe autem omnia, quae valetudini contraria sunt, faciunt.

  20. @drjacklint So are you still going to email me your thesis? Honestly I don't care what you claim, because the fact remains that you're a self proclaimed troll, and a homophobic racist. I was nominated to prom court myself, but even if I had been Prom King I wouldn't be barging about it because like you I didn't peak after high school. I will be graduating with honors and am currently sitting on a GPA that should graduate me with cum laude.

  21. @drjacklint Kudos to you for your highs school accomplishments as I'm sure it made your mommy very proud. You might troll me on Youtube but you're still a loser. I don't believe your lies either. I'm glad that you at least had a fun time in high school but the fact still remains that those glory days were about the time that you peaked. Now your only accomplishment is trolling others and spreading fabricated egotistical bull shit.

  22. I think tyt should investigate this story further. Rape is one of the worst crimes anyone can commit but falsely accusing someone of rape would probably rank up there on the same level of evil.
    Every day people all over the world get drunk or emotional and sleep with someone. they may regret it later but that is not rape.
    Before commenting on this type of story, which is a very sensitive issue, please do the research.

  23. @my89tube
    I'd prefer a little more old-school way; hanged, drawn, and quartered. For God's sake, is high school football such a big deal that the school will let the players get away with raping a school girl? I'd like to see that school get their asses sued off as well and charged with obstruction of justice for not even looking into the case!

  24. @comedycreator100 well it might be ok with the person doing the raping but not with the person being rape. Hmm knowing is half the battle choicing is the war.

  25. What's there to sue about? Her job is to cheer, she didn't do so, therefore she gets kicked off the team. Americans are sooo fucking sue happy it's retarded. She should have to pay for the lawsuit because it is frivolous. When I played football in High school, you did what the coach's said on the field. If I didn't, I would get kicked off the team. Should I have sued the school district for discrimination?

  26. @v1deon1gga so you would be ok with playing with someone who raped you a few weeks earlier? would you not think it was insensitive that your coach made you throw the ball to the guy who raped you? who raped you and got away with it and no one did anything about it Riiiight….

    wake the fuck up…

    fucking troll go find some other video to drool your stupid all over…

  27. @SSgtParmer you deserve to get a taste of my newly modified round shovel. that is now the best weapon ever created by myself and i'm free every time you are to show you how it works just to teach you that there is no reason in the world for anyone EVER to rape someone else.

  28. it's not nice for a girl to call a guy a rapist if he did not rape her not saying it didn't happen but i think girls like that should get double the punishment of any rapist for telling lies u have girls out there that actually got raped and they are making bad for them and damaging the guy for life some ppl mite find out the truth but some ppl still have u as a rapist and if that's case she deserves it and more

  29. @shinigami19xx Why would the judge punish him at all if that was the case? Maybe you are right but a lot of times if you are famous, popular, rich, or the star athlete the rules do not apply.

  30. so the football player rapes a girl yet he still gets to play but the girl refuses to cheer and shes kicked off the team? yeah that sounds totally fair! bet the girl was just a slut anyway. women should know their place and that men can do whatever the fuck they want to do with them. wish it was like the old times where woman had no rights. well, at least in other countries they dont 🙂

  31. who knows why there is even a discussion about this. Blacks will just keep pushing until the white man has had enough. And when the white man has had enough, thats it for blacks. don't believe me? open up a history book.

  32. @shinigami19xx I wouldn't be suprised. I can show you a link to a website when he made an obscene comment.

  33. @shinigami19xx They are guilty as hell! Not only did people have to break down the bedroom door because she was screaming for help, but the punks jumped out the bedroom window to get away. Have you ever jumped out a bedroom window half naked after having consensual sex? I sure haven't!

  34. @MrWhitey101 actually I have, the girls father came home early from a hunting expedition… it's a long and un-related story.
    So where did you come across this information? was it first hand? as in you were there? second hand? as in your friend broke down the door? or was it from the news? was it some guy who heard from some one who lives next door to someone whose daughter has a friend that is on the same campus?

