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Cheerleader’s Front Flip Half Court Shot! (Video)

Cheerleader’s Front Flip Half Court Shot! (Video)

medicine if you weeks ago chillier
actually are now sunday koresh on within the main front flat grabbed the ball come up and
shoot the issue of what i’ll get my practice as i can totally do it uh… so she seats they get to this you
don’t even try it for i think months this is the first time she acted echo
and family at the last home game this season power she has by nineteen teach the
harlem globetrotters how to do it for his work online not as though i’ve run i mean it good and i think the most accor a
cartwheel and everybody in my belly sound really aptly i’d like to see some
like the one move overlooked writers can do but that was that was in the area she
came up with a i would break my neck the first time i try to do that yeah and
like she was only quaking in their flat let’s let’s grab a basketball names
plaque you needed them and see what’s up man lifted and i think i think i think that
we have the anti-clinton nada prescod anyway that was awesome and if
you watch the original video it she was so derailed like there’s a crowd there i
was awesome and i like that she’s getting a little bit a passport to the
twenty-one year old nurse institution trying for months and personal with implants freehoff them schiffman

85 thoughts on “Cheerleader’s Front Flip Half Court Shot! (Video)”

  1. I find it amazing that you only train for a few months to become a nurse in the US… here just to work in a pharmacy the career is 6 years.

  2. pretty sure she trained for that one shot for months, not cheer leading or nursing. the comments are full of facepalm to day

  3. Depends on the level, for your basic care worker its not too ifficult, but for your phlobotomists its abit more, for practicing nurses its alot more (talking years).

  4. We only see segments, the real show is much longer and it would look a little stupid if you were going to get different notes between each story so they have all of them there.

  5. Lisa has always looked nice 😮 I think it was just masked by the…wait for it… BOOTS lols. Now she looks normal again.

  6. John farted at 0:03 seconds and look at both their faces LOL! & pause at 0:08 seconds and look at both their faces.

  7. My 13 year old brother plays soccer, and a teammate of his does this when the ball goes out of bounds. He sets down the ball and does the flip and throws the ball just like she did, but it certianally doesn't go super far and into the hoop…. thats the amazing part.

  8. That video would have been more amazing if half the screen wasn't blurred out. Seriously, I can hardly tell what the hell is going on.

  9. this is nothing new in soccer (the technique); it´s not very common but some players may inbound the ball like that

  10. yeah is pretty amazing, however there was a video that went viral years ago of someone doing the same trick.

  11. This is similar to a soccer move used to throw the ball in bounds when you really wanna get it down the field. Not revolutionary but cool.

  12. this is a soccer move…

    We use to do it for throw ins as it allows you to throw the ball exceptionally far.
    I could never really do it, but several people on my team could.

  13. ya not a flip, and also this is unoriginal, I remember that this move was in one of the 2K series games' dunk contest

  14. Can you guys stop making comments about lisa's legs please? she's not going to uncross her legs because she would have already done it if she wanted to but she doesn't ok?

  15. Do a cool trick shoot with a ball: Overnight famous.

    (Immunology Major) Discovers a method to counter act the transgression of HIV to AIDs that could be used in the future: No one covers it.

    Cause fuck logic. Fuck America.

  16. He's just mad because he knows neither Lisa nor any other -living- woman will ever touch his penis, so instead of saying anything nice he decides to be an uber-creeper. 😉

  17. Try some actual schooling and life experience…then maybe you could speak to your elders and hold your own…

    But I get it, you're just some ignorant little troll. I'll leave you to something more your speed ::throws a Sponge Bob comic::

  18. My best friend could do this trick both with a handspring and with placing his head on the ball (and putting weight on it). The accuracy was another thing though. He did it with both basket ball and football (soccer).
    I could do the throw but was never able to land on my feet after, didn't put in enough time training for it.

  19. I've seen that move a lot in soccer. It's a great throw in technique since you get the maximum bend of your back to basically act as a spring and launch the ball forward. My coach taught it to the smaller girls on my team since they didn't have the arm strength to throw the ball very far, but were flexible.

    I'll admit I tried it a few times, but I'd always end up just doing this awkward handstand and then throwing the ball straight up – not as effective.

  20. OK your right I will ignore the comments from now on. I'm sorry I was just tired of like 100's of comments about lisa's legs. That doesn't make it ok for you to call every girl dumb and a bitch ok? You could have said wayy nicer alright? There are smart girls out there

  21. my friend put one of those in the basket once (I don't think she ever did it again though) – it was in Jr High tho (like 17 years ago).

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