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Cheerleader Who Needs Brain Surgery Leads Toy Drive for Other Hospitalized Kids

Cheerleader Who Needs Brain Surgery Leads Toy Drive for Other Hospitalized Kids

[Savannah Day, patient] “Hi, my name is Savanna. I’m a patient at Cincinnati Children’s.” “I found out that I was gonna have brain surgery for Christmas.” [Michelle Day] “I’ll never forget that moment, you know–I told them–” “I said, you know, ‘hey, we’re going to be in the hospital. Savanna is going to have brain surgery for Christmas.” “And, you know, nobody said anything. Chloe is the only one that said, does Santa come to Ohio?'” “You know, I’m like yeah. And then they get out of the car and they run into cheerleading practice,” “and by the time cheerleading practice was over, they had told their coaches, hey we’re gonna be there for Christmas.” “And they had talked the owners and the coaches in to doing a toy drive.” [Savannah] “I wanted to help sick kids because we weren’t getting a Christmas,” and we wanted to help them get a Christmas.” [Michelle] “As people hear Savanna’s story and hear how positive she is, they support her,” “and they join her page and they watch her journey.” “And a lot of people, you know, donate
money or they, you know, give us a toy.” “I think it’s the neatest thing because people, they want to help.” “And so Savannah gave them how they can help.” “She said, you know, ‘I want toys.'” “When you hear of tragedies or you hear of people that are going through tough times,” “you wanna help, but you never know how. And so Savanna told them how.” “And so we have thousands of toys now.” [laughter] [Savannah] “It feels good to do things for other people.” “The reason I’m doing this is because I want it to have a chain reaction, and one day when the kids get out of the” “hospital, they’ll remember that I give them a toy, and they’ll go do something good for another person.” [Michelle] “I just hope that everybody who watches just supports her.” “I hope they take with it somewhat of an inspiration, whether it be that they go out and do something nice” “for someone today, or whether it be that they’re going through a tough time, they remember Savannah,” “and that she always smiles every day, and that she handles whatever she’s going through.” “Or whether it be that they decide they’re going to pay it forward and do something nice for other people.” “You know, I think there’s so many
messages that people can get out of just her” “and how she handles things, and just her story.” “That um–you know–I just hope they get something out of it.”

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  1. I was premature I weighed 1.4oz I was 14 weeks early and spent 12 weeks in hospital I like to help other kids like u also 2 years ago I spent Christmas in hospital suspected appendices

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