  35. @shinigami19xx A hunting "expedition?" LMAO Is it 1889? The evidence I got was released under the Freedom of Information Act. If you didn't fall asleep in History class, you'd know about it!
    The information comes from police files, who are the ones who allegedly covered up the incident. The school makes 40 THOUSAND per game at the gate. It's all about money for the school. Protect the athlete, and impeach the credibility of the girl, who has NO MOTIVE to tarnish other's reputations.

  36. @MrWhitey101 ahahaha, I think her father may have been stuck in the 1800's. Scary guy, there were deer heads on the wall in his living room. when he came home, he still had the rifle strapped to his back.
    good times..

    hmm, if it was exposed and the story came out, are those involved now in jail?
    There are a lot of girls/women who do accuse men of rape, they may be jealous, they may have got drunk and sleapt with a guy, then regretted it. They may be mentally unstable, some do it for attention.

  37. @MrWhitey101 I'm not saying she is lying, I just don't know enough about the case to make a judgement.
    I know some police are corrupt, I know money talks and I know that often women lie.
    Have you ever broken up with a girl then had her tell you she is pregnant in an attempt to get you back?

    Often the media sensationalises a story and puts it's own twist on events to make the story more intriguing or contraversial. contraversy sells.

  38. @shinigami19xx Well then read the information that has been released. Find out how the DA & cops lied to the girl, telling her that the DNA tests wouldn't be ready before the case went to trial, so if they wanted a conviction, they had to drop the rape charge down to an assault charge. This was done so that the kid could get probation instead of jailtime, and the basketball and football teams wouldnt suffer. He was a star at both sports.Watch interviews with her on youtube. She's very credible.

  39. @shinigami19xx Let's look at the facts of the case. People at a party heard a girl screaming the words "No, stop! Help! Someone please help me!" The bedroom door was locked, people kicked the door in. Three boys then jumped out the window, while a girl was laying there crying hysterically. One of the rapists forgot to grab his clothes before he jumped, so he yelled up for them to toss him his clothes, or he would come back & kill them.
    This isn't a case of he said/she said. There are witnesses.

  40. Oh my!! this poor african american male, how can white racist american be so cruel as to accuse him of raping this European American girl?
    Now, will this african loose his college scholarship to Havard, Ohio State, Notre dame? Oh dear lord! How sad it is to be an african in White Racist America?
    this european American girl needs to go to "diveristy training" to learn how much harm she caused this african.
    we all need to bend down and kiss this african's foot and apologize to him.

  41. @MrWhitey101
    yeeeeeaaah BUT remember ….HE MAKES FREE THROWS! surely there can be no higher contribution to society and achievement in education! Surely he should be allowed to rape a couple of girls. Especially cheerleaders (they are school property right? like sports equipment!).
    Besides, he is Black! and African Black! Surely he is entitled to a few white girls as sex slaves as reparations

  42. @shinigami19xx you're insensitive and poorly educated about rape statistics. I've read multiple news reports about this incident, including the public docs. Very few women lie about being raped. No means no. This man raped her. Other people heard her say no. Witness accounts and DNA aren't enough proof for you that a woman can be telling the truth about being raped? If nothing else, he's scum for taking advantage of a drunk girl. Classy, that. Signs of noble and upstanding sportsman, surely.

  43. @atomas07 Since when does Alcohol effect your hearing? And why would you presume everyone to be drunk or high? Have you ever even been to a party in your life? There are always people who don't drink that go to parties who go just to hang out with friends. Stick to playing the tuba, fat boy!

  44. Rakeem did not get off scott free, research the story , he plead GUILTY to assault ! He should have been convicted of rape , but it was his first offence he was young and the prosecuters let him go with assault . Now the school was especially disgusting in further victimising the young woman by tryin to force her to cheer his name ! Every faculty member in any way involved with this should never be allowed to work around minors again . They are 1 step removed from being pedophiles.

  45. @atomas07 Damn , what is a 21 year old doing in high school ? You must be dumb as hell ! hahaha, I would expect a 21 year old high school student to make such ignorant comments . I mean hell it took you six years to learn pre-Algebra .

  46. @One5thOfWhiskey The thing is its white far leftist liberals who scream racism at whites all the time.Some blacks are guilty of doing it also,but not as much as these young far leftist white liberals.But I agree with your comment 110%

  47. You motherfuckers make me sick.The sad thing is if the father would of dished out real justice,shooting this guy in his head.The same court would throw the book at him.This school is as guilty as the player.I dont care if it was pleaded down to assault.He physically attacked a young girl.Now I'll say it even if it is unpopular.What if this would of been a group of white students gang raping a black girl?Where was Sharpton,& jackson for this young white girl?FUCKING RACIST HYPOCRITES!





  52. @DJG2405 Were they convicted?Or were they acquitted?Two simple questions DJG2405.Im sure it does suck listening to people talk about a family member.Believe me I am not commenting on this rape case & thinking in the back of my mind "I HOPE I UPSET THE CRIMINALS FAMILY."Come on DJG2405.Dont get mad at me,but yes to answer your question.Sure it would bother me if people were talking bad about a family member of mine criminal or not.Just think how the victims family feels ya know.2sides to the coin

  53. If she was in fact raped and traumatized by the one person, Why does she still go to that school? I know if I had a daughter who was raped, I would have her switch schools. Not because I'm giving in, or running away but it would help her to get away from the attacker and his friends. The school administration is right to not want what is essentially a girl constantly showing "he raped me!!" at every game when there family's and children around.

  54. @ColibriAnna08 No fuck you!!, your the one thats idiotic and stupid. The school has every right to want to stay the hell away from it because from there perspective, its all he said she said about an icky situation. This is all after the fact that she lost in court BTW. Had she won, he would definitely be gone. So they should just be okay with her yelling RAPE!! at every school event? and every school must give into every accusation despite, the rule of the courts?That's stupid and you know it.

  55. @ColibriAnna08 people like you are exactly the reason we need courts. You hear a story and get fired up and filled with the righteous anger that only the ignorant can know. I posted my comment several months ago in response to what I thought was irresponsible reporting. I haven't followed the story closely, if new evidence has come forward which proves that he is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, then I agree, condemn him!

  56. @ColibriAnna08 Raping someone is a terrible crime, you may destroy their life forever.
    Falsely accusing someone of rape is also a terrible crime which may also destroy that persons life forever. Even if the guy is innocent and proven innocent in court, there will always be those who doubt him and think he got off on a technicality or through lack of evidence. His family will never look at him the same it may ruin his chance of ever having decent employment or of being in a good relationship,

  57. @ColibriAnna08 When I was a teenager, there was a girl who liked me, I wasn't into her, I liked another girl. I explained this to her but I told her we could still be friends.
    Months later a classmate died in a car accident. After the funeral I was very upset, I drank way too much.
    The girl who liked me sat and comforted me. The next morning I woke up and found her next to me in my bed. I was not happy, I didn't consent to sleep with her, should she go to jail for this? is she a rapist?

  58. @ColibriAnna08 What I am saying now does not relate to the story in this video.
    how can a man get a woman drunk? The woman chooses to drink or not.
    If a woman is passed out and the guy sleeps with her, that is definitely rape! And vice versa.
    If the woman is just drunk and decides to sleep with the guy but regrets it the next day, this is not rape. This is just poor judgement.

  59. @ColibriAnna08 Were you raised in a convent?
    Are all men evil?
    what about a woman who buys drinks for a man?

    When you go on a date with a guy, do you wear make up, perfume, put on a sexy dress? all these things make you appear more beautiful than you actually are and give you the ability to seduce a guy. If the guy saw you as you are with no make up in jeans and a t-shirt he may not be attracted to you.
    There fore you are misleading him, if he sleeps with you, you should be charged with rape.

  60. @ColibriAnna08 according to your logic, if I go out for drinks with a girl and we end up spending the night together I should be charged with rape.
    unless she bought more drinks for me than I did for her, in which case she should be charged with rape.
    Is that about right?

  61. @ColibriAnna08 I usually hate people who just leave comments on here insulting others.
    But you are probably one of the most stupid people I have spoken to.
    Yes, if this guy really did break into her room and force himself on her then he should be charged with rape. even castrated! I agree.
    But your scenario of a girl drinking too much and sleeping with a guy.
    Then later regretting it and calling that guy a rapist is ridiculous.
    Maybe he was drunk and regrets it too is she then a rapist?

  62. @shinigami19xx now I'm wrong for insulting you? What does STFU stand for? that was in your first comment.
    I don't want to argue with you too much you might call it rape.
    Everyone has the option of not drinking!!
    don't go out, get drunk, fuck some random guy and then accuse him of rape!!
    if your old enough to drink then you should control yourself!! Don't blame others for your bad judgement.

  63. I guess the law would define alcohol as a date rape drug in a case where someone spiked your non alcoholic drink with alcohol. or was secretly topping up your glass of Champaign with vodka to get you drunk.
    Otherwise it's your own responsibility to manage how much you drink.

    for example, if someone slipped a drug into your drink then slept with you he would be a rapist. But if you knowingly took drugs, got spaced out and slept with someone, that person is not a rapist, you are just an idiot.

  64. @ColibriAnna08 why is it then that the man is wrong and the woman is right?
    why is the man responsible for how much you drink and you don't have to bare any responsibility?
    Why aren't you responsible for him being drunk then?
    do you see a flaw in your logic here?

  65. @ColibriAnna08 if a straight guy gets drunk, then has sex with another man he wasn't raped, not unless he was passed out and the other guy did it without consent. if he was just really drunk and made a bad decision, then that is his own responsibility. It may be a painful lesson but he will have to live with it and learn not to drink so much in future.
    also, something for you to consider; unless you meet a really drunk guy, you probably don't have much chance of getting laid. 😛

  66. @ColibriAnna08 some things are obvious. for instance, you hate men. you think everything is the guys fault. And guys are evil etc. for you to have these feelings and opinions about all men, suggests that you have been rejected by guys and made fun off often.
    So I'm guessing you are probably fairly overweight and have a face only a mother could love.
    As much as you try, guys don't like you. Don't hate us honey, just put down the bucket of chicken and hit the gym, one day u will meet a nice guy.

  67. @NoelBlueheart read the whole argument before you jump in half way!
    My original comment was about responsible reporting and making sure they have the full story.
    I also commented that if you get drunk and sleep with someone, then regret it later that is not rape.
    She then jumped in with all this hateful shit and started telling me to STFU.
    I'm just tired of hearing the same story over and over. A guy and girl drink too much, they sleep together. then later the girl regrets it and calls it rape

  68. @NoelBlueheart my comment wasn't wrong. the guy probably regrets sleeping with her too but he doesn't accuse the woman of rape. (note, I am not talking about the story in this video).

    As I said, read the whole conversation, this chick has a personal motivation for getting on here and spewing hate.

    And if someone tells me to STFU of course I am going to bite back. In person or online.

  69. @ColibriAnna08 Hey, don't blame me, once you dismissed my wise comment and told me to STFU you opened the flood gates.
    Its not my fault that you are fat and guys don't like you. I'm sure your mum and dad still like you.
    And if you work on yourself you may lose weight. Then you won't need to be so hopeless and bitter at the world.

  70. @NoelBlueheart. The law says Alcohol can be used as a date rape drug, this has nothing to do with my original comment.
    it's not about winning, she twisted my comment and insulted me. why can't I do it back? why are you both crying about it?
    And who are you to jump in?
    Ahahah bully. Am I the bully coz I am the guy? she can't be the bully?
    Whatever happened to equal rights?

  71. @ColibriAnna08 the thing is, people like you are the problem. you don't look at the situation logically, you bring your emotions into the debate.
    My comment was simply about responsible reporting and I mentioned that being drunk and sleeping with someone is not the same as being raped.
    You weighed in with all your date rape and emotional bullshit and started telling me I don't know what I'm talking about and to STFU. Why do you now expect me to be all nice and civil?

  72. @shinigami19xx if you politely debated me on the subject I would have responded in kind.
    but if you wanna start trash talking and making it personal I can do that too.
    just don't cry about it later.

  73. @ColibriAnna08 yes, I was being an ass, not by nature but by intention.
    You approached the conversation with hostility to begin with.
    It sounds like despite our arguing we are basically agreeing with each other.
    So I apologise for calling you fat, I can't possible make that assumption with any certainty.
    But keep in mind, if your comments are aggressive be prepared for someone to bite back.
    And STFU means Shut The Fuck Up. however nicely you try to decorate it.

  74. @NoelBlueheart yes thats me, if you slap me in the face I will break your fucking neck. I don't make any excuses. that is how I am. If you go around slapping people in the face, eventually someone will get pissed off and break your neck.
    Go and throw stones at a hornets nest and see what happens or poke a stick at a grizzly Bear. just don't come crying to me when you get your guts ripped out.

  75. This is why I would never drink without being surrounded by trusted female friends and this is why I would never let a stranger buy me a drink no matter how good their intentions seemed or how attractive they looked. You cannot trust anybody nowadays. (Not that alcohol has to be involved if someone is determined to rape you.) I feel sick every time I hear what happened this poor girl. She will never be the same again.

  76. @AntDog1984 You bring up a good point, but if I were a school offcial I would be ashamed to have someone like that that boy attending my school and playing for my team than I would to have the girl there. Why not for a change, ostracize the rapist and not the victim? Rape as as horrible as a crime as it is happens all the time and is not going anywhere – until people stop burying their heads in the sand and pretending it never happens. Or that the rapist was somehow not to blame.

  77. @NoelBlueheart Thats your problem. You jumped in to the middle of someone else's fight, don't complain when you get smacked. Now you admit that she was hostile? you've gone from barging in the middle to sitting on the fence.
    Of course 2 wrongs don't make a right, what are we in pre-school here? I wasn't trying to make anything right. I just made an honest statement then got into an argument over it.
    If you don't want to get fucked up then stay out of other peoples shit!
    Fucking ridiculous.

  78. @NoelBlueheart Royally owned? lol, you just jumped into our argument saying "aww leave her alone you big bully". That's royally owned? What school of ownage did you attend? Were you in the special class?
    You are like those guys that jump into someone else's argument on the street without knowing what the hell the fight is about. Then you start crying when you get bashed.

  79. @NoelBlueheart 2 against one.. lol…
    If you're so fond of numbers why don't you go hold a sign and mindlessly shout at authority somewhere as part of a mob.
    Leave the big boy discussions to your intellectual superiors.

  80. @NoelBlueheart see, now there you go twisting things again.
    I didn't say those harsh words. I simply inferred that she probably was fat and ugly but that if it were the case I was sure that her parents still loved her and that if she just went to the gym and watched her diet she would turn out ok.
    And later I withdrew the comment, saying it was unfair of me to jump to that conclusion since I couldn't possible know that for certain.
    Your trying to argue but your words are like farts in the wind!

  81. @NoelBlueheart ok, I accept your gracious surrender, you may return to your home under the bridge with the other trolls.
    It was great chatting with you, we should do this again sometime.

  82. Was looking for a video that I made in Silsbee before I graduated. Was hoping to find it. Ran into this video.My take on this: bunch of nobodies saying a whole lot of nothing.

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